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  1. One last bump. Anyone please??
  2. Looking for level sink BEachmasters new or used. Chartreuse especially
  3. I’ll take it
  4. Interested in pink spook if you split
  5. Bump
  6. I’ll actually take the top mini wadd and the two non eel skin gibbs on steroids too With the other please.
  7. 2017.....Better hurry up and eat those things haha
  8. I’ll take the old style mini wadd please
  9. Yours*
  10. It’s your no problem at all.
  11. I am a light colored popper guy chartreuse or yellow or white ibut I’m not a picky man when it comes to gestures of kindness . I appreciate it greatly.
  12. thank you I love surprises .pm coming
  13. Thanks for the Nice solution
  14. That’s fair Ill be a team player
  15. ..
  16. I think technically you can answer me first because I asked first?
  17. Combine shipping if I get the black night n gale too?
  18. Chartreuse please
  19. If that’s the price of the needle I’d take it if you except money order
  20. Wait then who made the needle That’s what I’m asking about
  21. What’s the Price and weight in the tattoo
  22. Kk my bunker is a little fished.
  23. Blue runner or a jack? , I have blue runners on long island that summer and heard of small jacks being caught also. Was a real hot year if I’m not mistaken water temps were up there. Gotta check my book But I think it was August.
  24. New or used?
  25. Or in new shape ?