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  1. I've been bonefishing all over the Bahamas, as well as Mexico and Belize. Last year, I fished Christmas Island and it was the best bonefishing I have ever experienced with the added bonus of dozens of other species to target.
  2. Agree with the leverage concern with the longer rod. Also, the coral was more of a concern ( at least for me) in the deeper water which the GTs would head for as soon as they were hooked. You just have to hope they don't find the coral. Also I suggest you apply max drag pressure early and throughout the fight and that you use fly lines with the 75# core in conjunction with 100# shock tippet.
  3. I've caught hundreds of yellowtail, mutton, mangrove and schoolmaster snapper at various locations in the bahamas on fly using tan/white or chartruese/white clousers, and various weighted bonefish patterns like gotchas and the shrimp scampi fly. I'm sure these flies will be equally effective in PR.
  4. These coordinates will put you in about the center of the island: Latitude: 1° 52' N Longitude: 157° 25' W Christmas Island (Kiritimati) is about 1300 miles south of the Honolulu. It is the world's largest coral atoll and is part of the Republic of Kiribati.
  5. Carried on the 6 rods (all 4-piece) in my REC multi rod case, carried on all 4 reels, fly lines, leaders, tippet, sunglasses, camera, chargers, travel paperwork and one set of fishing clothes in my second carry-on. Checked everything else including flies in one bag which must weigh under 50 pounds (mine was 31 lbs). No issues with my checked luggage. If you lock your checked bag, you better use a TSA approved lock. TSA tore the zippers right off my fishing partners bag. Also, there is only one flight a week to Christmas Island from Honolulu (Fiji Airways, Leaves on Tuesdays at 12:00pm) so we elected to arrive in Honolulu on Sunday afternoon, so in the event our bags didn't make it, we would have time to potentially get them before the Christmas Island flight.
  6. For the most part, I don't think flourocarbon was necesary here. I did use 100# flouro shock for the big GTs for abration resistance. Here is a bluefin trevally, another common trevally found on both the flats and reef areas. This size is a lot of fun on a six weight. Caught plenty like this. I saw some nice bluefin trevally up to maybe 20 pounds but I never caught any over about 5 pounds. Never tried crease flies, brought some poppers but never used them. For the reef fishing I primarily used size 4 brass eye clousers and gotchas in tan white or chartreuse. I agree with Frank on the bonefish flies. Tie them sparse! Here are a few picture that will make you laugh. Preventive maintenance is a concept that hasn't really caught on at Christmas Island. However, we only lost about an hour of fishing time total during my stay because of truck or boat motor issues. I'm glad there was a spare outboard....Our boatman was Ti, awesome guy, taking it all in stride. This is apparently what happens when a spring on an injector goes-and the driver couldn't turn the engine off. We evacuated the truck about 10 seconds before I took this picture. I thought the engine was dead but they had it back in service the very next day. Very resourceful people. ..and finally the spare tire. Glad we never had to use it.