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  1. I'd suggest anything from sz 12 to sz 6 in a 2x or 3x streamer hook. Every brand makes these so you can look up the exact hook number by manufacturer.
  2. Very nice, Woody!
  3. Use the Brave Browser. No ad jumping/page shifting issues.
  4. Thanks @Mike Oliverand @RedGreen. I’m looking forward to working this next time I get out. Mike, I always watch my backcasts, so that’s one good habit I’ve developed. I will also false cast once or twice occasionally to clean things up as you mentioned.
  5. Thanks @Mike Oliver and @RedGreen. I think I get what your saying, but when doing the roll cast with a heavy sink line to set up the backcast and shoot, I don't understand how you keep the line off the water. When I roll the tip forward, it rolls onto the water, not into the air (this is where I must be doing something wrong because I can't roll the tip and suspend it in air before my backcast & shoot). When I say "water haul", I am picking the rolled tip of the line out of the water into the backcast and when straightened, shoot it forward. I do use an oval rod stroke with this final cast.
  6. The biggest issue I've had throwing fast sinking heads with two handed overhead casting @HillTop is picking up the head for the first backcast after the retrieve. I'm still working on a technique that works for me. I will bring more of the sinking head in before the rollcast, then shoot a bit out when setting up a water haul before my backcast and shoot. If too much sink head is left out or my timing is off, it tends to prevent me from getting a clean rollcast or backcast. I have had luck letting heavy crab patterns bounce along the bottom in fast current, but the takes are very subtle any usually not felt until the end of the drift. I suspect a tight line drift would work better here but that is hard to accomplish with a heavy sinking line.
  7. I thought the punchline would have been... "I heard he was a looser, an absolute zero".
  8. I broke the bottom two sections of my Beulah Classic Switch 8/9 on a big fish last year. I am not the original owner and the rod has been out of production for several years. They had the two lower sections by no longer had any tip sections (which fortunately I did not need). They repaired the rod promptly at a warranty price of approx. $90. Check with Beulah if you want this rod and are concerned with warranty issues.
  9. Here's a link to the flats creature for those who want to check it out.
  10. You are an inspiration to all of us, Dick. Get well.
  11. Awesome, @albcorb! Glad you'll be around. Hopefully we can get out with @The Graveyard Shift sometime during the weekend outside of the tourney hours.
  12. Will do, Dan. I'd like to learn your night time tactics.
  13. I hope we can connect, Dean. Probably at the check in.
  14. This will be the third year I have not fished the tourney. I fished it three years prior and did ok in the last two. I do plan to fish that weekend on the cape with friends, some of which are signed up, and possibly catch up with others at the scheduled events. It is a fun social event.
  15. I too stopped by on Sat. and spoke with @Capt.Castafly. Good to catch up and thank you for the olive Squid-Sicle!