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  1. Tommy, why the double loop on the tail wrap? I assume for some reason, but I want to know why haha. Never seen that before. Nice clean work
  2. My buddy was crushing on the slim swimmer recently
  3. No I got them second hand. Not sure where they came from
  4. How much was John charging for them? I think only got a few and they were like $75 if I remember from his post the other day
  5. These the ones that B&N had the other day? And didn’t you just post this for auction in FB? Didn’t see the auction anymore over there. Must have not hit what you wanted…..
  6. Sweet line up! Yeah not any of those for sure. Thanks for posting all of them
  7. My scaled is packed away so I can’t get a weight but should be somewhere in the 1-1.5oz range
  8. I’ll take some more pics after work today
  9. Ok awesome! Yeah I just compared to the BM’s I have and you guys are definitely correct. I guess I need to look at pics better before I buy stuff. Hopefully they swim well. They do look built nicely though
  10. Ok. Any idea on maker then?
  11. Really? Def look like them to me
  12. Any idea? I thought they were BM’s when I bid on them but apparently not.
  13. that fish makes the plug look tiny. Hog right there
  14. Another pic from a friend. Choking on the slim I gave him
  15. One my buddy caught on a plug I made for him. Slim swimmer