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  1. “Here’s to swimming with bow legged women” .....
  2. I apologize for I have not read every post in this thread .... 1. I’m a Pisces, hence my astrological sign means I am a fish ... I believe it since I never get sea sick, even on Coxes Ledge in Feb back in 70s when fifties were common.... I’ve had too many fish tanks to count that I stared at every night ..... 2. I’m catholic, hence my man JC and a few of his buds/apostles are/were fishermen... 3. Born and raised on Long Island NY ........ can only dream of how good the native Americans fished, respected, prayed to how amazing our waters were back than .... 4. See the common denominator here, fish is a nutritious food source... so are apples, and a massive amount of other plants and veggies..... 5. I don’t fish like I once did, I’m 60 and less mobile ... Being on Long Island it is always about stripped bass, weakfish etc ... Hence every barb is crushed and every treble is discarded.... 6. Like my forefathers and others, I fish to learn about the species, respect every living being, keep only what I can eat with my family that day.... 7. You’re fishing, chill out and enjoy Mother Earth and you’ll learn to weed out the misinformed ... >}}}}> **** 8. Almost forgot how priceless this all is to share with my children and grandchildren!!!!
  3. Thank you !!
  4. These are some of the signs that were displayed in WE2 in early March, when it was still open to the public, before this Covid hit the fan. What I Just read about bulldozing adjacent to the CG Station is totally against what the signs say ..... You don’t destroy nature before preserving it .... perhaps it’s time to notify local news
  5. Wishing all goes well for you, I’m gonna keep an eye out for your book. Last year was my first visit to Ireland, took 59 years yet I was enthralled with all of it. my dad was from Youghal, County Cork which was a very emotional highlight of the trip. Definitely off the beaten path in Ireland but I cherished it. We bussed from Youghal to Waterford for train to Dublin. Stops in Kilkenny and Galway with a ferry to Inisheer which was amazing! We always felt welcomed wherever we were, I hope to return some day. The trip was done on the rails and busses and it was so easy, unless we happen to get lucky!!! Beat wishes and continued better times ahead, Kevin
  6. I grill my steaks all the time, the only temperature I keep an eye on is inside the grill. My target temp is 350 deg inside the grill ... basic rule of thumb is a medium size steak at least an inch thick should be fine at 6 to 7 minutes per side at 350 deg. for medium rare. Just as important, when removing steak from cooking, immediately cover it with foil and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.. it’s still cooking when you take it out, allow juices to even put. I mostly grill with charcoal, wood lump etc .. none better
  7. It all depends I guess where when and who... My six kids are adults now, in their 20s - 30s ... my grandkids have a free pass of course!! But... the kids down the street, when they’re outside they scream and scream as if they’re in serious danger, it’s non stop.... never heard kids play like this before so yeah, they’re a freaking pain in my ears
  8. Back in the 70’s my parents would get 2, 4, even 6 weeks at Hither Hills during the summer. Many great memories back then .... campfires on the beach every night, just like in JAWS ... one night, no bigger than any star .. 3 or 4 lights moving slowly across the sky, they stopped .. now a few more come from another direction and they stop near the first ones .... few of us saw it, as blitzed as we were .... then all of them hit warp speed and they’re gone ... good times !!
  9. Mantle
  10. I’m very sorry hear, please take faith in knowing her spirit will always be with all of you !!! my prayers and condolences, Kevin, shark516
  11. I’ve been working in the engine rooms of Manhattan for 40 years now .... this morning was the most unnerving feeling I’ve ever felt walking across midtown..... We lost family on 911, a NYPD hero running up the towers stairs to save who he could.... As heartfelt as that is to this day, what I saw this morning is a totally different enemy and it really sucks
  12. Fred Flintstone
  13. My son heard that too and he looked into it, possible it will not be recognized due to the empty roads of this Covid one niner
  14. I’ve never been to the keys and it’s now the next trip on our list. Have a awesome time !!!! i just turned 60 and am so grateful last year we did our first trip to Ireland, perfect timing!! The next big trip was going to be a winter trek into Yellow Knife Northwest Territory Canada for a hopeful Northern Lights show .... when that was pushed back we agreed the Keys would be next !!!!! Great thread really enjoy reading everyone’s stories !!! Have a great time !!!! ><}}}>**
  15. Cotton