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  1. Man I knew I should have checked my phone in case anyone posted here! Sorry I missed dinner, at least you know I wasn't after your food
  2. The weather and conditions are looking very promising! Saturday we will have a full blue moon. Im not much of a night fisher but it should be bright and enticing.
  3. Should I consider replacing my Elite Chirp 4 with a hook 4?
  4. Memorial day usually brings kayak sales, just say'n.
  5. Would laying it on two 4x4 posts work for long term storage? Support on both sides of keel, im just not sure if the hobie would loose any banana curving.
  6. You're out fishing me bro
  7. Didn't someone post a guide on using a yoga mat for beefing up gaskets many moons ago?
  8. Congrats on getting a kayak. You don't need a new style seat to kayak for 5-6 hours, that's just your opinion. Nice fish Dogfisher and congrats on the revo. You may want to consider removing the pedal foot straps if you can do without them. Just a qol change imo. The straps were more of a nuisance to me since i wasnt pulling the pedals back with my legs. It makes stopping and going less clumsy for me. Once I was sure i wouldn't put the straps back, i sawed and sanded the pegs the straps attach too. Those pegs would always catch my fishing line when landing fish.
  9. Two years ago we had some heavy rain and a morning in the low 40s. I remember waking up freezing, I grabbed whatever was around and layered up and went back to sleep. Im bringing more blankets this year.
  10. Quit being so critical of people and you'll be much happier.
  11. How much would you say it cost in PVC materials to build a rack?
  12. It does look pretty awesome, bonus points for the presentation.
  13. Personally id wait until the water is warmer in like June or July to do a self rescue, might as well enjoy the dip. Also remember to take the fish finder off the yak if you have one, most are not water proof.
  14. That area is pretty shallow and weedy. I dont think its going away, its just how it is over their. With the water being so low, it warms up quite a bit and the light reaches the vegetation.
  15. Last year was my first time going and I made friends with a group of 3. One of them had a red adventure island and another had a PA. Really hope to see those guys again, one of them said they were somewhat active on here. I had the popup camper if anyone on here is one of my 3 amigos, lets do it again.