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  1. Unique Hair is softer and much nicer to use IMO. Super Hair is very stiff so I only use this on larger/longer patterns where the stiffness is needed for support. I use UH in most of my synthetic patterns. Getting tangled after a fish is common on most synthetics - I just use the hook point of another fly to comb them out, it takes seconds.
  2. Same thing happened to the tip of my 8wt glx - I guess it got dinged before going back in the tube.
  3. Airflo Tropical Punch is a decent line if you want a shorter head. Behaves in normal water temps to. But I prefer the SA Anadro line as it’s still punchy but with a long tear taper so you can hold up a lot of line as well as mend.
  4. The outback 2019 is supposed to be quieter and faster due to a new hull design according to Hobie. I look forward to seeing some detailed pics and tests. When are dealers getting stock?
  5. Pointy ends are more useful in a following sea.
  6. 4lb heavier - 81lb versus 85lb according to the stats I’ve seen.
  7. Unless I’m mistaken the 2019 outback is listed as 8 inches longer, 1 inch wider and at least 3lbs heavier. I’m in the camp that thinks kayaks should be pointy at both ends so I’m not a fan of the new stern and rudder. But I’m sure these will be as popular as ever especially with the freshwater guys.
  8. Thats what I thought as soon as I saw it. So they have 3 models that seem to be competing for the same market - OB2019, compass and PA12?
  9. Well good on Hogy for releasing their epoxy jig version. Japanese companies seem to have a habit of dropping popular classic lures?
  10. Yep the Viva Parades are excellent. They don't make them any more. I've still got a stash but once they've gone they've gone.
  11. Thanks all so covering the foam seems to be the way forward.
  12. You can nudge up to with in casting range of surf / structure / a rip - cast and then back out quickly. On fly where your casting range isn't great and line management can be an issue its brilliant. I held off buying a hobie for years until the 180 was released. As I said it all depends on how you fish and where you fish.
  13. Any more confirmation if the poor guy was swimming or standing in the water?
  14. Its the bulk of the wider kayaks that get you rather than just the weight and the revo was marginally less unwieldy when I tried it. The hull shape on the outback does mean the some racks don't fit that well. I use the Thule slide one and it has go completely under the hull but still works. All Hobie's are a pain off the water IMO so I would pick a model that matches your fishing needs more than anything else. ps. I got the Outback as I prefered the additional deck space and comfort for fly fishing. The Revo was fine but felt cramped to me. And the 180 drive is game changer and wouldn't be without it.
  15. Gurglers are my favourite topwater fly as they are so versatile and catch fish obviously. But they get beat up very quickly, normally the foam tears and it becomes unfishable. Any top tips to toughen them up a bit?