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  1. In the UK targeting mullet on fly is getting more popular. They grow quite big here - up to 10lb or so and they do fight hard. Certainly harder than most UK species. Being filter feeders the patterns targeting them tend to be trout sized patterns on size 10 to 14 hooks. Patterns include small shrimp and invertebrate flies to imitate the tiny critters that live in the sand and silt as well as what is washed down to the mullet in the hanging in the tide. In Denmark they use weed flies successfully. Over here there is a guy called Colin McLeod who has it pretty much nailed down - there are a few vids on Youtube with him and on Danish mullet fishing. Targeting competing fish seems to be the key. Mullet by nature are fickle and nonchalant so can be extremely frustrating. They should be the national fish of France. Whilst I and others have caught mullet on clousers and other bass patterns you really need to use small shrimpy things and Dawl Bachs, hairs ear, beaded flies, bloodworm flies to target them (in the UK at least). Light leaders to as their eyesight is good.
  2. It’s worth learning from the war stories of other anglers when comes to anchoring. When it goes wrong it can happen quickly and there are plenty of examples when these situations were preventable. A common one is poorly thought out trolleys jamming. Another is poor routine for setting and recovering the anchor. Always have a knife or cutter in you as a plan B and know your tides and currents.
  3. Definitely a trolley. Also a quick release system with buoy - if its getting hairy and you need cut lose this means you can retrieve your anchor. At least 3 times the depth and also chain.
  4. Yep going to NOLA - any suggestions on larger patterns? Do I need to be tying 6" patterns or bigger?
  5. Jumbo Gumbo Shrimp for my redfish trip in a few weeks. 2/0 4" long with rattle. I tied up some nasty color versions to but can't bring myself to post them
  6. #1B: IF you are a visiting angler to striper coasts how many keeper bass do you hope to catch on a single fly fishing trip (assume minimum of one full weekend for trip)? - I do 1 cape trip a year and 'hope' to catch 100+ fish over 32" inches - but typically catch a handful a trip. This year I had a 8.
  7. Do you have the Type 7 version or Intermediate (clear head) version? Airflo CSW 40+ Type7 - 9wt = 305grains / 19.82grams according to my scales.
  8. Loving those flatwing half/halfs! I use home made fluoro furled leader for floating line as it just pulls the fly down enough to anchor it when dead drifting. For Intermediate lines I don't both and just use a tapered leader. A buddy uses a 5ft inter polyleader more to step down to the leader than anything else.
  9. I have an outback and heavy duty cart. The standard way of stowing these once afloat is inverting them and putting them in the scuppers with the wheels pointing up in the tank well. But this means the ends protrude below the hull and cause drag. Am I missing something here? Are there any other good ways to stow other than lashing it down horizontally?
  10. Buffalo Bill fly?
  11. Unique Hair is softer and much nicer to use IMO. Super Hair is very stiff so I only use this on larger/longer patterns where the stiffness is needed for support. I use UH in most of my synthetic patterns. Getting tangled after a fish is common on most synthetics - I just use the hook point of another fly to comb them out, it takes seconds.
  12. Same thing happened to the tip of my 8wt glx - I guess it got dinged before going back in the tube.
  13. Airflo Tropical Punch is a decent line if you want a shorter head. Behaves in normal water temps to. But I prefer the SA Anadro line as it’s still punchy but with a long tear taper so you can hold up a lot of line as well as mend.
  14. The outback 2019 is supposed to be quieter and faster due to a new hull design according to Hobie. I look forward to seeing some detailed pics and tests. When are dealers getting stock?
  15. Pointy ends are more useful in a following sea.