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  1. GoldenRule Do unto others as you would like others do unto you.
  2. When working with tools? Righty tighty, lefty loosely
  3. Birds of a feather. flock together
  4. My daddy always said nothing is free. Don’t take it unless you can afford it.
  5. It’s not over until the fat lady sings
  6. I’ll be there with my bells on.
  7. Work smarter, not harder.
  8. Years back, a had a Woodpecker that would peck on my TV antenna. It drove me crazy. I never knew what it was. Until one hot day when I was outside sitting in the sun and heard the sound and looked up. There he was, sitting on the antenna sharpening his beak. Well, Fall came and he went South. But the next April He came back. I was having a cup of coffee one morning and heard the noise again and ran outside and there he was. That Woodpecker came back ever Spring for about four years. I kind of looked forward to him returning. But he must have passed on and then I never heard him again.
  9. I just hose them down after fishing at the dock. Been doing it that way for years. What to worry about is the sun beating on them? Don’t leave them on the boat in the rod holders , out in the open. The sun will kill them.
  10. I still have some Black and metallic D thread. Also the twisted Red and white , blue and white and the green and white
  11. I just went through 15 pages and I am surprised how many of you love your soft baits. I only use them to go deep for Sea Bass early in the season. Early in the season, I love Top Water lures. The small Stripers are on top busting all over the place. My go to the small 7/8 Chug Bug. ( Blue & Silver ) I just love to watch them go after it and then hit it. Nothing better then watching a Bass chase and hit a top water plug. Later in the season I like going deeper. That is a great lure. My go to also. I also like the floaters. Ever notice that the Sinkers are harder to come bye. 9 out fo 10 times you only see Floaters on the rack. Great for Sea Bass also Yaks have gone out of site. You don’t see them for a hundred bucks any more.
  12. Can cut it with a diamond blade. wet or dry. The dry makes dust
  13. Yellow Nutsedge Yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) is a troublesome, difficult-to-control weed that is often found in turf areas (Figure 1). It is also called chufa, nutgrass, or watergrass. It is important to remember that yellow nutsedge is not a grass or broadleaf weed, but a sedge. Understanding this plant’s biology makes it easier to know how to best control it. This publication describes the life cycle and identification of yellow nutsedge and recommends cultural and chemical management options for homeowners. All photos by Aaron Patton except Figure 2 by Corey Gerber, Purdue Extension. Life Cycle and Identification Yellow nutsedge is a perennial plant that reproduces primarily by small underground tubers — called nutlets — that form at the end of underground stems — called rhizomes (Figure 2). A single plant can produce several hundred of these tubers during the summer. Yellow nutsedge can also spread by rhizomes (Figure 3). Yellow nutsedge produces a seedhead when unmown, but its seeds rarely germinate. Yellow nutsedge actively grows during the heat of summer when cool-season turf grows more slowly. Yellow nutsedge typically emerges (germinates from tubers) in Indiana in late April or May (a few weeks after crabgrass germinates) and grows actively until the first frost in autumn. A frost will kill the plant’s aboveground portion but the tubers will survive and overwinter in the soil. Dormant tubers can germinate and emerge throughout the following season or survive in the soil for more than three years
  14. Budget? 3wt. All you need is a Medalist.
  15. It should be fixed , was a good spot.