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  1. but the only wood Musso darters I've seen are long 3 hook version. I need to go back in time and make a trip to Causeway B&T, circa 1988 or so, with a bunch of cash.......
  2. back of ad, in color
  3. back of same page
  4. and there's this ad I have 1999
  5. soft spot in the deck, plus 44 years old means chances are good the transom should be checked and probably repaired as well. There is plywood in the deck and transom, and water gets in and rots it. Question of whether it's worth fixing depends upon what the boat is worth to you. I second the post above; check the classic Mako forum. Doing it yourself is a job, but paying to have it done will be expensive.
  6. Thanks, I figured it might have been something like that. My favorite lure from Donnie is the little wood bottle plug. Wish he had made those in plastic..... Also wish I had bought a bunch more of the wood ones back in the day. Steve T
  7. My friend Hugh made me some really nice eelies after I gave him an old BM. I'll ask him if he would make more to sell. Steve T
  8. This scan is from The Surfcaster 1989 catalog. Are these wood? I have wood Donny Musso 3 hook darters, but didn't know there were smaller ones in wood or plastic.. Steve T
  9. Don't file down the foot. It should fit. Drag washers- look for advice here. GSB 132 1 M is a great rod for montauk, 10' is better for the jetties further west, and the GSB 120 1m was my go to at Montauk for the most part for many years (although usually with a 706 or a VS 200 or 275 as the years went by)....; I don't know about how the 2 piece version is, but others will chime in here. Here's a pic of my best big Luxor / Crack, set up by "The Surfcaster" many years ago when I was fishing Montauk hard.
  10. We swam out to Barnacle almost every day when we were kids; late 60s early 70s.
  11. By the way, the pic in my avatar is my first keeper, caught at the second set of nuns beach rocks.....
  12. You guys must have known Robbie Rusnak, who still lives on Woodhull Landing Rd. My uncle Pete Forster's best friend.
  13. 700 and 706 / 707 have green painted spools. 704 / 705 have blueish green painted spools. 710 had green plastic spool.
  14. I bought a Micron when I was about 12 years old, loaded it with 2 lb. test mono, and it was my ultralite reel for a long time. Mounted on a beautiful 5 foot rod I built on a Fenwick blank. Still have them both, as well as the middle size Alcedo reel.