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  1. The Menstruation Special?
  2. Calzone Stromboli
  3. Wrong shape for a calzone.
  4. Stupid is as stupid does. I've cooked for many here and and they enjoyed it. And my food at the food flings also. Some have been to my house for dinner. I'll let them judge my cooking skills.
  5. Those are not calzoni. They are Stromboli.
  6. Shouldn't it be "I haven't woken up on time?..."
  7. Back in 1994, I was thinking about getting Jeep, but bought a Saturn coupe instead. Much less gay - but the Jeep might still be running. I traded it in after two years for a Dodge Caravan because I could fit my two dog kennels in the back for hunting pheasant, ducks and geese.
  8. We have a winner!
  9. Me also. And a Henkels and a Global santoku. And too many other good knives to mention.
  10. Nope. That would take 5 days.
  11. It's a Wüsthof filet knife.
  12. Well, that's a given. But what is the dish?
  13. What am I making?
  14. It happens. Even though it has never happened to me. It's likely that at least on a forum that is both 95% white males and 95% conservatives that other voices may me quashed. I recognize that and choose fact over opinions. i belong to a musicians' forum which is rather liberal. At least they have a healthy sense of humor, which is lacking here. And ignore Dexter Trolls. Celebrate the Sinister.