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  1. One thing Trump does well is he knows how to spend our money
  2. I have found that when out in the early morning, the schools are tight. As the day goes on the boat going through them, make then split in smaller groups and they go down. When they come back up on top, their tight again. Years ago they were all over the place. in the mornings when fishing the west End of Buzzards Bay the schools would be at the mouth of the Wareham River near the castle ( Stones Estate ) Great hill point. As the morning would go on they would move up to Bird Island. We would start at G.H.Point and if we didn't see any big splashes, that meant the school was not active and we would move on to the next school of pogies. When you foundnd the active school you could tell. It was like someone was throwing truck tires into the water. That is why I say, that all tight schools of Pogies don't have feeling Bass in them. today with depth finders it is much easier to tell. If you see a big red ball of bait on the screen, you know theres bait there. and if the stripers are there , then you see the big curves. in or under them? easy?
  3. Not every school of Pogies are attacked by Bass?
  4. Any updates? Feeling better?
  5. 6 or 7. Different one with different chargers. Need plenty of plugs on the bench for the chargers
  6. Flaring tool. Gas lines Use it in cars and boats on gas lines. Double flars
  7. Years ago we would get them in the west end of B B Around wings cove
  8. Weaks have fangs trout have a mouthful of teeth
  9. Maybe he works for himself
  10. He’s not on the dole
  11. At lease we know he works. He’s not a slacker
  12. Yep , they know he’s duked in the head
  13. He Buffalo’s you guys all the time? Take your blinders off
  14. What does LEGO man know. He’s an airhead I can’t believe he’s not with his wife holding hands. He so righteous