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  1. Hey River x 7 I hear you loudly!! I never leave shore without a vest. Over the years, I have had my pedal propelled kayak on the water in lot worse conditions than it was in yesterday. Under those types of conditions, I usually kept a kayak paddle in my hands to help, my pedal pushing kayak, maintain steerage, and balance while I was moving from point A to point B. One of the earliest lessons that I learned about saltwater fishing was, that sea water can get wicked cold mighty fast, and medium weight fishing rods that have angry, medium sized striped bass attached to them via 9 to 30 plus yards of 20 weight fishing line, make lousy substitutes for a kayak paddle when the winds start blowing in force. I now have a good idea what my capabilities are and make it a point to get heck off the freaking water whenever my boundaries start to get pushed.
  2. After finishing up a few “high priority chores” for my activity coordinator(wife) yesterday afternoon (Saturday) I managed to sweet talk her into clearing a few hours off from the scheduled activities she had planned for today (Sunday). It goes without saying that the new activities I planned for today included another outing to one of my favorite hunting grounds for striped bass. However, when my activity coordinator(wife) heard the wind reports from her favorite news/weather channel she wanted me to wait a few days until winds calmed down a bit. I convinced her that I would play it safe and stay off the water if I did not like what I saw in the morning. I was out of bed and out the door at 4:30 am heading for the launch point I use for my faded yellow kayak. There was a steady breeze coming across the water when I arrived at the launch site. After mulling it around in my head for awhile the kayak was launched 6:00 am and I was on my way. With the tide just peaking high at 6:30am, the tidal water was not moving very fast and the fishing was rather slow at first. I poked around for approximately an hour before the tidal water started moving and I was catching fish. They were stacked up just off the shoreline in about 8 ft of water and they readily took to my tube and worm offerings. It was not long before I caught fifteen fish for my efforts. I wanted to fish longer but the winds were rapidly getting stronger with even stronger gusts thrown into the mix. It was getting harder and harder to bring a hooked fish back to the kayak for hook release. At one point, I was in a real “cluster pluck” when I had hooked up to two fish at the same time while I was taking some heavy wind gusts to my kayak’s broadside and both fish pulled from the opposite side of the kayak. It was not long after that before I headed to the kayak’s take out point. FYI: I was trying to find a spot on the kayak where my GoPro camera would take some reasonable pictures. Not so sure I found one but, I thought I would post a couple of the pics that I took this morning for poops and giggles. Just ignore the “Old Fart” in the background.
  3. And, I see you were using your regular bait choice to bring this one in. Good deal, hope a lot more show up your way.
  4. As luck would have it, my activity coordinator(wife) was in a good mood yesterday (Thursday). I was able to negotiate the lawn mowing efforts, that I expended for that day, for a block of time that I used to chase striped bass this morning (Friday). The morning’s outing somewhat mirrored same fishing action plan as the one I followed last Saturday. It began at 8:15 am when there was enough water to float my kayak and it continued until my shoulders started hurting at 12:00 pm. Most of the fish I caught today were taken on two of my most well used tube and worm setups that I tipped with blood worms. I focused mostly on towing these tube and worm setups in the shallow waters that are that are located just a few yards off a long shoreline that I tend to favor early in the striped bass season. That shoreline has been good to me in the past. In addition, the time I took to sharpen the dull hooks on the tube and worm setups mentioned above considerably helped me to improve today’s hook up to no hook up ratio. For instance, … I caught more fish this time around using the same faded yellow kayak to tow tube and worms throughout the same shallow waters of one of my favorite hunting ground. However, this time I was able to entice 18 large striped bass to come out play with me. Most of the fish measured 20 inches or more and every one of them was a tough fighter that strongly resisted the efforts I made to bring them to the side of my kayak. My right shoulder is going to see a lot of “Ben Gay” tonight.
