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  1. Also, you guys got me shopping for all kinds of different plugs lmao! My tackle shop is going to be very happy next time I pop in (no pun intended). I appreciate all the help and support!
  2. I've been working the area almost every night for a while so I knew bass were in there chasing bunker but from the hits I saw I figured they were smaller. I tried different lures, different colors, different retrieve speeds and cadences, and couldn't get a bass. Finally last night the wind was right, the current was right, the moon was right, and the lure/color/retrieve was right! I tossed out the lure for the third cast over that area, gave one or two little twitches, and he slammed it. I was all alone in the dark smiling like a kid on Christmas! In 25+ years of fishing I can't remember the last time I felt that same excitement. Learning a new skill is very humbling (almost embarrassingly so...) but when you finally put the pieces together and it pays off it is very rewarding!
  3. Thanks guys! I appreciate all the support. Can't wait to get out of the office and back at it.
  4. Got them for $2 a pop on Saturday. They were pretty big too.
  5. Thanks, I'll definitely look into those! Appreciate it guys!
  6. I decided at the beginning of this season to really dedicate my time to working/learning different plugs and around 9:15 tonight I finally lost my virginity. After countless bass on boats and with bait, I finally caught a bass on a plug from shore. I went after work to a local canal and tossed a 5in Tsunami Talkin Popper XD (in "Wonder Bread" colors) from a Daiwa BG3000 combo and landed this schoolie. The planks are about 5.25in wide so I guesstimate him to be about 20/21 inches. He was safely, and quickly, revived and released. I was more worried about getting him back in safely than I was about taking a fancy picture so excuse the quality lol. I know it isnt a record breaker (not even a PB striper for me lol) but its been a great time learning a new way of fishing. I am hooked on topwater striper action now. These Talkin Poppers are really easy for noobs like me to use and the XD's cast a mile.
  7. I forgot about the pier in Long Beach, went there once as a kid and had a good time. I'll check that out this weekend. Thanks guys!
  8. That sucks to hear. Trying to find a good spot to take her fishing from shore while ALSO having a shot at catching something seems pretty hard lol. I don't think she'd be too interested in hucking bait from the beach with me so I figured a pier would be our best bet. Maybe Florence Ave beach or one of the little parks by Massapequa Cove would be my best bet. Or I'll just have her bring a beach chair and a cooler while I catch some fish lmao.
  9. Anybody ever fish off the Wantagh Park pier? I'm not sure if you are allowed to fish from the beach to the east of the park so I think I might give it a shot this weekend. Going to be bringing my girlfriend with me so I'm thinking I'd set her up for some blowfish/little fluke/sea robins while I look for bass and blues. Any tips/recommendations? Thanks!
  10. I've heard good things about Double D Charters but never personally fished with them
  11. I don't get it.
  12. Do you think someone cut your boat free to steal the spot? Thats a pretty crazy move.
  13. I think we live near each other because I have been noticing the same thing. Haven't even attempted to fish over there because the trout get destroyed every year, especially now that everyone is home. Good spot to waste some time in the summer catching bluegills though.
  14. I saw 3 or 4 trucks with kayaks on them today (including a nice Hobie on Sunrise in Seaford around 11am) while heading to/from work. Anybody on here go out? How'd it go?
  15. Spent many hours during the big Q watching new boat walk-throughs on youtube. I have found myself becoming addicted to spotting the minute differences between seemingly similar boats. Some builders put their wheels in the center of the helm (making it less comfortable to have two people at the leaning post) while others offset the wheel like a car. Some builders use D-shaped pipes for the T-Top to save a little room around the helm and others use round pipes. Some builders make sure every cup and rod holder are self-draining while others don't. The list is endless and it is very interesting stuff from a design perspective. Also makes you realize how much compromise goes into picking a boat and how there really isn't a "perfect boat", especially when money is a factor.