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  1. You need to change the rotor, line roller, spool, and the rotor washer. Better to find a 704 rotor.
  2. Ten foot (120) Lamiglas GSB 120 1M matches up nice; great rod along with the 11' 132 1M.
  3. it's called the spine, not the spline, and there shouldn't be any problem.
  4. There was plywood or composite in the center for the outboard. But when I mounted transducer and ladder, it was just the fiberglass. Unacceptable to me.....
  5. Same here, racing and as a pro bike mechanic in a past life.
  6. Well, when I started asking this at age 5 or 6, I wondered how it alll depended on where you happened to be born . I quickly realized it was all BS.
  7. I say don't overdo it on size. Keep in mind; the tuna can't run much further than however deep it is, assuming you can chase with the boat to an extent.
  8. I use Phil Wood bicycle grease, have for 3 decades. Works fine, holds up.
  9. I've always gotten a kick out of this "BMs require cut hooks" thing. All due respect to Bobby, try one with a skin and a Wolverine splittie, the bass I've caught on BM skin plugs with split rings didn't seem to care if I was following the rules........
  10. LB I know what you mean . I had a day job while doing pre med, in a shop making submarine parts. I had use of my Bridgeport, lathe, drill presses etc. during the lunch hour. I miss that......
  11. if you're asking about my spool, it's a metal spool.
  12. I like rollers. I've always had a problem with the non rolling "roller" on the stock 710 bail.
  13. I love my 710s. Anyone here do a retro fit infinite anti reverse on a 710?
  14. barrel swivel is good for tying in a dropper line for a redgill or dropper fly. 100 # is good; the others are too small to deal with especially at night and with my aging eyes.......Don't even bother with a dropper loop; they are very weak. I asked Tony Stetzko about this, and he (73 lb bass on a dropper) agreed........ I haven't come close on a dropper, only a bunch of 40# bass, but I will never use a dropper loop.
  15. My new (old) Penn "710 badass", retrofitted with a manual pickup from an old Mitchell 306 / 406, 704 handle, and loaded with 20 pound test fireline. This will take the place of my Van Staal 150 and 200 at about 1/10 the price.......... I have 4, so I'm set for the rest of my life........