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  1. Caught a near 100lb tarpon on one of these in Cuba. Great fishing fighting rod. Pity they were only 3 piece.
  2. I liked the new clearwater rod when I cast it for a few minutes - quicker than the previous version and light. I thought it was great value. As always the Orvis warranty is a big plus for me. I love the Recons and have a few of them but now they have changed them and upped the price by $100 they're not such great value. I can get the Hardy Zephrus SWS for less!
  3. Squimpish hair certainly looks great but it seems very pricey from what I've seem. Any cheaper sources?
  4. I second what Slip says - I tried these hooks on the back of his recommendation and they are excellent. Unweighted they ride hook up and sink slowly when tied with buck tail - perfect for super snaggy ground. Not cheap Hooks but a great option to have in your fly wallet.
  5. I like the SA Titan, SA Anadro and Wulff Bermuda lines. The Titan is best for throwing poppers and big flies. The Anadro is best for drifting flies and all round work IMO.
  6. Striker CV and Echomap CV share the same sonar/chirp tech so she won't be missing out other than the cartography and screen size.
  7. I fish from kayak inshore in water rarely over 30ft, normally 15ft or so. I need a new transducer. Is it worth paying for Chirp Sonar over traditional 77/200 sonar in shallow saltwater?
  8. And the benefit of casting much heavier lines is what exactly?
  9. Great looking squid pattern... but won't all the flexi-tubing trap water and make it very heavy to cast?
  10. Any line regardless of sink rate will fish just under the surface as soon as it goes tight in a 3 or 4knot rip if the boat is static. You’ll have to drift the fly down to the rip line with the boat to allow it sink.
  11. P13 or Trident13 or Tarpon 14 would get my vote - I've used all of these. But the Viking boats look great too. So many choices. If you want to fish in a static forward facing position then a ScupperPro might work for you and its plenty fast/efficient - but primary stability is not one of its strengths. As a fly fisherman I never relaxed when I tried one. These moulds were bought by RTM Tempo who now make these kayaks. The offshore bait guys love them over here.
  12. Yep Buy ethically.
  13. You should always have a paddle plan for every trip - regardless of what type of kayak you have. Take a proper anchor/rope, tow/clip line, vhf etc and let people know where you are heading. I've been caught out on peak tide runs a few times and you can always just anchor up and wait a couple of hours or head in to slacker water.
  14. I have a 2018 outback and struggled with the ctug. The cathedral hull and wide tapered shape of the outback Meant it slipped off all the time. I ended up getting the Hobie heavy duty cart which I prefer and is much easier to fit.
  15. I have and like the SA Sonar Sink 30 Cold (I have 3). I used the Airflo Coldsaltwater 40+ Type 7 line for 10 years despite issues with the join as it just worked. Their Depth 30ft Depthfinder lines are ok. I'd take all of these over any Rio sinking line as you will spend half your fishing time untangling the running line in my experience. I didn't care for the Orvis Depth Charge sinking head line - it has thick running line which behaves well but doesn't shoot that far in my hands. All personal onion obviously.