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  1. all still here, still for sale. I'm on the cape in harwich, and go to wareham weds, and plymouth thurs this coming week.
  2. seriously? probably 200 to ship unless I cut it in half....
  3. yes, check pms
  4. still there? give me a call
  5. Let's see how the previous offer for the mojo works out
  6. busy on cape this weekend, so it would have to be east of Hyannis
  7. I can sell it for 110.. I'm in Harwich this weekend.
  8. the rubber gets hard and does break off easily after 30, 40 years.
  9. good deal. Bail arm and roller should be roughly at the same angle as the lip of the rotating cup.
  10. bail and roller is in wrong position, wrong angle.
  11. got it, just had to really clean out the hole spinning a proper size drill bit by hand.
  12. I can't get the new rubber bail bumper to seat in the hole for it. Any tricks? Steve T
  13. got em, pm coming