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  1. here are pics of the back of the knife holder on the belt..I have a tiderunner belt and mine fits fine and has room to slide around.
  2. Here are pics of the belt pouch, 1 with the boga and the one with the 2 tube bag are just to give u scale and the others are to see the pouch open. I use it pretty much just to hold my leader wallet and my soft plastics.
  3. Have both a 3 tube and a 2 tube flatlander posted earlier in this thread but here are my latest flatlander goodies. A belt pouch and a knife holder. Both top notch as usual.
  4. yeah the fb page is just mainly to put the orders in.
  5. Thanks, here's a pic he sent me of the plug doing its thing
  6. not fancy but catches fish. One of the resin red fins I made a buddy of mine
  7. started making some resin plugs over the winter. this is what I used .0.047 Diameter. Got it from the big place online everybody orders everything from hint hint. Cost about 14 bucks. 2nd pic is one of the fish caught on one of my resin mag darters.
  8. whole mess of these
  9. ohhhh dannny boyyyy..or a redfin
  10. Ill tell steve to check over here
  11. yeah they have been going up for multiple servings at the bunker buffet
  12. Scabelly glider. Great night until I lost it
  13. paint it black then go over it with light coat of pearl purple, pearl blue and pearl green.
  14. riptides