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  1. you should message them if you dont see something listed. As far as I know this is the only authorized place to get parts. I ordered some screws over the winter from here,
  2. Got em
  3. they may be a pain to get but they work.
  4. The scabelly glider is a must carry plug for me. 5 inch, white is all u really need. Slow sink . Hard to get your best bet is to friend him on instagram or fb and he usually will give a little warning about when he is dropping some off at a few tackle shops that carry them. After that be johnny on the spot because they will go fast. The Alan's work too and are much easier to get but scabelly is my go too
  5. mines on belt and on shoulder. Most of the weight is on the belt.
  6. part of the casting
  7. I use the alumilite white. Like it. Heres a resin redfin I made a friend and a pic he sent me of a fish he got on it.
  8. the most "fun" thing I fish is little spooks in skinny water. Watching fish whack that thing over and over never will get old
  9. This spring I had a real nice bass take my scabelly glider off the clip . That was the first and hopefully last time that happens. Still a fan of the ta clip though and will chalk that up to a fluke type thing.
  10. Its a mold from a redfin. The only difference is its solid instead of hollow. It does not stay up top and v wake like a redfin does. It swims more like a sp does. I made 5, 2 for me 3 for buddies. Did the same with the small size mag darter and caught fish on that too. It was just another winter project to help pass time during the off time. I had hoped to be able to put some internal weight inside the redfin to cast good but even 1/8 oz killed the action. I have had a few people contact me about these now. If I can I will try to make a batch over the winter to sell on here if anyone is interested. Be aware They wont look fancy or have a perfect paint job. Not making any promises.
  11. Tiderunner ultimate surf belt is pretty much as good as it gets.
  12. yup, thats what me and most of my friends use.
  13. Parrot everything said in here. Bought 2 bags and multiple accessories from Jamie over the years and nothing but positive things to say about the product and the experience.
  14. give it time, everyone I know with a vr has had it fail on them eventually.
  15. here are pics of the back of the knife holder on the belt..I have a tiderunner belt and mine fits fine and has room to slide around.