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  1. Today? Six at a time it’s a little to much. Can we find a couple of more spots ? Pretty sone they will cover up Main Forum? Google adds . To much
  2. I’m reducing my time on here . I can’t take these add any more. I wait until their gone You hit them and they don’t even go away and when they do they give you another and say this add by Google ?
  3. Today just now? Iphone 10
  4. Blocks half the page on your I phone
  5. Nice as always. Enjoy your post. All kinds of wildlife around there.
  6. He has everyone checked in the WH , He wants to be protected, but he doesn't wear a mask. In other words hurray for me and the hell with you? Nice guy
  7. Five of the same add on one page , one on the top and one on the bottom and 3 more on the right side two blocks and one long one over the blocks (squares 3'' x 3'' ones ) ( long one 1 1/2'' x 6'' Tim they got to go. on the I phone even worse.
  8. Still getting them Right and bottom lots of them
  9. Left , right and bottom you have to close it to get rid of it
  10. new adds coming across on the left side of page. Every time you click on on site.? What a pain.
  11. You should go to the WH with Trump He doesn’t wear a mask. You would fit right in. Two of a kind / go on a hunch O by the way , two more came down with it today
  12. You don’t want to wear a mask. Find don’t wear it .i don’t care. You got rights , good, we got rights also . Go sit by the campfire with your unmask friends. Stay away from us , because we want to stay away for you . That’s the way I feel