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  1. Love reading your reports Brian and great pics as usual. You are a lucky b******.
  2. That's a nice redfish - so not a bad trip considering. It sounded similar to our trip except we were there for a full 7 days so we had the luxury of rescheduling bad weather days. This gave us one very good day out of 5 booked. This was my first redfish trip so I had no understanding of the marsh and what influences the water vis and water levels. It seems heavily influenced by wind and barometric pressure more than just tide. One day the water was high and the next it was very low. The one tide a day was interesting to. I would love to fish it in ideal conditions where you get to spot those big redfish at distance. I will definitely be back.
  3. From that screen grab it looks like one of them drove down route 6. Smart fish.
  4. If I know I will be fishing certain Rocky marks I will take a deeper DIY line tray for reasons cited above. It’s a good 10” deep. I use my Orvis one everywhere else. I find the original ll bean one to bulky.
  5. I really like the SA Anadro lines. They are heavy enough to throw poppers and you can aerialise a lot of line for long casts due to the long rear taper. Most people will be able to cast a lot further with this than 40+ sniper IMO.
  6. I'm not sure I would want a foam basket. The great thing about my Orvis line tray is that it's so tough and has lasted over a decade of abuse. I can't see a foam basket lasting very long. Not to mention the cost. Also isn't there a risk of it blowing away if you take it off being light foam?
  7. Nice job and nice flies. What was the water vis like for you? When I went it was coffee colored and never it really cleared over the 4 days we managed to fish. We still caught some good fish but it really limited the options.
  8. What's a good way to measure the maximum drag of a reel? Does pulling against spring scales/Boga work or is lifting weight off the floor better?
  9. Not sure what you are fishing for but the Danielsson H5D 11fourteen holds a lot of line being a spey reel?
  10. Bearsden does some eyes by the 100
  11. Thank you for the replies, there's some good info in there. I'm not sure I would want to be attached to anything that requires 18lb of drag to slow it down, especially on a fly rod!
  12. There seems to be a trend for modern reels to have drags that can be wound down for insane amounts of drag especially on 10wt and above reels. But how much do you really need for Tuna, Tarpon, GT's? I'm gearing up for a possible pelagic trip.
  13. Good info SS. I tied up some of your crease squids last year but I think they were on the small side. Those 5/0 bunny ones will be on this years tie list for sure.
  14. That was still a decent trip in my book - only takes 1 great day to make a trip. Are there any shore fishing plan B options there?
  15. BillyBallGame you got to go fishing on your wedding day? Good effort!