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  1. How is the caravan going by the way. I haven't heard anything about is in the news since the election?
  2. Thats what Trump does? He goes in circles to defer you from the question. He's the master at that.
  3. The canal is a drop in the bucket when you consider the entire coastline. I think every state worries about there shoreline.. Like I said earlier the Red Tide killed a lot more fish the all our fishermen could catch in ten years. Check the spawning biomass for the year? I think thats the key.
  4. your right. I wonder why spell check didn't pick that up? They pick up everything else?
  5. You don't have to practice that? you got that down pat.
  6. what about his lawyer? Mr Cohen
  7. When the Donald doesn't want to take a question, he doesn't answer it and moves on? He doesn't liked to be questioned If it was up to him, he would only have his press guys in there. But this is America Who want to listen to all his lies. As my father alway said there are three sides to very story yours, his and somewhere in the middle is the truth.
  8. Say what you want , but she has gone in front of them a couple of times and walked away?
  9. True, time will tell.
  10. Rep party has there channels and reporters and the same goes for the Dem party. it's who you listen to and who you like. Follow the money, who there advertisers are.
  11. Don't agree. There are fish that are caught there , but think of all the fish that are caught in other places along the Northeast coast? You can't close them down. As far as C&R goes, If you want to do that , thats fine , but if the next guy wants to take one home for table fair thats fine also. A lot of fishermen release fish and they end up dieing anyway. They are going to be caught and some will die. Thats fishing ? If you don't want this to happen, don't fish. We don't need more rules and fees as far as I am concerned. When I think back over the year and remember all the Red Tides that went on, up and down the Atlantic and Gulf coast,, with the dead fish all over the beaches I get sick Then, think to myself, How many Fishermen it would take to catch all those fish? Tons and Tons of dead fish on the beaches washed up every week, and then you worry about a fishermen taking home a fish? Its crazy. I alway said I believe in cycles? maybe you don't? But thats me.