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  1. Update - the Nautilus Big Handles work great on the larger Dani’s and fit the original handle internals and screw. Slightly longer and a much more comfortable shape IMO.
  2. Most of my reels are Danielsson, which I really like but find the handle too small and fiddly. So I would like to swap the handles for ones that are more comfortable and longer. Has anyone done this on your reels, Danielsson or not?
  3. Correction, I had a reply so well done SA. 40lb apparently.
  4. I had a 7'11" Recon and liked it, but ended up exchanging it as I prefer the line management that a 9ft rod gives you and I can cast further with a 9ft. But those short rods are insanely light and fun to use with the right line.
  5. It's a pity manufacturers don't share the core strength of their lines. I'm interested in the Scientific Anglers 'Sonar Sink 30 Warm' and their 'Sonar Sink 30 Clear' lines but I've emailed them twice with no response. Buying lines at $80-$100 a pop is a lottery these days.
  6. I'm guess the optimum fly line for this sort of fishing is a tropical fast sinking head (preferably with a high core strength) rather than an intermediate?
  7. Is there any hard evidence that opening areas of the outer beaches to ORV's impacts plover populations?
  8. I've got a thing about reels so I can't blame anyone for dropping their hard earned cash on them. But once you start buying spare spools for these top end reels it starts getting exponentially expensive. Typically spare spools are at least 50% the cost of the full reel. I simply can't justify it. Now if Abel SDS had spools for $150-$200 each then I'd seriously think about it.
  9. Well I really hope the lack of decent inshore fish this year is just down to them staying offshore to munch squid.
  10. FWIW I was in the Caymans recently and its a region wide issue. Some islands get huge banks of the stuff washed up. You see rafts of the stuff as you fly over. Apparently it has arsenic in it so getting rid of it has its challenges.
  11. I emailed Tomas @ Danielsson and he confirmed that the handles on the 9thirteen were the largest they did. So I’ll try the tibor handle and the nautilus big game handles and let you know.
  12. Whilst I agree - that man's 'harvest' of fish stocks and exploitation of the seas is the issue, the reality is that the chances of us stopping commercial fishing for stripers and all the fish they feed on (especially bunker) is nil. Man has been a predator of seals for centuries. I suspect we are seeing a population boom because we no longer are. The decision of putting protection orders on seals just because they look cute is therefore even more bizarre and illogical as it upsets the natural balance . So I guess the question is do we exploit the entire ocean food chain rather than selectively hammer parts of it? We seem to happily wipe out the food chain of predators and their habitats but revere predators themselves. When was the last time anyone raised concerns about wiping out the menhaden? Shoot a poxy seal and it would outrage.
  13. Low Tide +/- 2 hours in many of the spots I fish, especially for sighting. But it varies depending where you are.
  14. You sir are obviously a man of distinction with impeccable taste. Not only is this a pint of the gods it is brewed by Fullers, one of the oldest breweries in London. If you ever make over to London I urge you to take the brewery tour which is very entertaining and great value (free drinking for over an hour at the end!). You can then go on a brilliant pub crawl along the Thames which has some great pubs including my favourite, The Dove - a 17th century boozer where Charles II used to have a cheeky pint with his mistress and poet James Thomson wrote the words to Rule, Britannia!
  15. Those fancy slings cost more than my reels!
  16. Thanks everyone - I'll order a Tibor Gorilla Handle to try and give the shrink wrap a go to.
  17. Sounds like a great trip Jabs. Out of interest what reels/rods held up and which ones failed?
  18. How is the quota decided - is it per state or across the NE?
  19. @Local66 - hooks are those tied on?
  20. Recon if you can stretch to that. I have 2 10wts Recons and I couldn't justify spending any more on a rod as these do exactly what I want with a great warranty.
  21. I tried a shorter rod and went back to 9ft. Once the fish is beat and moving towards you I try and grab the line and handline the fish in. I often payout some line so not to put the tip at a severe angle. When casting/fishing I tend to put a leg over the side to give myself more room between my legs for the line. Stretching the line beforehand can help too if its prone to coiling. As can trailing it behind the kayak as you paddle without a fly. The good news is that you don't have to cast that far and the 180 drive in the hobie means you can sneak up to fish or a feature, put out a cast and then slowly back out to give your fly more swim time.
  22. I’ve always used an OBS inter underlined for my NE flats fishing. But now RIO have replaced it with the inter-coastal XP I’m looking for a new line that doesn’t coil in cold water with a decent WF taper rather than integrated head lines that can carry heavy flies. i really like the Wulff Bermuda lines but they don’t do an cold water inter version. Any suggestions?
  23. Thanks Jon - I'll order this for the next trip as I can always use it in hotter climes if I don't like for the NE.
  24. Anyone use the Wulff Bermuda lost-tip for NE sight fishing? It has a clear intermediate tip that’s 12ft which I guess would be long enough?
  25. @stormy do Wulff make a Bermuda intermediate, I can’t find it on their site? The SA sonar 30 clear is a good line but again not great in cold water due to the mono core. I used one in Australia which it’s perfect for. I’m looking for a 9wt