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  1. Thought about it but the water temps are still very low. Probably a few weeks of weather in the 50’s and it should start to heat up
  2. Hullavator on a Pilot. Easiest way to do it imo. When I had my 4Runner I had foam blocks. Not fun putting 100lns over your head and unloading.
  3. Probably won’t make it up that way until next week. I’ll shoot you a message if I get up that way.
  4. Yeah that works. I’ll shoot you a PM. Thanks for working with me
  5. You’re in jersey right? Would like to meet if you’re close to the $$ on shipping
  6. I don’t want to low ball you that’s why I wanted to pass. I’m used to paying $5 at shows for em, just forgot to grab some this year
  7. Is the top one cracked or is that a hair haha?
  8. I hear ya but for $24 for the pair I’m gona pass. Thanks for the offer though. Appreciate it.
  9. Sweet hellcats! Wouldn’t want them, but I’m sure someone would. How much for the 2 fins?
  10. Used is fine. Not looking to spend a ton. Need to restock
  11. Just going to buy some locally. Thanks for the offers though!
  12. Going to pass, but thanks for the offer. I can get them locally for $9 each.
  13. Not looking for anything crazy. Ultra light set up for trout. Not looking to spend a lot and would like to pick up. I’m in NJ, Ocean county and can meet. Thanks
  14. He doesn’t what the other 2. Sorry but thanks for the offer