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  1. What about a Saragosa to match with my Terez 7’ M? Or should I get a Stella?
  2. Cool, so I will purchase or tr@de for. Talica 16 II. And get a Shimano Terez to match for one outift. I have a TLD 15 older reel but in perfect condition and may try that if needed. I have it on a Penn Slammer 7’2”. My other outfit is a Shimano Torium 16 on the Tallus 7’ M.
  3. Those crazy trips to Mexico will be a future prospective.
  4. I am on the West Coast now and will purchase or trade some of my stuff for a Bluefin Tuna outfit. Just wondering, if this gear is usable or needs to be sold/ traded for equipment I need for out here in SoCal.
  5. Ok, now this may seem unrealistic. But I am searching here, I have a shimano Thunnus ci4 8000 and a Shimano Uktegra Ci4 5500. Is there any possibility of using any of these for Tuna fishing? Fish may not exceed 80 pounds but is there a chance I can handle on a party boat? I expect 20-60 pound at MAX but ya never know. Just have Been used on the East coast for blues and stripers from the shore with the Ultegra, boat with the Thunnus and hoping there is more potential flexibility with the reels.
  6. Just asking, maybe some day in the future. For now, I wanna go out and experience these Party boats out in California. Hopefully get out once or twice q month when the season begins. 2 and a half hours to San Diego so it opens up my options. I am really looking forward to it. I miss NYC waters and the fish I grew up catching since I was a young kid. Went out Surf Perch fishing and had fun but would be great if Blues and zstripers roamed these waters.
  7. 16 preferably with rod and somr jigs or even a 12.
  8. PV is Puerto Vallarta? Anyone ever do the PEI trip? Prince Edward Island I was told was insanity.
  9. I am planning to fish party boat. What suggestions do you have Totoro? I can purchase gear, expense is not the biggest issue. I just want to be prepared. I have friends who will lend me gear but I like my own stuff. I am extremely strong so I am not concerned about being overwhelmed by a fish, I do not want to make others uncomfortable during the trips in the future either. All the videos I have viewed looks like people who talk more about gear and less about their ability to get a fish up. I love being humbled, it is a great learning tool. I like Shimano reels and rods but will take any advice as gear setup for different classes of Tuna out here. Just looking for possible options. It seems the post went a little awry of my post primarily. Please help me with suggestions. Ty
  10. I was looking to trade a once used Van Staal VSXB 200 spooled with Sufix 832 do you have a new to newer type type reel to throw on there to trade?
  11. I thought it was way too light and do not wqnt to push it. I will have to get a heavier setup. Was thinking of a Talica 16, any suggestions on a rod and reel combo. I can use this smaller setup for Yellowtail. I moved to Cali 30 months ago and this setup was previously used for Blues with much lighter line in the past and I had no issue with up to 20 pound Blues. I may need a couple setups foor the different class sizes. I was trying to cheap it out lol. I appreciate all input.
  12. I have a Torium 16 spooled with 80 pound Power Pro on a Tallus TLC70MBBL and was wondering if it would be a workable setup for Tuna up to 80 pounds. i feel like I may be pushing the limit a bit much. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Reel is new and was taken out once casting on the beach in the winter. $500 is not worth it to me, I would accept trade for New Talica and rod or tuna jigs combo.
  14. Thanks, reel is brand new spooled with Suffix 40. Maybe I will try and trade or sell it then.
  15. Does a manual bail kit even exist?