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  1. They got the seats and paddles too? are their any unique markings/stickers that would make it stick out if we saw it driving by?
  2. I remember Barrell warning about anchoring in current with heavy seaweed. He warned that seaweed buildup on the line could create more drag pulling the kayak down or make pulling the anchor up more difficult and dangerous. Ive thought about using a drift sock but havent had a need for an anchor personally. Only time id use one is if i were a gnarly kayak scuba diver/spear fisher.
  3. This would fit on a 2015 outback?
  4. Thanks for sharing that info, I didnt know they did that in the past. Looking at your image, its a wonder they dont beef up the plastic and essentially have a cinderblock size of solid plastic with a cutout for the drive. Or some other manufacturing process where the kayak is molded around a sturdy drive well port similar to their inflatable kayaks.
  5. Brakes and clutches would be a better equivalent or even a timing belt. After a certain amount of use these things break down and need replacing... like hobie hulls (That was a joke) But ATV223 is right, anything that moves succumbs to wear. This rule applies to computers and light bulbs as well. Thats one of the benefits of solid state hard drives is that their are no moving parts along with increased data rates.
  6. I think you should work on your paddling or look into a solo skiff. Ive seen quite a few people with trolling motors on kayak, but it doesn't seem to be their primary means of propulsion. You dont want to be stuck in the water far from your launch spot unable to paddle. Once you put a motor on a kayak you need to register it in certain states as well.
  7. If its in a flood zone I don't know what else you need to know. You'll need flood insurance and one day that area will flood.
  8. Wrong. Their are videos of people getting back to shore after being miles out with a crack and it was all thanks to a bilge pump. My pump is somewhere in my hull, I want to secure it somewhere so in an emergency i dont loose time looking for it. Or even worse be unable to get it. Kayaks take awhile to sink completely so even if you're 80% submerged you stand a good chance to recover depending on water conditions.
  9. I love how people who dont own hobies are more worried about cracks than the owners themselves. Elias has had at least 3 cracked hulls within the lifetime of my 2015 outback. Does that mean hes doing something wrong? Does it mean hobies are unreliable? Does it mean he uses his gear more? IDK, and IDC just keep fishing.
  10. Im not very good at snagging bunker yet, but my go to snag is usually a hammered diamond jig with treble hook. Last year i was snagging bunker and 'live lining', leaving them on the treable however they were snagged. Well one day i was jerking the poor bastard while he was near the surfcace and the lure came loose and sling shotted right at my face! Lucky reflexes had me block the lure with my rod, twas not skill. I take that as my one free pass, and remind other to be careful while snagging bunker in a kayak.
  11. Im 30 and ive never caught a striper larger than 30 inches. Maybe i should go back to school? Im very happy for you and your team. Glad some schools are open minded to this sort of thing and you getting support from the community/vendors. I hope to be in a position to help the youth someday and instill good values while having fun without technology.
  12. Central NS had blues 12-16 inches 2 weeks ago. Bronchitis knocked me on my ass, but I was killing it with un-baited diamond jigs. Match the hatch and you'll have your hands full. Steady retrieve from bottom or steady retrieve top water did the trick. They were about 10ft from bottom.
  13. I suppose when the first mirage drives came out it was for a very small market with extra disposable income. Now that pedal drives are becoming more mainstream, Hobie developed another product to push the envelop once again for those looking for more. Im sure they will sell, but from my pov as a 3 season hobie vet and 30 y/o male. Its just not needed. *EDIT* 360 PA 12 MSRP $4,649 360 PA 14 MSRP $4,799
  14. I really wish flare guns were cheaper.