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  1. Years ago when Smelting I would alway clean the Smelt. I had this one guy that would tell me he would take them if I didn't clean them. He wanted them whole. I asked his wife , why he wanted them whole. She said he eats the whole thing. He likes the heads, crunchy Another time I tried to give a striper to this Jamaican guy. he said no thanks. So I filleted it and gave it to another guy. He turned around and asked if he could have the head and bones? I said what are you going to do with it. He said Fish head and green banana soup. Me ? I like Black Sea Bass.
  2. Guy across the way from me will eat any fish. Guts them , some he don't even gut. Fries them, pulls the skin off and eats the meat between the bones? He just fries the whole scup, I showed him how to cut the red line out of the Scup so he wouldn't get any bones. He said I wasting my time. I think there pickers?
  3. Makes sense
  4. I that case I’ll catch schoolies all day and be very happy 18” 21”. ? How old are you when you get out of school
  5. Are we the only ones that call them scup?
  6. That happens a lot.
  7. My grandfather put them in Cornmeal
  8. Graveyard / check out the hollows over on the fly tying thread. Right up your ally.
  9. That is your standard.? You will be up all night ?
  10. Be careful if you comb it . thats when you brake the tinsel.
  11. Thats a good assumption. I'll have to agree also.
  12. For info go the the Classic Sea Craft forum. Lot of restores. Was a great boat years ago. Nice dry ride. Maybe better with twins? One and you still get you home?
  13. Did your fingers ever get red from maybe putting you fingers to close to the light? Or maybe the loon turned them red
  14. Good luck with your replacement I had a knee.
  15. Same page didn’t even even move ? This is what happens