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  1. Very sorry to hear, condolences to all family and tavern friends.. RIP
  2. Love your set ups !!! Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy!! Here on Long Island NY we’re taking Thanksgiving outside for the first time and I can’t wait !! Being a camping family we’re ready to roll !!
  3. No mention of the gun … self inflicted gun shot to the head … where’s the gun?
  4. It’s not personal, it’s strictly perspective …
  5. state
  6. …. I’m retiring soon and I love these little gimmicks that stops my family in their tracks with a quick .. “huh” or better yet, “wtf” … Sittin here having a beer saying hi to ever walks in …. Few minutes later daughter says to no one in particular…. “wait … what… what time is it” .. Son approaches little later, classic WTF …. I told them all how proud I am that actually look at the dam clocks on the wall instead of their damn iPhones …
  7. muon technology….
  8. 2.10 hour, stock boy Woolworth’s 1975
  9. Shape
  10. Thanks
  11. I know Sea Isle was geared towards the fleet, yet I had surf rods, reels repaired there thru the years, they were good. sorry to hear they closed up
  12. Mid 70s …. Turkey Nadz Markus EJ Sweat Man BO Zee Captain Cloud good times!!
  13. I’ll chime in on Causeway as well …. did Sea Isle close ??