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  1. Now that's a nice little unassuming pattern that screams fish catcher. Especially the one with the hackle. I'll be ripping that off for sure.
  2. Unless I'm missing something you don't seem to get much Squimpish Hair for the money?
  3. Out of interest are bucktails sold by the main flytying brands from farmed animals or hunted?
  4. I can't speak of Atlas as I have no experience, I'm a Dynaking man. But I have no problem paying more for US/UK/EU built gear if its good quality. I have always avoided Chinese gear at all costs. I like to award innovation rather than cheap replication.
  5. Not taking the time to observe - the best fishermen I know seem to be the most observant and aware of their environment.
  6. Buy a copy of ‘Sight-Fishing for Striped Bass’ by Alan Caolo - tells you everything you need to know. Alan is a forum member too.
  7. Who are the organisations behind this, Anitfa etc? I would bet that there is a money trail to Russia/China.
  8. Lovely day off the UK south coast but not ideal fishing conditions.
  9. DNA flies, crease flies, Gummi minnows, Solid crab patterns, EP patterns, anything flashy I find Candys ok if tied very small with minimal UV. I only really fish them if I can see fish on tiny bait.
  10. I think kayak weight is over played. The difference is pretty academic - all Hobies are heavy!
  11. In past years I've spent many a happy hour drifting in and out of the Barnstable channel flyfishing my legs dangling over the side. That was until I saw the youtube video of that huge whitey coming up to the boat anchored by the buoy right at the entrance. A cold shiver ran down my spine when I saw that!
  12. "He said the previous estimates on shark feeding done in the 1980s by U.S. researchers was probably skewed by a lazy shark." Classic - does this mean American great whites are lazier than Aussie great whites?
  13. All this cretinism has spread to the UK too. There has always been left wing radicals. The thing that I find most disgusting is the authorities, media and corporations now giving these morons credibility and air for their narrative without challenge. Their arguments simply do not hold up to scrutiny but its social media driven mob rule.
  14. Shooting head type line and steep tapered leader? So less false casting and a heavier head to carry the clouser.
  15. If you are sight fishing then thats a perfect tide - you get to fish the drop and the flood with the sun right over your head.
  16. A lot depends on the car you have. Car topping an outback on a wagon/estate car is easy. I have the Thule grip/slide kayak which also helps. The whole operation takes seconds once you have the routine. I bought a Audi Allroad over an SUV because of this - quicker too
  17. A failed asylum seeker who did time for petty offences. Released 13 days ago. Shouldn't have been in the country but we couldn't return him to Libya as it was too dangerous? Human rights laws strike again, letting down the innocent in favour of the guilty. I'm sure the family's of the victims understand.....
  18. In short it’s the end of free speech. Once lib governments start legislating that you can’t challenge the narrative. Just look at the 20th Century if you want to see examples of what follows that.
  19. I suggest everyone here reads Douglas Murray - 'The madness of crowds' Perfectly sums up what is going on today, whats driving it and where it is leading.
  20. I'm not aware of jaws wearing out but I'm sure Dynaking would replace them if there are any issues. My Barracuda Ron Abby special is 18 years old used and abused and still going strong. If I was in the market now I would get the indexer.
  21. I'm guessing this rod will analyse your casting stroke and be a training tool? Orvis like Sage, Scott etc and most product companies will always look to increase the value and therefore margin of their product. They have to drive revenue and profit like every company. As long as Orvis offer great customer service I will be a fan and award them with my custom. There are plenty of manufacturers out there charging top dollar for rods whilst proving terrible customer service. I won't name names.
  22. Its cultural warfare stoked by the grievance narrative of the radical left. Sensible debate on both sides is closed down by the nutters on either sides but especially the no platforming left. The media help fuel it by giving these nutters a platform without challenging them. White privilege... tell that to the millions of poor white folks in the world. This whole argument seems at odds with Martin Luther King speech too: "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
  23. Its grievance politics. Everyone is a victim these days. Unfortunately the ongoing cases of Police killings is fuelling this. If I was a police officer I would be furious at others that operate like this as they are making the job of the police so much harder and dangerous. Here in the UK all the usual suspects have jumped on the BLM bandwagon to use as an excuse to riot and vandalise. Even though this has nothing to do with the UK. All they have achieved is deflect focus away from the underlying facts as to why the black community is disproportionately represented in crime figures and prisons whilst other disadvantaged minority groups are not.