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    My Liberal friends laugh when someone calls me a Liberal.
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  1. Come on now - we all know the truth isn't the truth.
  2. Yeth.
  3. **** RR
  4. **** RR
  5. It's all sauce, but sauce made with meat can also be called gravy in English. In Italy, tomato sauce (salsa or sugo) with meat is referred to as ragu'. Italian immigrants in some areas of the USA (Philadelphia in particular)refer to sauce made with meat as gravy (ragu'). General: sauce Specific: gravy or (red gravy, in some cases.)
  6. An imaginary figure. Just like your favorite team's Super Bowl VII rings.
  7. If they have a bad half, they know they will be booed. It goes with the territory. Fans here are knowledgable, passionate, and relentless. Go pat your favorite team's butts and say "good job" when they lose. That's not how we do in Philly.
  8. Gator Eggs. The Food Fling loved them two years in a row.
  9. Use this recipe (I substitute canned chickpeas if I'm in a hurry and boil them until they start to fall apart):