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  1. I had an interesting conversation with someone who told me he doesn't worry about lure rating on rods that he uses for bottom fishing or vertical jigging. He claims that the lure rating is only if you are casting with the rod and it doesn't matter if you're dropping it off the side of the boat. He only worries about the rod power and if he has good feel even with 8-10oz sinkers. His bottom fishing rod is a MH rated 1-4oz and he uses 8oz sinkers with it out of Montauk. What do you guys think?
  2. If it was just me I'd love to head out there but convincing non-fishermen to wake up at dawn to drive an hour+ to try fishing for the first time might be a tall task. I will look into it though.
  3. Went on a boat for fluke with some family friends and one older gentleman, an Italian fella named Leo, was there and was talking about how much he loves bluefish prepared the way they prepare certain fish in Italy. I don't eat bluefish but when I got on a big one I asked if he wanted it and he gaffed it and took it home. I wouldn't kill any fish if someone wasn't going to eat it but he obviously appreciated it so I don't see any harm in it.
  4. Captain Rod sounds like a good pick but I'll look into the others too. Thanks guys!
  5. I have been searching the web for used ski racks because they seem like the best low-dollar option. I used to use PVC pipes but I like the locking aspect of the ski racks
  6. Hey guys, looking to do a half-day party boat trip with some noobie anglers (my girlfriend's family). We live on Long Island so I'd prefer Captree. I have done the Northstar a few times via Groupon but it can be hit or miss. I'm sure all the trips are fluke trips but if they have seabass/porgy trips that would be best because they'd love the action. Any recommendations? Thanks guys!
  7. I always seem to do better with fluke after Memorial Day. I haven't been on saltwater yet this year but hopefully that changes in the next week or two.
  8. Hey guys, comparing two similar reels with similar price points. Either one will be spooled with 20lbs braid and slapped onto a 6ft Tsunami Five Star TFSC-601MH rod. Gonna be used mostly in the bay, from a boat, for fluke, porgies, seabass, blues, and schoolie stripers. What do you guys think? Thanks for the help!
  9. I went last night and bought some of the John Skinner recommended bucktails and teasers so I'll be making some of his rigs but I am also going to order a couple of these. I'll report back on how well they do!
  10. I have been switching out all my treble hooks too (and I always crush the barbs on freshwater gear since I always catch and release in freshwater). Haven't noticed a ton of difference on how the lure moves but a lot less injuries to the fish and my fingers.
  11. Never fished from the beach but growing up I was always warned to watch for lobster pots in the boat because lobstermen will mess you up if you mess with their catch. Guess it happens on the water AND the beach...
  12. It is the first link if you google "doormat fluke rigs", as that is also the name of the dot com website.
  13. Yeah, that is true. I have never used a set up like that before but I am interested in trying it out.
  14. Found a guy online who seems to be a Long Islander and makes pretty nice looking hi-lo fluke rigs at decent prices. I won't list the website here (don't know if it is against the rules or anything) but I was wondering if anybody has heard about or used them. They start at $4.00 but use quality material so I figured I'd give it a shot.
  15. I had the Ugly Stik sitting in my garage collecting cobwebs so I figured I'd put it to use but I completely forgot about the Berkley rods, mainly the Lightning and Cherrywood rods, which I heard great things about. Going to continue shopping around but I think I'll end up with a Berkley rod.