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  1. Haven’t casted yet haha but they should. Top 2 are 3.5oz and bottom is around 2.75oz and the weight on the tail. Should be good!
  2. few pencils I finally got around to finishing. Haven’t built anything in a while, my tail wrap skills show that haha
  3. Ccc

    Spot on!
  4. I have a slim wave but not the heavy
  5. Payment received. Thanks SOL!
  6. I knew what you meant....wasn’t sure what frazerp said “per yr $40”
  7. You got it. I’ll send a PM thanks
  8. I think I have an offer below for the lot. Thanks though
  9. Not sure what you are asking
  10. (1) service left in kit. Silver arm is near mint, only used it once or twice. No longer have my VS so they need to go. $40 for the pair. I will split if need be
  11. Going to shut this down and relist the remaining plugs. Thanks SOL! All plugs are being shipped today.
  12. All set here.
  13. Yours. Pm on the way. Thanks
  14. Sounds good. Pm on the way
  15. You got em. PM on the way. Thanks