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  1. check and see if you can buy spare bail springs; have a couple on hand. My approach with my vintage reels is to buy a spare reel or two, and there are a bunch of Daiwa 7700s on the big auction site right now. As a spare, and for reference putting everything back together. Steve T
  2. Love those 29 Dyers, such classic boats.
  3. if you've caught bigger fish on a yak, you know they run all around the boat. Seems to me a trolling motor thrown in the mix might be trouble occasionally..
  4. and, read the rules there before posting this.
  5. this is a great gun for 38 special and 38+ ammo too; the slight extra weight of the 357 LCR makes it a more comfortable handgun to shoot. GLWS
  6. Thanks guys! Steve T
  7. Bill Preisenberger (?) gave one of my Luxors the underwater treatment back in the day when I brought it up to his shop in his backyard in CT. I should have bought some extra screws from him back then. There are three different screws; the side cover screws, the 3 screws holding the rotor and plate on, and the 2 screws holding that monster main bearing in. All soft. I'm good with screws and correct screwdrivers, but my 3 remaining 300s all came to me with buggered up side cover screws. I have to go through my 200s next; might actually fish one this year..... that and my manual PU green 710.... SC, you might know; was it Rob K who made those initial spools Bill sold for the 300?
  8. Thanks. The threads aren't the problem, it's the slot in the soft metal head that gets stripped out on these. And I do believe these are french thread, which is a different pitch than standard metric.
  9. thanks LB ! Steve T
  10. thanks LB. I'd like to keep the original thread size if I can. Steve T
  11. I tore down my 3 Luxor 300 reels, and want to replace the side plate screws, as well as the screws holding the rotor on. Anyone here know what size they are? I want to replace with stainless screws if possible. Steve T
  12. I had some great nights there in the mid to late 80s. Biggest was 32 lbs just west of the T bar on a small Musso wood bottle March 1. Best night was a frigid Feb night, hard NW wind, 15-20 pound fish almost every cast right out front on the 2 oz Gibbs bottle. i was never a big fan of the outflow itself, but loved the T bar.
  13. agreed. Pound for pound, actually more ounce for ounce, my favorite.
  14. One of my old Scouts was a 3 speed 4 cylinder, but it was an early Scout II. Not a highway truck at all, but that was ok because I owned it when I lived on Nantucket. I called it my Tonka Truck, and it was great on the beach.
  15. some here, me included, have put the 712 gear and pinion in the 710 for a bit faster retrieve. I also went with a manual pickup from a Mitchell 306 (I hate bails!). 20 lb. Fireline.