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  1. I just went on their website again to look for their phone # and i found where to order parts.
  2. I need some parts for one of my Baitrunners and couldn't find anywhere to order parts on the Shimano website. I remember ordering them online a few years back but the website has changed since i was last on there and i can't find where to order parts-can't even find schematics. Am i blind or is it just not there? Is there another company that you guys can recommend for ordering parts TIA
  3. Horns
  4. Person
  5. Fight
  6. Rabbit
  7. Spin
  8. Blow
  9. Cleaning all my gear when i get home,especially when i've been bait fishing
  10. i have a 9' ugly stik surf rod and a 5' ugly stik ultra lite i bought in the early 90's. I also have an Izor 9' surf rod that my ex father in law gave me that is older than that-i think he told me 80's. all have taken a beating and still going strong
  11. It's a great headlamp-if you want rechargeable buy rechargeable AAA's
  12. thats what i use couldn't be happier with it
  13. cadet