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  1. A few pics from friends fishing stuff I gave them
  2. I got these pic from a buddy of mine recently. He caught this fish on a danny I gave him last year I believe. I gave him the plug before I swam the batch, and when I swam one I told him to throw the plug away it’s no good. He saved it and grabbed it that night. Right before this fish he said he had one he couldn’t stop. The fish taped out to 46” and went 38lbs on the boga. Fish swam away, nice and healthy. Pretty cool feeling if I do say
  3. New Salty C. $30 shipped if you are interested. I’ll also take a look and see if I have anything else
  4. Awesome rendition of yellow perch. Always love seeing that pattern done
  5. Ran out of time on these. Also just put another 8 on the spinner this am
  6. Here’s my turd of a spinner. BBQ motor and a threaded rod, some old scrap ply, and some hooks. Does the job but now that I’m at my 3rd and final house, I’m building a small room in the garage dedicated to paint/epoxy. Going to build that soon
  7. I’ll take @BigAl59 teal pikie. @Wire For Fire you’re up
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