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  1. I wanna piggyback on this topic a little bit with a slightly different question. During the summer when I fluke I usually wear water shoes and I wear neoprene water socks to keep the sand from rubbing my foot. Problem is I am allergic to the neoprene and by the time fall comes my feet are a itchy mess. Is there some kind of non neoprene alternative that anyone knows of? Thanks
  2. mag darter has been my mvp this spring
  3. One of mine putting in work last month.
  4. Agree with this. Ever since I started pouring lead and making soft plastics I buy ALOT of stuff from these guys. Never had a single problem
  5. If you want up your budget like 50 bucks the 10 ft odm genesis 3/4-4 is perfectly matched for a 150. its the setup I use most of the time.
  6. the bail on the 704z is a horrorshow. Get rid of the bail and its fine to soak bait if thats what you plan to do. I uses mine occasionally for that. Keep in mind the spool likes to turn a bit on a cast so it is possible to catch the roller if you arent careful but other than that the bailess 704 is better than the bailed imho. Also I do not spike the rod when I chunk I hold it so I dunno if the line coming off the roller is a thing that happens often.
  7. on belt and on shoulder. If all the weight was on my shoulder id tap out fast. Most of the weight is on the belt.
  8. The 2 tube Jamie just built me. I have a 3 tube as well. Best bags.
  9. Like my dryft too. LL beans I used to go through a pair a season. Starting my second season with the dryfts. So far so good
  10. Wear a proper mask. Given the circumstances in the world if you do not have one yet you probably wont be getting one anytime soon. Dont do it without the mask
  11. Hey ct, Flatlander bags are awesome and worth the wait but there is a wait. Jamie is close to starting on my second bag. I put the order in October and I have 17 people in front of me in line still. So you most likely will not have it by june although with the corona virus he may be banging them out faster than normal. Dont let that dissuade you. Love the one I have and I am sure the one being built will also be amazing.
  12. Yeah I dipped the head in clear coat and on another few I did clear coat and put crazy glue. if they come off no biggie. I kinda ran out of winter fishing projects hence me buying the heads to tie.