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  1. I have two old antique bamboo rods for sale. Both are around 10' long and I don't know to much about them. I'm looking to field offers and see what I can get for these rods. Interested in dealing them separately. in GREAT condition.
  2. Thank you guys I wasn't sure
  3. I have a used 7' shimano talavera spinning rod for sale. This item is used but is in "great" condition. A couple knicks and scratches but this is a shimano we are talking about. This rod is "grandfathered" into the shimano life time warranty. Asking $55. Local pick up only, I'm located in central NJ.
  4. I will do the trade with shortcast 7' rod for the 4000 sargus reel
  5. I forgot about that, I would say the rods are worth $170 each based on there condition. $340 for the pair.
  6. it's a rubber handle and I might be interested in trading for the reel, where are you located @ short cast?
  7. I would like to purchase the spheros 5000sw. Any thoughts on how it would pair up with the 9' tica dolphin? Another thing is how comparable is this reel to the penn spinfisher?
  8. I am looking for a tackle backpack. I want to spend under $100 and I want to have a good product. I know Okuma has a few that range from $30-$100. But are the bags that Okuma put out there comparable to what Shimano has on the market. Bass Pro Shops has there own line of tackle backpacks and I was just curious if these to are reliable and durable? What tackle backpack do you use? Do you like it and did it break the bank?
  9. Picked up 2 Plano boxes, 2 smaller flambeau boxes and a outdoors bag at walmart. Also got a ruler and mallet all for under $60
  10. that's a nice back pack!! I'm going to try that out!! And the jansport idea isn't a bad one! Both save a ton of money, thanks guys!
  11. I am looking to purchase a new spool of Power Pro Super Slick. I would like to put it on either a 6000 or 8000 Shimano Saragosa SW reel, with a 9' Tica Dolphin Rod. The setup I have will be light for the most distant cast. I was wondering what test other people use to cast far. Please note: I want to be able to cast further than I do with my #50lb test, but I also want to have pretty good strength on the line!
  12. I always throw bait and occasionally toss a lure around
  13. I use Power Pro. Power pro is what all the tackle shops stock. Their is braid from fireline, Calcutta and suffix also.
  14. I Loved that movie, I had high hoped for them!
  15. thank you for the feeback! I was thinking about the 30lb test and that will be the route I will take. I have #40 and #50, and boy when it's windy out I see the #40 get caught up with the wind and fly. Thanks for all the help and opinions. Looking forward to the fall run!