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  1. Once they realize they couldn’t get Trump... memories flowed back in! It was a miracle!
  2. Clearly the Democrats have failed this nation and the people. It still amazes me how any intelligent person could re-elect these people!
  3. Many were already questioned by FBI and DOJ...
  4. It’s another shameful day for Democrats... then again it’s becoming so normal everyone expects it. Wait till the AG and IG reports get released next fall.
  5. Since Obama ran... the Democrats have screamed racism for everything they don't agree with. It's getting old...
  6. It shows the complete lack of respect the anti Trumpers have for the Presidency !
  7. Lol... I don’t know who did this meme but they’re so wrong! Do a little research!
  8. Remember the special word of the day... treason. I hear Gitmo is beautiful in the morning... who gets to view it?
  9. Is this what Black Americans want to be known for... complete disrespect for law enforcement? This is an absolute disgrace, this is assault plain and simple. What’s next urine, acid, ???
  10. We’ll see who will be laughing when he gets inaugurated in 2021...
  11. Who ever said he was a nice guy???
  12. Only black or white?
  13. I think he needs to be moved into a secure cell... too many powerful people want him dead. I want to hear names ...
  14. BOOM!! Smells like a Democrat smear operation... one Mueller is attempting to distance himself from! Did he really think the Democrats would succeed?
  15. I’m sure Mueller is trying to distance himself from the report... he knows the truth and knows the AG , IG , and hundreds of honest investigators are soon to report the facts and truth! This unlawful Democrat operation to remove a lawfully elected President is soon to be exposed!