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  1. Ok, let's make it $140 via paypay shipped. Thanks!
  2. Where are you shipping from? I'm in Massachusetts.
  3. I'll take it for $130. Paypay ok?
  4. This might be a long shot, but give Vince at Wiley's Flies in Ray Brook, NY a call at 518-891-1829 or Charlie at the Evening Sun Fly Shop in Pepperell, MA at 978-433-4910. Both of these shops are Korker's dealers and they may have old stock of soles that they could sell you. Bear's Den too.
  5. Unfortunately, the felt soles I have are not that Korkers sole style.
  6. Post a picture of what you’re looking for. I might have these for you.
  7. Nice tie and thanks for the detailed SBS! This is very similar to the Dahlberg Flashdancer but with a rams wool head instead of a deer hair head. I just tied a bunch of flashdancers and may want to add a few with the rams wool head to the arsenal.
  8. Thanks for putting up that post from my blog, @HillTop. If anyone wants a direct link, DM me.
  9. Not to derail Colton's excellent customer service, but I would also give a shout out to TFO and Beulah. Both companies have provided prompt & cost-effective service for out of warranty repair (Beulah) / replacement (TFO) of broken rods.
  10. Monic fly lines are also PVC free. I just purchased their Henley Clear Phantom Tip floating line for use in the tropics and the upcoming striper season. I performed well in the tropics and hope will perform equally as well in cooler temperatures. It's rated for use at 45°F & above.
  11. Thank you @NoVisibleLeader I'm in!
  12. I posted tying instructions on my blog a few years ago with Dick's review and approval. gin-clear.******.com
  13. Thank you for doing this, @Drew C.! I'm in.
  14. I've had great success dead drifting slumpbusters (olive or black) then letting them swing, @bigredgolf. I pick up fish equally on the dead drift and swing. I believe the weight of this pattern getting the fly deeper is what works in moderate to fast currents. Tying an attractor nymph (prince nymph, San Juan worm, etc...) with 12" to 16" tippet off the slumpbuster hook increases the hook up rate if the slumpbuster alone is not working. All of this is done without an indicator.
  15. Stormy, That's a great article. Thanks for highlighting it. I've always wanted to fish NH more (it's closer to me than the cape) and now have a bunch of new spots to try.