  5. Best of luck to you guy. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
  6. Don't feel too bad. Check out my "Addendum Report" from yesterday ( 9/16/2020) Launched the kayak at 6:30 am The striped bass were virtually non-existent during the first three hours of fishing. Fishing started to pick up during the fourth hour of fishing when the outgoing tide started to gain momentum. All five fish that I engaged with yesterday were found tucked up close to the shoreline or another above water structure. It took slow trolled scarlet colored tube tipped with half a blood worm to entice these fish to come out to play. The loss of the first three fish were the result of me not double checking the sharpness of the tube hooks before started using them on Saturday. When I did look them over, I found the hooks on both tube and worm setups to be extremely dulled from last year’s use. The only reason I was able to bring the last two fish onto my kayak was probably the result of the extra hard hook set I was using by then. And to put a real damper on the day, I had to remove myself from the fishing activity just as action the was starting to build up as I had just promised my Activity Coordinator (wife) that I would be home for lunch.
  7. Enough things came together last night, That I was able to officially open up my personal fishing season for Striped Bass this morning It all started when, I successfully negotiated the required block of time with my activity coordinator then started gathering the required equipment for the outing I planned for this morning. After packing that gear into the bed of the truck, I then manhandled my faded yellow Hobie kayak up onto the truck’s racks which in turn automatically started my “what am I missing” worry emotions. After going over the list twenty times, I started to feel comfortable that I had everything I needed for this morning’s outing. (Of course, It wasn’t but that is another story). I finished the day by setting my alarm clock for 4.30 am with the assumption it would be early enough to get my kayak on the water in time to catch the rising of the morning sun. (Of course, It wasn’t but again, it just adds to another story in the making). As it was, I was able to launch the kayak into the water at 6:30 am, under dark clouds with a cold stiff wind to my back. From there I spent the next three hours trolling a couple of tube and worm set ups, behind the kayak, along the shorelines that have often been good to me during the early striped bass fishing outings of my past. All I can say up to that point is "You could not have convinced me that there was any striped bass to be found in the area I was fishing". However, just when I was ready to call it a day and head for my kayak takeout point, the fishing poles started bending. The first two fish stripped out several yards of spooled fishing line before the lines went slack and they got away. I was able to hook the third fish but, I lost it at the side of the kayak. I only got a few seconds to look at it, but its length appeared to be in the neighborhood of twenty some odd inches. I brought the last two fish into the kayak just long enough to take their measurements, which turned out to be in the mid twenty inches for both of them. From there I had to kicked myself for not taking the time last night to negotiate, another hour or two on the water, from my activity coordinator last night. Oh well, there's always another day.
  8. From the picture the ball looks almost new. Any of your neighbors have kids?
  9. Yuhp, it sort of follow right along with Toby Keith's "as good as I once was..
  10. Yuhp, It all sounds familiar. I'm beginning to think it's contagious..
  11. Hey Marty:K Leave it to you to come up with the good ones.. LMAO
  12. So do inland godfathers take care of their problems by sending them off to sleep with the Bacala ??
  13. That is one I haven't heard in a long time. Bacala / Bacalao equal cod ??
  14. Yesterday, I spent most of the day digging my fishing gear, boats and kayaks out of storage. At times, that effort required some heavy lifting on my part. At the end of the day, I went to bed with all sorts of visions bouncing around in my head as to how I was going to make this year’s fishing season one of my best. However, when I woke up this morning, virtually every muscle in my body hurt and, I could barely make it to the breakfast table, not to mention having to deal with the difficulty of navigating my morning constitutional in the bathroom, when breakfast was over, was any better. I was a little worried at first and started wondering how I was going to fish this season if wrestling my fishing kayaks were going to be an issue. Especially if I had to deal with the same level of pain, that I dealt with this morning, every time I went fishing. After mulling it over a bit I decided that this “Old Fart” was not going to let the pain keep me off the water this year. I took one look into the bathroom mirror and I convinced myself that I wasn’t “That Old” and this mornings pain had more to do with my ongoing medical issues which in turn had restricted most of my ability to exercise most of the muscles of my body during the off season. I postulated to myself that If I tried hard enough, I could rectify some of the exercise issues by using my human powered kayaks to chase striped bass with a freshwater excursion or two thrown in for variety. I went outside and started tinkering with the fishing gear, boats, and kayaks that I hauled out of stowage yesterday. I even went so far as to wrestle and secure one of my longer kayaks up onto my truck racks single handed. Both my mind and body were feeling a lot better by mid-afternoon. By late afternoon II was really getting pumped when I came back into the house and checked my e-mail for new messages. That is when the bubble burst and the following e-mail attachment is what burst it. Oh well, C’est La Vie. I will work on it again tomorrow.
  15. It can go both ways.