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  1. Hi Jonny, awesome step by step and fly! thanks for sharing!
  2. that is a great idea! thanks for sharing.
  3. beautiful flies jabster! I like your foam display pieces, where did you get them? thank you tackle addict
  4. love the color variations and great photos. looks like a fun fly to tie. thanks for posting tackle addict
  5. Awesome video for those amazing looking flies. I am just learning to tie flies, starting with the usual itty bitty trout flies. I am so excited to venture into the larger more colorful flies. thanks for sharing. This is my first week as a member to this wonderful forum. tackle addict
  6. I am a new member and usually lurk, but here you need to have 15 good posts in a week before you can PM, etc. I love that rule although it intimidated me at 1st. There are plenty of areas to explore and definitely opportunities to comment and or contribute to. I appreciate this forum, all the knowledge shared, the quick, detailed responses to my inquiries, etc. I am still in my week probation period so thanks Tim and to all the members who PM'd me. I cannot PM back yet, but will as soon as my restrictions have been lifted tackle addict
  7. Awesome explanation and visuals! I can't believe this post is from 10 years ago. of all the times I have tried to understand how to read the water via online searching, your post has been the most helpful. thank you tackle addict
  8. Hi slip n slide, cool looking simple shrimp! I am new to the forum and to tying. Next time you tie these up, would you mind taking a few step by step pictures for me. I have difficulty comprehending written instructions so pictures really help me. thanks for sharing tackle addict
  9. LOL I love that idea!
  10. 35 mm film canisters or tic tac containers, altoids candy tins or similar to store new or used hooks, beads, weights, yada yada used prescription bottles with pre tied leaders wrapped around a wine cork held in place with ballhead push pins
  11. thanks Charlie! is woodworking a hobby? you sure are good at it
  12. Hi Steve, love the images displaying how to change the avatars. I am not computer savvy so seeing the images makes all the difference. I just joined the forum yesterday and want to change my avatar. I deleted the default photo I selected but now I think all the default pictures are gone as well. I do not see the "replace avatar" under photo like screen shot 2 shows. would you be able to assist me please? thank you tackle addict
  13. Hi Charlie, nice fly tying but your wood working skills are beautiful. I am new to the forum and to tying flies. I have a friend who might be able to help with a wood project. Would you mind giving some material measurements / specs for your brush making station please? would you mind taking some close up pictures of it from different angles so we can see it better when you have time? thank you in advance, tackle addict
  14. thanks for sharing what to look for. I have not fished for carp. I hear they spook easily but once they take your fly they give a good fight.
  15. thanks for sharing and making the tying video. Great instructions. How does the Sheeps Fleece react when fished? does it keep the shape or pulsate on the pause for example? I am new to tying and not familiar with that material yet. thank you , tackle addict
  16. awesome! thanks for the quick response and PM I look forward to learning it and using it.
  17. beautiful! thank you so much!
  18. impressive! I am just getting started tying myself. I have not discovered my creative side yet. Hopefully more time at the tying bench and on the forum will help. what a great feeling to have your son take such an interest. got any pictures of him catching? I'd love to see him in action. thanks, tackle addict
  19. thanks for sharing! very well done. 1st day to the forum and loving it! tackle addict
  20. very cool looking flies! I am new to tying and first day as a member to this forum. I am not familiar with the action in the water with this type of fly. does it sink or float? sorry if it's a dumb question. The EZ body material and diamond braid looks like something fun to create with. thanks for sharing tackle addict
  21. sorry for typo scooleen74
  22. hi scooleen72 I like your flies! I am a So Cal girl, new to tying flies and 1st day to the forum. What brand, size etc hooks did you use? what yellowish material did you use to wrap the hook shank with? which of the flies shown in the picture has brought you the most catches? I would like to try tying some for my local beaches. thanks for sharing tackle addict
  23. Hi castinthesurf, I just joined the forum today. I am loving it already. I am learning to tie flies. Would you mind sharing the recipe for your mole crab? I live in So Cal and fish the surf but with spinning tackle. thank you tackle addict
  24. great pictures and thought process. I just joined this forum today, new to fly tying, and I am already learning from all the posts. thanks for sharing tackle addict
  25. what a great looking frog! I also got that toy in orange. I have not started tying with it yet. I live in So Cal and think the orange would be great in the surf. What size hook do you use? I am just learning to tie flies. thanks for your help and posting pictures. tackle addict