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  1. You did a good job I didn’t like the part when he peed himself? Massive heart attack? Most likely
  2. Ivanka just got 5 Trademarks in China He hasn’t lost any money . Don’t you worry
  3. Sometimes I wonder if those boats with soft spots were left uncovered in the winter ?
  4. To get the gas tank in todays boats you have to cut the floor? The old ones were screwed down
  5. Just think of the Trumps?
  6. Ok I was just thinking they take up space ?
  7. 8 oclock was high on the list one time. Best forn your money. In Florida I got it st Publix. Ground or bean ?
  8. Tim / how do you delete them after you see them? I have a whole list of old ones?
  9. Thanks for the pictures
  10. The width of the tin opens it up ? Split ring won’t help I like the rolling idea
  11. My friend was there. He never talks about it. Wears no metals When guys talk he listens, sometimes I see a snicker ? Half his platoon got wiped out on one run Gunnery Sgt USMC
  12. I don’t know if it will work , but with paint it’s great I have two . The biggest one is good in a 5 gal bucket.
  13. Bottom line When the chips are down you only want one guy in there controlling the game. THE GOAT.
  14. Who owned the old Macos on the hill ? Was that the Tello's