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  1. Mailman just dropped off my 2nd order-so i got my complete order
  2. I received the first order i placed today,the other order should be it tomorrow.
  3. all of mine shipped-i think the seller sold all he had
  4. i got 2 yesterday when they were $4.60 and they shipped today. I noticed today they went down to $3.87 so i couldn't resist ordering 3 more. The fact that my first order shipped makes me feel good.
  5. looks like the price is back up to $9.79.
  6. I hope this is allowed on here. Found a good deal and wanted to share-the 6" SP Minnows in bone color only are selling on amazon for $3.87 and free shipping
  7. I use the heavy duty slides meant for braid-been using them for years without any damage to braid or slide. Braid will slice right through the regular slides
  8. Going fishing for Scup/pogie today with my son form the shore in Fairfield county. I never fished for them before and i'm not sure what kind of rig to use. What are you guys using for rigs if you don't mind me asking? TIA
  9. Like this
  10. Sounds Good thanks for sharing. Hoping to catch some fluke this weekend-will definitely try this
  11. Diamond and Rust -Judas Priest
  12. Agent
  13. ok PM coming
  14. Thanks for getting back to me-Best i can do is $50 total including shipping
  15. thanks -we did notice the vent felt a little warm