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  1. Incredible action shots, Brian. As someone inept at photography, I'm in awe.
  2. A smaller and simpler version of my previous muddler/rabbit pattern. Love the new Semperfli Pearl Chenille that comes in a range of lengths.
  3. Wind/weather and Tide are obviously very important variables. Quite a few marks that I fish will be unfishable with certain wind directions and tides - either too rough or the water visibility will be like coffee. Lots of rain in the days before can color up the water too from run off so I tend to avoid estuaries after heavy rain. We have big tides here and big spring tides can colour up the water too, even in calm conditions. Checking webcams near these areas can save wasted trips. But nothing beats experience and keeping a fishing logs.
  4. I've done that trip. 17 hours non-stop. Then the 1.5 hour flight to Exmouth. It was brutal. I can't say noise cancellation made much difference. But I'd do it again tomorrow for the fishing.
  5. Great. I'll try and get some the next time I'm stateside. I think the idea of it blending well with bucktail.
  6. A recent night pattern for me.
  7. Nice profile. How does the Squimpish hair behave with regard to fouling and shedding?
  8. The same ones as I use from shore. Use short head lines to reduce false casts.
  9. Nice. I see that you are using fake jungle cock eyes. I have no experience of these. How do they hold up when fished and after a couple of fish? I'm undecided about eyes on BTDs but these look like a quick and light alternative.
  10. Estaz type chenille is common in trout tying - in Europe, there a literally 100's of varieties based by the length of the chenille 'fiber' - 2mm to 30mm. Most are in bright trout colors but some are in more natural colours. Semperfli do a good range as do Hareline.
  11. Anywhere in the southern hemisphere. Australia has some world-class shore fishing (the bits where there are no crocs!).
  12. I can see how dragging a bass up a beach, especially dry sand doesn't do it any favours but any science behind these claims that it kills them?
  13. Thanks. I gave up locally and ordered some Mason 40lb and Perlon from the US.
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