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  1. Tim, stop making stuff up. 1. I am not making any excuses - please stop trying to prove it - it's a waste of your time. I own my posts regardless of your ongoing attempt to prove it the forum otherwise. 2. I quoted Dinghy, one minute after he posted. 11:14 and 11:15 on April 19th. You edited my post saying it was personal, while ignoring the post that was most certainly off topic and specifically personal. If you really took the time to read my post to determine it as off topic personal, it makes no sense that you wouldn't have also edited out the quote that specially called me out that I had quoted. Doing so sends mixed signals - ala your often used "he deserved it" excuse to let off topic personal posts stay when you don't like someone.
  2. "You made your post the day before he made his:" Posted April 19 2016 - 11:15 AM HugeDinghy, on 19 Apr 2016 - 11:14 AM, said: * Edited by TimS, Yesterday, 2:58 PM. and yours continue to be more and more off topic and personal
  3. Don't give it any more thought. You are incorrect as to why I linked up Dighy's post. No need to continue to make posts like I don't know what off topic personal post are. I am no longer your mod, so don't waste my time discussing my time as your mod.
  4. do you think it's intentionally dishonest for an adult to pretend that "politically involved" means one has to be either holding office or running for office?
  5. a 22" pealla pan can only go directly over the coals on a 22" weber. Use the initial high heat to do the initial frying of ingredients. The lid will control the heat for an even distribution once the liquid is added. On an akorn or BGE you can place the diffusion plate to when you close the lid to achieve even better even distribution. I find you want just enough coals to minimize the intensity of the initial heat, but sufficient to last the entire cook.
  6. I don't see it. Mike still doesn't have what it takes to be a stone cold killer. My guess is that will change next season with the arrival of Gus. Who wrote the note "Don't" and put the tree branch on the horn ? Wasn't anyone in the house
  7. what was the conversation of this thread?
  8. nice job mokes I never brine, Inject vinegar/juice maybe up to four hours in advance - most times maybe an hour. If you brine, you defeat the purpose of the rub. The brine will prevent the salt in the rub from working it's way into the meat.
  9. SNL ratings come in fairly solid north of 5 year in year out, not bad for a broadcast TV show that's been on the air for decades. The skit is spot on, heroin use is mainstream and opiates are commonly prescribed - many think over prescribed. Guest hosting is still relevant, and cast members will break out with memorable roles and will end up household names
  10. taylor P Hogan 52 Hogan 56 Taylor 60 I like knowing the same swing can give 60 - 125 yds with simply a club selection.
  11. I believe the context of the discussion was "you guys"
  12. Out of the box liberal post v right wing posts I rest my case
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