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  1. Yeah I hear ya. Selling anything else?
  2. If you split I’d be interested in the shad rap
  3. Few I finished up for me and my buddies. Tested them out in a local spot with a ton of current and they didn’t roll out, only dug down deep. Can’t wait to see how they do on the kayaks. Have to spin a few more up
  4. Gibbs. Tried and true
  5. Both of them sit a little weird hah
  6. Yeah I figured the #3 would be key. Tested this one out at a local spot and went right to bottom on 2-3 cranks. Shallow spot though only a few feet. Thanks for the tips! I have a few others to test out too. Will report back
  7. Buddy said we need something to troll on the yaks so I’m going to try a few things out. Here’s the first go at it. Wish I had a pikie 3 lip though. Only have 2’s and 4’s. Figure I’ll try the 4 first and see what happens.
  8. Yeah that works for me. I’ll shoot you a PM. Thank you!
  9. $18 not work? Lmk
  10. Got $18 left in my PayPal....that work?
  11. Yes, how much?
  12. I’ll take it. Shoot me a PM. Thanks
  13. How much is the top one?
  14. Going to pass. Thanks for taking a look though!
  15. Awesome thank you