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    My Liberal friends laugh when someone calls me a Liberal.
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    Truth. Fact checking. Logic. Research. Cycles. Music. Theatre. Fishing. Beer. Food.
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    Gather information, solve problems, provide answers.

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  1. The de-emphasis on critical thinking skills and the emphasis on projecting and immediately blaming "the other" for all one's woes.
  2. They just called me with the same offer and I declined.
  3. Jan 20.
  4. From the National Constitution Center:
  5. I didn't wear all black on the boat last year. And I won't this year.
  6. This will be my fifth Fluke Fling? Damn.
  7. FREE CNR!* *with purchase of CNR of equal or lesser value. In other words INFINITE free CNRs!
  8. I encourage you to take a picture from a female of your own family or a friend in a similar dress from the back and post it here. Please make sure the photo has a time-stamp on it. And don't do a Google search for someone fitting. I'll find any similar photos.