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  1. payo aegis 110 knockoff?
  2. Pretty sure that's a white perch
  3. I'll take it
  4. Awesome. Apple trees don't last forever, so keep that in mind. There are probably two schools of thought on this, you can either maintain them minimally, or go all in... There are some major diseases that you need to watch for either way (cedar rust, fire blight, etc.). I think I would buy a book as a reference as there are lots of diseases and pests of the apple tree. I think some pruning would benefit your trees, but you have to be careful you don't overdo it. I grew up in a old orchard, and those trees hadn't been messed with for decades and the apples were great, if small. I ate them from July until October most years. There was a pretty common worm that eats the core of the apple, but I can't ever recall not being able to eat around the damage. I guess it depends on how squeamish you are. Good luck!
  5. Right or left? This is hay making time for every political hack out there... come now, you can't be that naive. I thought he had come back from Liberia, so my bad on that one. And I will also agree that the deceased seemed to be motivated by self preservation. The issue with the nurse (thread title, yes?) is not a FAA issue it's a state response issue... and they seem to be about on par as a second rate response only slightly better than the national one. Perry got a 16 point bump in polling over this (not sure why, lemming factor i suppose). I remain a bit skeptical however, since the results are about the same as Spain so far... though the dog in Spain fared worse.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Mokes Or....the guy that lied and brought Ebola here. Could be his fault? Maybe? A little? My comment was directed at your comment that people shouldn't be admitted from West Africa to the US... I fail to see how it's the dude's fault that he was admitted back in US vs Perry's. Perry wants to wear the big boy pants... he looks to be doing about as well as Obama.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Mokes Here's some good advice. Don't let anyone from Africa in or back in from Africa. Leave the US to go to Africa....bye. -Mokes 2016 Seems to be a Texas issue to me. Falls squarely at Perry's feet.
  8. I think Texas isn't much better than Africa. AWFUL JOB they have done so far. I say stop flights from there to the rest of the 49 until they get it together.
  9. I would think it depends on how the individual kayak or canoe was designed... a cheap homemade pair of outriggers will stabilize most of them well enough to stand in or run a tiny outboard or trolling motor. So many options....
  10. Sent my comments, thanks for the heads up.
  11. Did anybody go or have the minutes?
  12. I was wondering why this hasn't been brought up since this year's tourney was on the front page for a long while. Here we have a striper event that is now going to be under control of russians (aka commies where i come from) and not a peep from my rightist buddies. Just because it ain't covered by fox don't make it right boys.
  13. I think I would travel a LOT. Photography maybe...
  14. Brownback said that cutting Kansas income taxes would constitute a “real, live experiment” and claiming that these cuts would be a “shot of adrenaline to the heart.” Go Kansas!!