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  1. Where was the leak? Why was it sinking? They didn’t say
  2. That is the way to go. That’s how all the charter guys did it years ago. You are also right. You need a carbaloy roller top. You can buy the replacement rollers I have the same blanks and have some cut to 6’6” also.
  3. Most of the time to get those large split rings , I have to go online.
  4. They make a cone out of carpenters cloth / wire mesh. they place It in the hole or in front of it. It lets them out but they can’t get back it because of the sharp edges. I had about 16 one time. They. Would go down the pipe chase and drink out of my dogs water bowl. The dog would be sleeping and didn’t even know it. Then go back up the pipe chase. You want to get rid of them because they can eat the .wires.and scratch the coating off them also. They have sharp little claws
  5. Well our Osprey building a new nest , because the winter storm washed his old nest off the rock in Marks Cove .
  6. Anyone ever use chicken skin you can cut it with a pair of scissors
  7. Is your Mako Deep Vee?
  8. Deep vee Mako is a great hull Those are nice, see them once in a while. I think the first one that they say was bulletproof was the old Uniflights Riptide, trailers his Ocean Master Trophy’s were Baylines?
  9. I notice in the yacht club that when the price of gas goes up that the bigger boat stay at dock
  10. Rule #1 You can’t catch fish when there are no fish around.
  11. Looking at those pictures it doesn’t look bad to me . The spring loaded screw that unlocks the side plate can be tricky sometimes. I alway keep my finger and thumb on the screw when twisting the side plate to unlock it . Otherwise the screw goes back into the screw hole. Keep tension on it . Then it can be twisted off.
  12. Hoping they come back down . Maybe with high gas prices. last year was crazy.
  13. Good tape doesn’t get Sticky. does’t hurt the rod
  14. Thanks for trying to help. I found the problem , I had to erase my safari history. Thanks again ccb