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  1. Again, I'm back again. This morning I finally got my yellow kayak out on the water to test my updated rod holding stations when fishing turns fast and furious. It took me the most of the night to decide which of my current fishing grounds were going to be used for that test. I thought I had it all figured out by midnight when I finally shut down for the night. However, I changed that decision three more times before I finally locked in the mornings launch point. I launched the kayak at approximately 9:30 am and was almost immediately into fish. 4 hours later, I had caught and released 42 striped bass. Not one of them measured less than 20 inches or exceeded a length of 30 inches. Given that each on of those fish gave me a one heck of a fight all of the way to the kayak I believe I would not have been able to catch and release that many fish in 4 hours without the new rod holding station mods. Especially when I was fishing with two rods at a time. The new rod holding station mods just helped to make my catch and release process a bit more efficient. While I was catching these fish I noticed a few other things that were going on at the time. Everywhere I looked there were schools of pogies, calmly swimming aimlessly around, so close to the surface their fin were sticking out of the water. There were a lot of striped bass in the area (I know because I was picking them off one by one but, they didn't seem to be interested in the pogies. Another thing I saw looked as if the green crabs in the area had experienced a large die off which in turn was leaving a heck of a lot dead crabs over a large area of the water I had been fishing. I caught a lot of these. I caught a few of these. And I caught some of these. I also caught a couple of larger fish but they refused to have their picture taken without having their Agent present. Note: None of these fish spent more than a minute of two in the kayak before I put them overboard for resuscitation and release.
  2. Go figure The needs of the Commercial Fishing iIndusty trumps an honest management of the natural resources every time.
  3. Shorefisher I apologies for semi high jacking your thread with my back and forth with OOB. I hope this weed related tip helps to brings it back on line. I don't due a lot of beach fishing but free floating seaweed is also a pain in the posterior for us tube and worm types. I found the best way to get around that is to troll the tubes rigs with about a foot of the rod tip underwater in order to keep as much of the fishing leader and worm rig under that free floating salad as I can. It is a little awkward at times but you can't catch fish when your lure is out of the water.
  4. Two thumbs up. BTW: Is that open offer you made to me a couple of weeks ago still on the table?
  5. I hear you old buddy.... Them freaking saltwater skeeters, and not to mention green head flies, are definitely not in decline on the Maine beaches. Even when you lather up with the strongest DEET repellant, with the hope of keeping them from biting , these obnoxious bass-turds will still torture you by flying around your head until they drive you plum crazy. You deserve a major accolade, or two, just for toughing it out the three hours that you did. All I can say is "I'm not Worthy - I'm not Worthy" Crozzbow
  6. Hey, I resemble that remark. I grew up with the Bobs and Bubba was my best friend. Taking our Zebco rod and reels to the local bass ponds in hopes of catching, the one and only HAWG, that lived there was a ritual that almost every true born American Redneck boy,, and some girls, were expected to do on Saturday mornings after all the fishing shows were over. In fact this ritual involved much more than just catching fish. For example, the collection of lost fishing lures and red and white bobbers that I salvaged from the trees and bushes that surrounded our HAWG pond was huge. iIt impressed Becky, who was a year older than me, so much she would help me gather my night crawlers and ride her blue bike next to mine as we caravaned with the other budding fishermen and girls during the two mile trip to the pond. Sometimes, Becky would even share her lunch of PJ sandwiches and Kool Aid in a thermos with me. If that wasn'tgrowing up American nothing I was. Note: The names in the above monologue have been changed to protect the innocent, which we all were at the time.
  7. Okay, so this weeks outing was a little different than usual. Instead of hitting one or more of my usual local striped bass haunts I accepted a generous offer from a long term friend of mine to spend a good part of the week resting and relaxing (R&R) at his lakeside cottage with him, and another friend, fishing for smallmouth bass, trout and white peach. I can't say the fishing was great at this particular north eastern lake, but the beautiful scenery, good food, and cheerful companionship of good friends more than made up for it. The R&R worked wonders in that I came home feeling much better than I did when I left. Now, If I can just convince the activity coordinator (wife) that an outing or two chasing striped bass in my kayak would provide a similar outcome as this week's R&R with the following exception: l will never again use a cellular phone to tell my activity coordinator that I left a new bag of bloodworms in the old, dirty, refrigerator that is located in our garage, especially when the cellular reception at my location is essentially non-existent.
  8. Sounds like a plan. I'll be in touch.
  9. Hey OOB Thanks for the good words. They do wonders for moral. Another unforeseen moral booster came about this weekend when I started watching and interacting with several shore bound fishermen who were working their bait chucking magic on the Kennebec River. They were using chunks of mackerel to entice both striped bass and catfish/bullhead into almost non stop action. While most of the the striped bass measured in the mid twenties (length wise) the Kennebec did offer up a fat thirty seven inch striped bass on Saturday morning and a few good sized fish on Sunday morning. Even though I wasn't doing any of the fishing/catching I was still enjoying myself. And, when I got home this afternoon and read your words about "healing up soon" it reminded me that I'm going to need another refresher lesson on bait chucking (as well as navigating beaches at night). Any recommendations regarding a good instructor? Crozzbow
  10. For the SOL members who have been waiting patiently for another one of my updates to the "North of Portland" posting, I apologize in that I have been some what distracted by a couple of significant medical issues that are keeping me off the water. I'm hoping some of those issues are rectified by the end of next week because I am going stir crazy and not being able to get out and fish during this time of year really sucks,
  11. Wow, it certainly is. Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors warning.
  12. Hey good buddy I finally found my paperback copy of Striper with the new introduction from John N. Cole. If your still interested in seeing it, send me a PM as how you want me to get it to you. My only caveat is that you return it to me when you are finished. Crozzbow.
  13. With all the weather reports predicting inclement weather, I decided to do today’s striped bass fishing on a segment of the New Meadows river that I had often visited in the past. It is close to home and has a decent track record for producing hard fighting striped bass on a frequent basis. And it did it regardless of how nasty the weather got. Unlike my last trip out, the yellow kayak is now sporting two newly updated rod holding stations that are helping me fish two rods while providing significant improvements for my whole catch and release routine. I launched my battered yellow kayak around 10:00 am this morning and fished approximately 3 hours of the dropping tide when I called it quits at 1:00 pm. For my efforts I caught and released eighteen striped bass that simply refused to quit fighting me as I tried to bring them to the side of my kayak for release. All the fish that I caught and released today fell within the length of 20 to 28 inches. I can hardly wait to get my yellow kayak out on some of my fast and furious catch and release waters.
  14. The short answer is yes there are a lot of places were the Kennebec can be fished from the banks. Also, as a resident of Phippsburg the town provides several good access points to the river that are "resident only" requiring verification by a pass issued by the town office.
  15. Hey good buddy I just might take you up on that invite. Should I bring a strobe light for the lifeguard,s chair so we can find our way back after the sun goes down and everything goes dark.