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  1. The best sinking line currently available IMO, and I've tried them all. They do 2 versions - coldwater and warmwater. Obviously use the coldwater version for NE. I use the 350 grain (orange running line) on my Recon and Zephrus 10wts and they cast well. The running line is reasonably well-behaved also. The join is seamless with no cracking issues to date (2 years use).
  2. Does it purr like the old one? I have the tailwater CL and would buy another one in a heartbeat if I could. Keep your 20lb drags, that sound does it for me.
  3. I've not seen that exact config before with the 2 larger central compartments. There is definitely a market for antique Wheatley boxes so I would do your research before selling it.
  4. If anyone has a Tibor Tailwater CL that they want to sell please let me know. Gold, Green, Bronze color preferred. Thanks
  5. The OBS 8wt is my standard cold saltwater line. It’s heavy at 330grains so I fish it on a 9wt rod. I tried several 8wt rods but the line seems way too heavy for them. I wouldn’t waste time trying to find an 8wt rod to Cast it on. Try it on an 8# then try it on a 9# and decide for yourself.
  6. I found the original Everglades a tad heavy for my 8's but they are an excellent reel and a joy to use.
  7. Great post Peter. "And, the cost of a full integrated line these days is another incentive." - You're not wrong - $100 for a fast sink line is nuts. I've gone back to sinking heads now.
  8. As a casual observer from UK who loves the US and hates seeing it being torn apart - for FFS sort out your electoral system! You put a man on the moon. You are the world's largest economy and leader of the free world. You lead the world in technical innovation. Surely you can have a standard electoral process across the US with proper oversight?
  9. This is a true story from a UK BASS member relating to a night session on one of the famous surf beaches in Kerry, Ireland. Well worth 5mins of your time. Spooky and true! hxxps://www.ukbass.com/the-dark-strand/
  10. Ebb - loads of sand bars at the mouth that see bust ups in June. Lots of small fish generally in my experience. I've not fished it at night which might be better.
  11. I did a factory reset and I will contact Garmin support for advice. Maybe the transducer doesn't like sitting behind the hobie cover plate?
  12. Good shout but I don't think it is this as it varies and I have sailboat settings disabled. Also, the depth scale on the right seems inverse?
  13. I've been using my trusty Garmin Echomap 50DV for years without issue but I fancied an upgrade, so I got a Garmin Echomap UHD 65cv with a GT24UHD transducer. This has chirp, UHD downscan, updated charts, and a bigger screen obviously. But first time out the downscan is fine but I'm getting a red bar across the sonar screen (on all frequencies) and the depths are all wrong - see below. Sometimes the red line is near the surface but most of the time its mid depth - its almost like a double return? It's fitted to 2018 Hobie outback with the transducer cover plate on the bottom so you are not shooting through the hull of the kayak. Thoughts? 16SEP20_1550_02.bmp
  14. Thanks fellas - just what I needed. The M5 equivalents I have definitely did not fit on mine so I have ordered some UNC screws from a US site.
  15. I'm in the UK so I suspect all my spare screws are metric? I've never come against different threads before so this is all new to me.