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  1. I do landscaping at the house in the southwestern corner of mackerel cove, guess I won't be taking a swim off the dock anytime soon. Never would have thought there was a chance of this happening there. Crazy stuff
  2. I just retired a white Zara spook that caught so many fish over the last 4 years. Caught smallies and largies on it, lots of pike plus my open water pb pike at 35 inches, countless stripers and my pb at 44 inches. Wanted to upgrade but I'm thinking I should have gone with the lil doc. If your reading this and want to catch more fish throw a white spook lure.
  3. Broke in the doc this morning!
  4. Had a brief moment of striped busting on bunker this morning. Hooking up was successful thanks to a magic swimmer. Landing on the other was not. Gotta remember to loosen way up on the drag when fishing steep rocks. Was a decent 35"
  5. Can do that without a bail, lightly pinch the line between your fingers a second before impact and then put it on the roller. Takes some getting used to tho. The only negative I have found is if you miss the roller when using a bucktail you risk snagging the bottom if you cant get it on quickly.
  6. Personally I love bail-less. You can do everything you normally would with a bail and not have the chance of sending a plug flying to the moon
  7. Be careful with the baskets on the side, lean too far and that thing will fill with water
  8. I fished the new meadows last night with only one mid 20 inch fish to show for. But it was on the fly so it was fun. That's not to say they aren't there, lots of fish busting on bait. Caught a nice one this morning not far from there
  9. latest vid. stuck with the same editing program, such a pia trying to learn new ones lol. fishing was pretty good when i was there. caught a few good ones at night but footage looks crappy. tight lines everyone!
  10. thanx kones! i have another vid in the works, but trying a different editing program so it might be a little while lol
  11. iv caught em up at booth bay, never fished any further north tho. that being said google search stripers and canada, results may build your confidence
  12. i had a feeling i should have thrown on a 9 inch sluggo or swim shad but i was definitely more focused on filming then fishing. no regrets tho, was an awesome experience. what else you guys got, any fly guys wanna chime in, i was surprised when i watched the first slow mo clip of my cast and how the rod tip flexed forward pretty drastically. oh and thanx lou t, id call but cell service on the islands isnt greatest
  13. topside thanks for the compliment. yes i just use a single gopro hero nothing fancy. sorry for the slight burn, being a "known" spot i did my best, not the easiest place to go searching for nevermind walk out too lol. good luck when your there, should be intense
  14. already posted this vid in the maine section but i wanted to throw it on here and ask you guys for some advice, opinion, on whatever catches your eye. i dont get the chance to fish with many "experienced" fishermen very often so itd be cool to hear what you guys have to say. im curious to hear what some guys would have done to hook up during the later part of the video. Im hoping your input will not only be insightful to me, but to other guys on here as well. oh and i use pretty cheap gear so if you have a comment in regards to buying this or that save yourself some typing, theres plenty of gear talk on the main page. thanks
  15. thanks guys, cant wait to get back out there and get some underwater shots of the madness that is known as the fall run! tight lines