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  1. Closing this up. Thanks
  2. Sorry can’t do it. With shipping and fees
  3. Bottles sold
  4. Closed. No interest
  5. You got it. I’ll send you a message. Thanks
  6. You got em. I’ll message you. Thanks
  7. Prices are shipped. Any payment is fine. Any questions, please ask. $33 $24 $27 SOLD $37
  8. Closed. No interest
  9. Yes they are. I’ll message you
  10. $22 shipped PayPal work?
  11. The rebel’s are a little heavier than I thought they were. Also I have a few of the swipers. Lmk if anything interests you
  12. Closing up. Going to split it up and relist. Thanks
  13. $24
  14. I have some stuff. Some rebel windcheater poppers off the top of my head but I know I have more stuff. I’ll take a dig when I get home
  15. Light use. Great shape. $26 shipped PP