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  1. All right dude calm down, how can you not react to nastiness like that. Lets all take it down a big notch
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  4. That's what I was looking for. Duly noted. And reported, and not to your Deputy Reichsfuhrer "Tim". To a far more important authority indeed. Enjoy the repercussions.
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  6. Oh common, there are Nazis on this site. You know this site has been reported to the SPLC who knows how many times right? Not sure why your Fuhrer doesn't put a stop to it, but oh well.
  7. I've been threatened multiple ways including someone getting me "in their sights" (given that was a dementia patient) in just a couple of days. Still nobody on the right can argue. Thats really encouraging. You cry and name call and threaten worse than the most degraded leftist social justice warrior with fragile and weak debating skills. Its really very encouraging. Rage on alt righters, rage on.
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  9. Another astute observation. I'm awed by your simultaneous command of both language and fact. Your replies have a kind of art about them, driving home your message and entertaining at the same time. Bravo sir, bravo.
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  11. Ok sure. Afterward, we will keep silicon valley. Oh and those Navy and air bases too. Bye.
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