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  1. @7 Rivers
  2. Let Kevin grab these. Great deal for sure
  3. Offer $40
  4. I don’t want to jump in, but are you selling that eely?
  5. Just went a bought a new rod at my local shop. Thanks for all the offers everyone!
  6. That’s exactly why I did not go this year
  7. Thanks for the offer but I will pass
  8. Thanks for the offer but I’m going to pass. I appreciate it
  9. I will keep it in mind, but going to wait and see if something a little more budget friendly pops up. Thanks
  10. Looking for something in the 1-4oz range. I prefer a 1 piece rod but I’m open to what’s out there. I’m located in NJ and can travel a bit to pick up. Please post pics and price. Thanks!
  11. Going to close and make a new post
  12. Going to close this for now. Need to buy a rod. Thanks
  13. Mine broke last night (RIP) and a long shot but maybe someone has one. Pics and price please. I’m located in NJ but will travel a little to pick up
  14. Sheeeeeeew that’s purdy