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    My Liberal friends laugh when someone calls me a Liberal.
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    Truth. Fact checking. Logic. Research. Cycles. Music. Theatre. Fishing. Beer. Food.
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    Gather information, solve problems, provide answers.

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  1. "Only pawn in game of life."
  2. Don't go there, you manky Brit Git.
  3. You guys sure fight a lot.
  4. When someone repeatedly accuses you of being the most reprehensible sort of criminal, a report is justified in my opinion.
  5. I'm sure they suck there as well.
  6. Yeah, but mine is the South Philly original with the horrid commercials.
  7. John's Roast Pork. Best cheesesteak. And just about anything else they make.
  8. LOL! A whole block from me.
  9. I've never had one fail, even with .41 mag reloads.
  10. It fits in my front trouser pocket, and with the pocket holster it comes with, it doesn't print. I'm a wheel gun person myself, but it's a light gun, so be ready for recoil and losing target if you are going fast. It certainly isn't nearly as bulky as when I open carried a .38, 357, or a .41 mag around.
  11. Well, it's preferable to the dreaded chucklefart, I suppose.