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  1. Because everyone who dies are considered china virus deaths whether they are or not... just ask DeBlasio or Cuomo. They're looking for bailout money because they've bankrupted their city and state .
  2. What's your favorite pizza?
  3. It only happens because people are!
  4. So the truth is we don't need them anymore... hmmmm... I like that.
  5. I never realize just how much the people in this country are disconnected from reality and willing to follow anyone promising them a prize at the end....
  6. That's because anyone who dies during this will be counted as a China virus death...
  7. As soon you hear conspiracy theory from those involved you'll know you're over the target...
  8. The country is waking up to these animals... how many of their supporters will just call this a conspiracy theory?
  9. What a great time to test socialism... it's always good to have a test run before making it official! Democrats should be joyous...
  10. Is this last one Michael without makeup?
  11. It was promised and they haven't faultered... you will assimilate.
  12. This all started when Hillary lost... Democrats should have been adults and accepted the results, but noooo, they have to act like insane people. Possibly because they are?
  13. I’m not sure that’s entirely true... this has been a worldwide disgrace. But I do believe Session did speak about something the Obama administration kept quiet. Wonder why??
  14. The more these people attack Trump the more he pushes to expose them all. They’re all in panic and Trump is doing it in a way he’s got them freaked out! They know Epstein’s death is not the end of the investigation and military intelligence has the goods on them all...
  15. It’s the biggest news story not being reported...