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  1. I have put in some really tight EVA grips. One trick I use is to put the grip in hot water , that softens it up and then I pour Dawn dish soap down the middle of it to make it slid better put some on the rod also to keep it wet . Once I get it slidding down, I don’t stop until it bottoms out . When it drys after a day on so It’s so tight it doesn’t move .
  2. Very interesting ? I would like to see more pictures of the complete rig? If you would post them. Thanks ccb
  3. Fisrt it was no Haddock and now it’s no Cod changing times ?
  4. Yep , the guy next door throws out a can of Tuna cat food under the light .
  5. Florida doesn’t care , they want the vacationers. Up north it’s a little different story ?
  6. If there is no guide on the butt section it’s easy do it before hand some Eva grips with small diameters will fit tight without glue. If you don’t like it just take it off ? You can try it ?
  7. Mike Guides today are pretty tough. Except for the spinning guides with inserts They seem to get banged up and fall out? The guides that wear are the top two and tip top most of the time. Guys would bring there rod to me for a tip top and didn't even know that they were missing an insert in one of the running guides.
  8. That’s saying it in a nice way? I would have said it a little different? ccb
  9. And patients
  10. I down in Florida and they do it all the time As they add sand they ( marine life ) will go out feather. In 5 years it will be back to what it was. Down in Florida they do it every 5 yerars or so ? They think nothing of it ?
  11. TSP runs stain. For sure. Tape and cover the shingles , Then you won’t worry about a drip. Couple of extra minuets but worth it ? You could use old news paper. That’s what I would do
  12. Rest well ang get ready. Ccb
  13. can't see the eye ? can you turn it around? thanks ccb
  14. Not for nothing , but look at the line up of fruitcakes around Trump