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  1. Got a nice one the other day! Didn't weigh her but measured the tape to 39". Couldn't resist the oatmeal and kool-aid ball with some corn on the hook tied to a 5 inch mono leader dangling off the end
  2. Tried throwing eels for the first time ever. Didn't take long to hook up, again and again and again lol why havnt I done this sooner!? Fish were in tight off the sand. Got a nice 35" on the popper right before dark then made the switch, ended up with 6 or 7 fish about the same size except one beautiful 41 incher.
  3. Your reaction is priceless!!! Every fishermen knows that exact feeling!! Perfect example of how luck plays a huge part in what we do
  4. Got up to maine to work today, fishing was slow at first but after changing locations and getting tighter to white water it was game on! Love the top water bite.
  5. That sounds epic! Congrats on the catch. Been goin out with some friends that don't fish. Beginners luck is either awesome or terrible. One friend dropped 2 fish and one friend caught a 33lber! Must have been his shirt
  6. Highly recommend a bail-less reel unless you have acouple spare plugs in your bag. For maximum casting distance you really want a good long swing otherwise your gonna get some good helicopter action. Don't have to do super long pauses but it helps to give a longer pause then normal every once in a while. Twitch.....twitch....twitch................ smash!!!
  7. Oatmeal, bread crumbs and powder kool-aid works great as a pack bait. Finally broke the 30lb mark after probably 200 carp and putting 3 people on 30lbers. 2 of which was their first time carping!!! 37lb beauty
  8. Waters pretty high right now but the shad are here, not in huge numbers yet
  9. Caught sturgeon off the beach in maine, foul hooked, multiple times. Caught a borbout on the ct river in mass, was pissed it wasn't a walleye so I immediately threw it back without realizing it is a super rare catch for the area
  10. It's about time to be fishing out front instead of back bays and harbors unless you know for a fact there's bait or fish around
  11. Bucktails are awesome!!! Find a spot with good current. Match the weight to the current. You want it to get down to the bottom relatively fast but the bts gotta be light enough or have enough hair to stay off bottom during the retrieve. Dnt stay with a steady retrieve. Every 3 or 4 cranks give it a little jiggle. The bt will kinda suspend for a second. Drives the fish crazy!!! Stick with it and I'm sure you'll figure out. You'll be happy once you do
  12. Reed your so right! No big ones during daylight! Unless your in maine Lol. Seriously tho do not push it during big swells. I got swept off some rocks and dumped 10 feet off the other side. Luckily I clunk to the rocks on the third try after being swept out and slammed backed in a couple years ago. Had a gnarly gash on my left hand that needed 4 stitches, lucky to be alive. No fish is worth your life
  13. I fish that area once or twice a month. Def not surprised it happened. Am I concerned about it? Not really, I'm rarely in more then shin deep water while fishing. I would definitely be hesitant if I was to launch a yak and paddle around lol but what are the odds of that happening? Better chance of winning the lotto
  14. Definitely agree on shallow water near deeper water. Add in some heavy current or big waves . When you look outside and say "man it's nasty out there" time to go! Personally I think how you present the plug is more important then the plug. I had an incredible day a few September's ago. 8 ft swells with a gnarly cross wind. Casting into the wind gave me the perfect swing with my plugs allowing them to be retrieved at a slow pace producing 3 or 4 fish over 40" on 3 different lures. 2oz Bucktail, sp minnow, and a pencil popper. I wasn't bombing it out there either, they were tight to the shore