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  1. I tried a shorter rod and went back to 9ft. Once the fish is beat and moving towards you I try and grab the line and handline the fish in. I often payout some line so not to put the tip at a severe angle. When casting/fishing I tend to put a leg over the side to give myself more room between my legs for the line. Stretching the line beforehand can help too if its prone to coiling. As can trailing it behind the kayak as you paddle without a fly. The good news is that you don't have to cast that far and the 180 drive in the hobie means you can sneak up to fish or a feature, put out a cast and then slowly back out to give your fly more swim time.
  2. Thanks Jon - I'll order this for the next trip as I can always use it in hotter climes if I don't like for the NE.
  3. Anyone use the Wulff Bermuda lost-tip for NE sight fishing? It has a clear intermediate tip that’s 12ft which I guess would be long enough?
  4. @stormy do Wulff make a Bermuda intermediate, I can’t find it on their site? The SA sonar 30 clear is a good line but again not great in cold water due to the mono core. I used one in Australia which it’s perfect for. I’m looking for a 9wt
  5. I clip the bend off old Clousers so I can use them for casting practice. Casting with fluff on a lawn isn’t that realistic. I also measure out targets at fixed distances to improve my range estimation and accuracy rather than blast out long casts. Then I shift position so I’m casting into the wind as well as cross wind. Anymore than an hour and I tend to lose focus.
  6. I’ve always used an OBS inter underlined for my NE flats fishing. But now RIO have replaced it with the inter-coastal XP I’m looking for a new line that doesn’t coil in cold water with a decent WF taper rather than integrated head lines that can carry heavy flies. i really like the Wulff Bermuda lines but they don’t do an cold water inter version. Any suggestions?
  7. Lovely profile and you can see that it will swim beautifully.
  8. Some bigger fish in the last few days, seen and caught. But still way down on previous years. I suspect the boats will be doing well much further out.
  9. We all missed you this year S’n’S. Dave says hi. Theres a bunch of us here all fishing hard for over a week and only 2 keepers to show for it. Fished outer beaches, all over bayside and south side and even the canal. Fishing day and nights. We know some lure boys who fish hard who have had some good fish in the canal and other spots at night but the numbers are way down too. Like us these guys Have been coming here for years. The best day was yesterday sight fishing monomoy which is full of fish. These are 20-24 inch fish mainly with a few bigger ones but very few keepers seen. But sight caught fish are always good value. we go back in another 6 days so hopefully the bigger fish will rock up. Most of us are saying we will skip the cape next year until it improves. I’m hoping the lack of fish is not due to a stock crash. But I heard that the commercials didn’t reach their quota last year so they extended it. They still didn’t fill it so they added the remaining quota from last year to this years quota. With fisheries management like this the writing is on the wall. And it’s not like it hasn’t happened in the past so someone somewhere needs sacking. It will be a case of follow the money I guess... sad.
  10. Airflo

    Numbskull is spot on. It’s an aweful line that’s way over weighted. It would be better underlining it but the colours of the head and running line I hate too. I use the original OBS but underline it. But Rio have replaced it with a non-clear line. Their coastal quickshooter XP line is the nearest replacement but the running line is stiff and hates cold water. i used the airflo 40+ cold saltwater intermediate for years and still would be if they were available. Why do they feel the need to release crappy replacements of good lines?
  11. Loads of tiny fish on the outer beaches. 4 of us fishing all day at various spots (on fly) and largest fish 26” with most being tiny basslets.
  12. I’ve visited the Cambridge cemetery. It’s meticulously cared for and a very moving place to visit. The aircrews of the RAF and USAF had one of the lowest survival rates of all the allied services. It puts current issues into perspective and reminds you that we were the good guys and still are. Lest we forget.
  13. tried it and sold it. I think the SA sonic clear 30 is a much nicer line. I prefer the 30ft clear head, it casts and lands nicer and the running line behaved better on the deck in very hot temps. Just my opinion.
  14. Outstanding fish. I saw your video of it - good playing skills. Especially when it was wallowing in the surf then heading out again. You did well to keep your cool.
  15. Silly question, but do they catch fish? Does the exaggerated wobble impact hook ups?