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  1. Maybe not what you're looking for but I recently got a "North Coyote" cooler backpack on Amazon to take onto party boats (easier than carrying a cooler, tackle box, rod, and a backpack all at once). I haven't taken it out on a hike but I loaded it up with 4 Plano 3400's, a tupperware of sinkers, miscellaneous tools, a spare reel, two sandwiches, and a half dozen beers and it held up great! It is pretty padded and has good storage but I don't think I'd take it on any extended hikes or anything like that (I have other much more expensive packs for that) but for hauling lots of gear + lunch on short trips it is pretty perfect.
  2. Didn't know they made SOL stickers! I'd love to slap some on my tackle box and cooler. Any info on how to get them?
  3. I bet I've had quite a few beers next to SOL members at Liar's over the years but never purposely met up with one. I'm a boat fisherman, not really a surf guy, but I'd be down for a LI meet up. A SOL party/charter boat day would be fun.
  4. I'm a glow, chartreuse, and salmon guy myself but I'd be interested in trying any of the colors if reports say they work.
  5. I don't follow the happenings at Icast closely but saw on instagram that Berkley released new colors of grubs and jerk shads (maybe others?). Some of the colors are really funky and out there. What do you guys think? They say the colors look different deep under water so maybe they have some winners here.
  6. They were hitting a popper with a small spearing in Massapequa but I might try to toss a little jerkbait with inline hooks tonight. A lot of fun on ultralight gear!
  7. This sounds like a simple solution. I didn't know they had braid-specific sliders either. Thanks for the help guys!
  8. What do you guys think about using a fish-finder sinker slide on braid? Risky move? I was going to use one on 30lbs braid but I was afraid that a 6oz sinker sliding around might cause some damage. Mono/flouro only for fish finders?
  9. Swung by the boat ramp near my house tonight around sunset for about an hour and caught (and released) a few "fluke bait" sized snappers on spearing I had left over from fluking. Lots of bunker splashing around too. Seems a little early for snapper imo but its good to know that they're out there waiting to get munched by some doormats.
  10. PM sent last night, just checking that you got it. Thanks again!
  11. $25 shipped and paypal'd for the Lews baitcaster? Let me know, thanks!
  12. Figured this should be a fun discussion! Some people show up with nothing but a sandwich and others show up with a wheelbarrow full of gear. One rod or two? Whole tackle box or only an extra rig and some sinkers in a ziploc? 6 beers or 12? Lunch box or full sized Yeti cooler? What do you guys bring on a party boat?
  13. Oh I know, I spend probably more time at work than I should searching on the craigslist boat section lol. I'm still researching exactly what I want but I think this thread might push me over the edge into tin boat ownership!
  14. I also have a 19 Impreza hatchback and I love it in the snow and mud/dirt but it just doesn't have enough clearance for me to comfortably take it on any beach.
  15. Going to follow this thread closely. Aluminum boats seem like the perfect solution to my situation (a mile from a boat ramp but only have a 4cyl awd hatchback to tow it) but I haven't pulled the trigger yet.