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  1. Use an 11 ft rodgeeks rod and a shimano baitrunner 8000 for chunking.
  2. Had a friend who recently had his rac a rod torn off at the carwash
  3. Threw the last blue frog at the little schoolies today. non stop action.
  4. coming out december 10th I think
  5. I am down to my last one when I eventually lose it I am gonna be sad. Only reason I havent lost it is I hardly carry it anymore. Cant lose it if u dont fish it lol
  6. hook a few every summer while fluking or porgy fishing. Frigging hate them.
  7. my avid inshore rod finally arrived. Alls well that ends well
  8. I called them this morning to check on 1 item from my order that hasnt arrived yet. Was only on hold for like 4 mins, my rod is in PA and will probably be delivered tomorrow or the following day. Seems things are close to being back to normal.
  9. Talked with someone from TD on fb today and my order will be sorted out tomorrow.
  10. Used them for years. Bought countless thousands of dollars worth of stuff never had a single problem. I placed a order on the 10th for a rod, reel, line and some hooks n crap. At the time I saw the lil notice on top saying there may be delays. Of course at the time I had no idea the extent of it. I received the line and hooks a few days ago but the rod, reel and some terminal tackle I ordered is still in limbo. Not looking forward to the phone ordeal ahead. I will wait til monday and see if a miracle happens I guess then start calling and waiting.
  11. snag n drop or throw soft plastics and realize you are going to waste a bunch of money on bitten off tails.
  12. My first thought is sturgeon.
  13. White kettle creek on a bucktail. Caught more bass on that than everything else combined.
  14. Since I was quoted I would like to amend my statement. My triumph blew up on the 2nd cast chunking for bass late April/early May. I have since bought a star 5-8oz for chunking. Knew I was on borrowed time chunking with that triumph. Not the rods fault, was using it in a way it wasnt really built for
  15. If I am using teasers I prefer flouro to mono because of the stiffness otherwise I tend to use 40lb berkley big game mono for leaders. I fish sandy areas a lot but if I were fishing around rocks more i'd use flouro. My .02.