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  1. Are stripers edible caught this time of year in the Raritan?
  2. Ocean County,NJ...Pretty sure it was an attempt to eff me up pulling the boat out of the water. Made the rear right tire flat figuring I would walk along the driver side of the trailer to the truck...which I did. It would have been more visible taking the air out of this tire. Other side kinda outta sight. Rear tires would have been in wet sand. Once the boat was on the trailer& I pulled forward that flat probably would have spun into the sand;leaving me with a boat on a trailer with a truck stuck into the sand on safety hooks. My friends truck was parked about 150' away,so it would have looked like I had only my truck.
  3. Gotta figure it was guessing I would pull boat on the trailer...hitch would pull out leaving the safety chains. Flat tire spinning in the sand digging in...trying to create a YouTube like boat ramp disaster clip? Small boat repair type yard next to ramp...maybe create the scene& watch/record
  4. Put my boat in at a end of street ramp in OC. 6:30 a.m.this morning We fished about 2 hours-nada. I parked my truck&trailer clear of incoming traffic or other trailers&rigs. My friend Tim was @ the water@ the boat .I starting backing down towards the boat,but something felt wrong...rear right tire flat to the pavement New plan was to put hitch& trailer on his truck and take boat home& get my cordless air compressor(always have a plug kit in the truck.) Drop the trailer and park my truck back were it was. Go to take hitch out...the pin is missing.. THE PIN IS MISSING! I tell him someone stole the pin&gave me the flat,he's not sure. Tire is fine holding 42 psi. Apologize for the long post...WTF?
  5. Kokatat semi also...very comfortable &also has zipper@ the crotch
  6. I've got the Cape Horn Offshore 17...no boat like it in it's class...my 2 cents
  7. Don't know what a turkey seat is. My Revo has the stock folding seat with 3 height adjustments@ the rear. Comfortable as it is.
  8. Yup, I getcha with the uneven lower ground squat&lift...actually working on a quick setup tripod pulley lift thingy that would get the stern 2-3' off the ground before sliding into my pickup
  9. Cheech,can't spot burn on here. Backwaters in OC...you were probably right near me. Blue kayak
  10. Kokatat semi drysuit. Works great& very comfortable. Can't deal with the neck gasket on a full drysuit.
  11. I'm 66.66...66...66...Got a 2016 Hobie Revo 13 cuz I could no longer endure the OK soft seat. Tried different seat pads and even a high end aftermarket seat upgrade...not much better. Plus the Revo has the beach chair,mirage drive& weighs 70 lbs without the drive. Got a Nucanoe Flint for sweetwater. Also fish off a Bote 12' HD Native sup,but had to take this past year off with rotator cuff issue. Made cardio/ lower body workout a priority in '16. Bike alot in good weather Hybrid/trail/ ebike& even fatbike when my shoulder let's me.Elliptical@the gym. Yesterday 4 hours on the Revo. Felt fine. Anyway,guess I'm trying to kinda figure out that age wall I'm gonna eventually pedal/paddle into although I have a faulty circuit in my head that tells me I'm 35.Man,this was a long post...gotta go back to bed. .did I mention I wuz 66. Happy Holidays. Peace,Ed
  12. Got 25 stripes today up to 30"...weather finally cooperated. Had to break ice to launch.
  13. I've had this rod long time...just started using it again...really like this rod,again
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