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  1. I would love to fish with Beyond the Blue - I remember first reading about them in Flyfishing In Saltwater years ago. I'm glad they are still going.
  2. I've tied up and tried numerous mac flies over the years and to be honest if they are hitting mackerel I do just as well, if not better on a standard colors - olive/white, chart/white, white etc. BT deceivers and Steve Farrar patterns.
  3. I use the Thule DockGlide and then suction cup thingies on the back window to slide it up. Once you've done it a few times it only takes a few seconds. But Outbacks are wide and cumbersome and not as easy to handle than narrower models.
  4. For flyfishing (in the salt and fresh) its a game changer. I waited until the 180 drive was available before buying a Hobie.
  5. If you are heading to Cuba I can vouch that the Black Death Bunny, White Lightning and Tan Cockroach all work. Don't tie them too long (less than 3") or on too big hooks 2/0 max.
  6. Thanks all. I'll stick to sizes 2-6. I'm going to little cayman so the fish will be small but most of the fishing is over grass so they have to be able to see the fly!
  7. After a 15 year break I'll be doing some bonefishing in May. However looking at bonefish patterns tied on size 6 and 8 hooks they look way too small to me. Do folks really fish size 8 flies for bonefish and do these really make a difference over patterns tied on size 4's tied short/sparse?
  8. Good advice thank you. What temp do you set your oven to?
  9. I've tried candles and gas hob so far. The thin middle section seems to melt quickly without much notice.
  10. Its a pity Orvis don't make a Recon 12wt so I might have a look at the new Clearwater 12wt if its faster than the old version.
  11. Good post SMS. When you say "(level 5 and thicker belleville washers = stiffer spring)" did they source and fit these themselves or was it Danielsson that fitted this?
  12. Duff post ignore....
  13. I didn't like the Hydros SL. I got one as part of a rod/reel package. I hated the drag knob which actually hurt my fingers to adjust. The minimum initial drag 'to prevent overruns' meant stripping off line was a pain and they seemed to be resistance on the retrieve. The drag level was non-linear so it went from usable drag to full lock in a few degrees of adjustment with most of the drag range not much use. I really don't see the point of full lock down unless you want to pop fish off... a point I proved several times on a recent trip to Exmouth, WA. I was also sceptical of its claimed waterproofness given the release clips on the spool and the centre spindle are exposed when you change spools. I liked the reel dimensions and the weight but I sold the reel on as it wasn't for me. Just my opinion obviously... BTW the Aussies who catch all sorts of hard pulling, dirty fighting species down there talk a lot about Harfin reels (harfinflyreels.com) - The look really nice and seem to be reasonably priced but I haven't handled one yet.
  14. Any tips on how to use powder paint on dumbell eyes? I can't seem to heat up the eyes enough without melting them!
  15. Sweet crab - love the hackle legs.