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  1. Good point! My bad Budget 75-200 Jig head and gulp type of fun bucktails. 1/2-1oz
  2. Hello any advice/help is appreciated! Looking for surf fluke rod to match with Diawa 3000 MQ appreciate the help thx
  3. Caught a fluke with a blue claw in its stomach
  4. 50?
  5. Bernzy I own howdy large howdy large flap tail howdy commander peanut swimmer atom swimmer Maybe others have to look
  6. RIP Bernzy rest easy big bass at your feet forever
  7. Diawa BG 3000 Tsunami slow pitch lots of fun
  8. Very true Also if you to make a hole make it very small don't make a hole along any seam of the skin
  9. My two grs pickups