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  1. Munching on a Sullivan's hot dog and catching tog at Castle Island...….great way to spend the day.
  2. Did not think it would extend that far westward to include "The Blinker". That will be disappointing to some.
  3. Carl, I gotta give ya credit for getting wind of this closure early on. Your sources were spot on.
  4. Ah yes, Bob. Waldo Street Police Headquarters and the Vernon Yacht Club.....know them both well. I'm sure you also recall, The Rialto, Messiers Diner, Maurices and Ciberowski's Insurance Agency down by the Blue Ribbon. BTW...did you know they reversed directions on Harding and Millbury Streets? Harding is now inbound, Millbury outbound. No doubt in anticipation of the hordes that will travel to the new baseball stadium and the revitalized Kelly Square area.
  5. Made all the difference.
  6. Your right, Bob. They never weighed those fried haddock and chips did they. Did it by sight and feel. Those guys piled them high in a paper boat. Grease stains all over the brown paper wrapper and bag.. Those were the days.
  7. Yep. I'm guessing the reason is that very few folks know about taring.....and if they did, few would care . The only reason I'm familiar with it is, because like you at Big Y, I once did a stint at the old A&P in my high school days. Worked behind the meat and fish department counters. Learned quite a bit about meats, poultry and fish. Valuable learning process.
  8. ^^^^^^ well said, JTR. As an aside, I watched and listened to Rollin's comments at the presser with Walsh and Gross an few days ago.. Disgusting.
  9. Gordy, this is a tad more complex than the substance scale you show. Yes, zeroing the scale is achieved, but the MB scale deducts the appropriate weight of the different containers, whether it be a half pint, pint or quart container, by recognizing that the weight of the product is associated with only a certain sized container.
  10. Your absolutely correct, the store manger was spot on. I thought the whole concept was pretty neat. .
  11. OK.. This was my experience at MB in Plymouth. Last year it was. I did what Dah see did. After I observed that the guy did not deduct the weight of the container, I asked him to do so. He did, but I could tell from his actions that he could not understand why I was asking him to do it. It was apparent to me the guy never manually deducts the weight.. Before I checked out, I wanted to make a point and I mentioned to the MB store manger that MB was overcharging customers at the fish counter. I explained the situation and this was his reply. The store manager said the fish guy was not in error.because the weight scale automatically calculates the weight of the container and deducts it from the total weight of the unit before the label is printed and affixed to the container. I found this hard to believe, so I asked him to explain how the scale can differentiate the weight of a pint container from the weight of the quart container. The store manager told me it is programed into the scale. In the case of scallops, he said they are only sold in containers. As an example, he pointed out, that if I bought lets say, 4 scallops. The fish guy would place those in the smallest container and when it was weighed and the product number for scallops typed into the scale, the scale would recognize, because of the products weight, that it was in the small container and would deduct the weight of that particular container. When I next purchased scallops at MB, I thought about gaming the above to my advantage, but elected not to do so. . . .
  12. Just a point of observation on those MB scallops. When you order them at the fish counter and the person places them in the plastic container and places them on the scale, be careful to note if he deducts the weight of the container on the scale prior to weighing the scallops.
  13. When too many local leaders can't seem to decide whose side their on and cannot protect local businesses, and when local law enforcement submits to the crowd high jackers, then the public clamor will be for more decisive action.
  14. State and local officials are responsible for public safety. Too many of them lost control of their streets and let destruction, mayhem and looting occur. Their conduct was abysmal. They let peaceful protests be highjacked by criminals and agitators. If local officials refuse to stop this violence and disorder, then the public will demand a national response.
  15. Hopefully, invoking the Insurrection Act will prevent that.