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  1. Careful, that replies like that are akin to sprinkling holy water into a vampire's eyes
  2. There never was but by bringing up the obvious, it might actually get some actual attention.
  3. and the corporation's candidate who wanted and recieved their votes
  4. That might just be happening as depleted aquifers fill to quickly
  5. Oklahoma's underground aquifers are being sucked dry. Seems likely i could be a combination of Oil & Gas exploration and the every increasing need for water.
  6. Like I said, they'll shame Trump, Pence, his admin, etc. to get to you. All that matters is how you use their behavior against them. Using it to fuel election wins is my choice
  7. Media carried the water on the charge, They should still be investigating, right?
  8. I'm gonna see if this has legs, Heard Trump, holed up in Trump Tower, has already spoken to 26 world leaders. It took Obama as late as January 8th to speak to his first world leader.
  9. War for Oil...... I haven't seen one of those bumper stickers since Bush left office yet since then we meddled in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Iran. Haven't left Afghanistan and now back in Iraq. Is it still about Oil? Was it ever about Oil?
  10. I've had the pleasure of working with thea variety of companies that provide the PCD drill bits and the the progressive cavity pumps. Truly amazing technology.
  11. If you listen to folks here, who are not only getting their news from the left but listening to it, you'd think things are a disaster.
  12. It's going to be a rough ride these next 4 years and if you thought the Media (news, daytime shows, late night shows) was bad before the election then wait till you see how they act over the next 4 years. Just understand the goal. They will spin and twist everything as negative in an attempt to shame trump to get to you. You are the real target. The election results proved that tactic can be beaten. Just continue to see through their playbook and all will be fine (barring a true reason for legitimate criticism)
  13. Christie did trouble me, He looked scarily devoted to Trump on election night. Making some distance on Christie Bigger picture, bigger goals I guess. Worth the grief now.
  14. http://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2013/11/13/renewables-get-25-times-the-subsidy-that-fossil-fuels-do/#4e6f1501d373 One way to look at it. In simple dollars fossil fuels get more dollars but per BTU the renewables subsidy amount is staggering.