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  1. Interested in the wadd if you split
  2. All sold pending payment. Closed thanks SOL
  3. I can do that. No problem pm coming
  4. You got it. pM sent
  5. Going to hold onto the last lot to relist at a later date thanks. Please close this listing. Thanks
  6. No I still don’t have one of those haha, I know you’ve been looking for quite some time good luck
  7. No problem pm coming
  8. No worries
  9. These are all for now
  10. These are the two remaining lots
  11. No thank you. I have some used ones I’ll list for cheaper.
  12. Sure I can do that. pM coming
  13. Plugs brand new Each lot is 100$ shipped money order or well hidden cash only Lot one - parrot ,black silver over yellow, black over red lot two - black over chartreuse Block island green over purple, black and red with chevron lot three black over purple Smokey joe, white silver tip.
  14. Closing my own post
  15. Anyone ?