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  1. Donald does it too, the whole family does it ?
  2. Spinning Easier /. Because you will be pumping the rod with one hand / other on the reel. unless you have a level wind
  3. I say it I’m a sissy. You say it your a tough guy ? I think we have different standards ? Righty’s are alway right and Lefty’S are alway wrong ? Got it
  4. It cost us 200 million to put the troops down there?
  5. Turn it around. Your the ones that hate. Name call Not the leftys
  6. I think its about time that you start listening to yourself all you do is blame. If it wasn't for Hilary and Barack you wouldn't have anything to talk about ?
  7. How come you guys never talk about Tricky Dicky He’s one of your boys ? Righty?
  8. Three wrongs don’t make I Right
  9. Trump is trying to still build his empire on our dine ?
  10. Ten buses came in today. Distination / Maine ?
  11. It’s not the left? Trump is wrong
  12. You can lecture your company too, Happy T day
  13. I thought it was nice of him? A lot for rich guys give back nothing ?
  14. I thought you said this ? That’s way I asked Misunderstanding