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  1. Closed. No interest
  2. What dry suit do you have?
  3. Works great. Upgraded mine and don’t need this one. Comes with Ram mount. $150
  4. Brand new never used. Taken out of the box for pics. $180 add $10 for shipping
  5. Ok. I thought they are $120 but I could be wrong
  6. All negotiation has to be done here. I think it’s a year and a half old. I can do $80 shipped money order/check or $85 PayPal. Let me know
  7. Has charger and works as it should. Just sold my yak and have some stuff left over. Any interest?
  8. With the cost of shipping and the PayPal fee, I’m going to stick at $50
  9. $50 for either pair picked up or $57 for either pair PayPal/shipped. All are new
  10. Going to list the boat elsewhere to see if I get any more interest. Going to leave the thread open for right now for the sale of the dry suit and hullavator. I will lock it up once I hear back from howied
  11. Ok