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  1. I would not question you. I do however now that kids generally not as hung up as you and they are more likely to have used the "other" rest room a number of times in their lives
  2. Does anyone find it weird that right wingers never use the bathroom when fathers take their daughters in or mothers bring their sons in the lady's room . but they are keenly aware of transgender bathroom habits and communication with toe taps?
  3. Seems you think being a lemming is a virtue.
  4. how do you know which one is the pedophile?
  5. yo say that its' just words. Your logic had to do with the comfort of the other users of the bathroom. I didn't see you suggest there was going to be a sex crime.
  6. correct and another point. They lent to sub prime without any gov't incentives. This is why the CRA and government whining is laughable. If they lent sub-prime willingly - even fighting each other over the market, how can one say with a straight face that the government made them do it.
  7. then why don't you protect your hypothetical daughter from female pedophiles?
  8. Are you agreeing with me that it's about privacy and not getting raped?
  9. you just di it again. I explained it serval times. we are done since I can't argue with you about points I didn't make.
  10. this is a much better argument than claims of pedophilia. A child is more likely to be molested by someone they know than a complete stranger. I do think that comfort of the user of the bathroom is a valid point. The notion that a child is more at risk from a transgender that any other adult stranger is weak, as are arguments about simply having a penis or vagina. It's about sexuality which is not the same as sex. It's about what is in our minds.
  11. given that pedophile can also be women, I don't know why you would have a false sense of security with you 10 year old daughter using the rest room with women that you know know nothing about. Do you have any evidence that transgenders are pedophiles? I have not see anything that concludes so. does this mean it's not about the hardware but rather about the thoughts in the minds of adults?
  12. don't avoid the obvious. why need to use the bathroom separately? Surely you can't think that a man using one stall would prevent a women from using a second stall. So it cannot merely be a gender thing. Think, what is it that would require separate bathrooms. Your urethra will work regardless of who is in the same room.
  13. why do we have separate bathrooms for men and women? It can't be simply sex/gender since most people use unisex bathrooms every day.
  14. I made a post yesterday. Salty misunderstood the last line which was a general comment , but he thought it was about him. He called me out for putting words in his mouth. I explained that my posts were my own thoughts and not putting words in anyones' mouth. It took about two hours for the guy to explain what he was objecting to - two hours on that stupid carousal. The second he explained why he thought I was putting words in his mouth, I immediately acknowledged why he might have thought that and explained why it was not attributing my comment to him. and yet this refusal to clarify his posts is not his fault and he lays blame on others. Time and time again. he had no problem on the carousal intentionally avoiding answering questions that would have cleared things up and gotten the conversation back on topic, but he continued to chose not to do so. That is clearly being intentional and preferring to troll rather than discuss. Magish, you were 100% right yesterday when you said he'd keep me on the carousal for a while before changing his tune and getting back on track. Of course, everyone else is imagining the same thing.
  15. I suggest you go back and read your own lectures about dishonesty versus factual correctness before you continue lecturing the opposite position.
  16. why be so obtuse that you ingore my statements about sex not being the same of sexuality, is your beliefs so weak that you need to construct strawmen arguments? following up on the non- answer, why do we have separate bathrooms for men and women?
  17. slacker doesn't know the difference between sexuality and sex.
  18. why. why do men and women have separate bathrooms?
  19. super, you can't explain why they underwrote billions of sub-prime that weren't part of the government programs, can you. Plus, let's say you were a bank, I am the gov't with the ability to repay my debt by printing money. I tell you to lend to poor people, but when you do that, I will guarantee the loans in case they don't pay you back. And instead of charging interest based on my guarantee , go ahead and charge market rates to them. The government sets up cash cows for the banks and you guys can't event see the basic economics that make your arguments illogical
  20. It means you aren;t even aware how much you brain identifies your own sexuality. Sex is not sexuality. Sexuality is in your head, the hardware is below your belt.
  21. Just what are you protecting the children form? Certainly you are not so ignorant to think nonconsensual sex is the same as consenting sex with a minor? Assume that you understand this basic fact, then what are you protecting the children from?
  22. if the by-product of putting more handguns in the hands of lawful citizens is more hand guns in the back market, and into the hands of criminals, is that a good thing? There were many posts here explaining that the bulk of hand guns that get into the hands of criminals are the result from stealing he guns from lawful owners. Ego, suffice to conclude if we get more guns into the hands of lawful citizens we will end up with more guns in the hands of criminals.
  23. 17 v 14 -- not dishonest, simple hyperbole
  24. this is actually a very funny part of the homophobia mindset. If we have separate bathrooms because of the notion that opposite sexes using the same facilities will be at risk of being rapids, gawked or whatever the fear, then you would want to separate people based on sexual desires and not plumbing,
  25. people will commit crimes, regardless of what he law says. That is why we have jails. And it's absurd to commingle anti-discrimination laws with some stupid argument that it will protect criminals.
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