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  1. Not a custom rod. NJ surf. Been in the water at least 6 months. Probably last season.
  2. Thought I would give this a try. About 2 weeks ago. Been in the H20 for awhile. Barnacles& scale on both. Reel is toast,saved the rod. It's a Lami. Southern OC beach. ID rod&reel and approximate location.Oh yeah,in the surf.
  3. 5" chicken scratch bomber&chartreuse paddletails
  4. Hot bite...got 24 stripes yesterday p.m. 3 keepers
  5. Had to get on the H20. Toms River. 40-42° chilly,looking for white perch. Hobie Revo 13. First trip wearing a Kokatat semi drysuit . Great suit.
  6. I have fished off a Bote HD Native since 2014. 12' hard board. Even flyfish on it. I have 10'6" Boardworks mcit inflatable I fish off also. Works. Inflatables have come a long way the last couple of years.
  7. Thanks,figured it was something like that
  8. I agree with the new circle hook regs for stripers when fishing with bait/livebait. Why are offset circle hooks not allowed?
  9. I have the Flint. Great yak! Stable,fast. The open deck is awesome.
  10. I was@Ortley this a.m. with my lab. 2 or 3 Nor'wasters and all that sand will be gone. I was also @ Mantaloking @ high tide. Used to find clams all over the beaches years ago after a blow like yesterday. No clams.....or even shells. Water was milk chocolate.
  11. Joints need to removed and pointed up with mortar
  12. Wow! Great price for this bundle. Good luck with the sale.
  13. Leftover. Upgrade from my 2008 OK Trident 11. I'm 6',190lbs. What # setting on pedals ? How do you adjust them? Thanks,Ed
  14. I am going another direction. Good luck with the sale.
  15. Where do you live?