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  1. We have a unit on the eight floor of an adjacent hi rise behind MGH in Boston that has grow lights and MJ plants growing and prominently displayed in their floor to ceiling bedroom window.
  2. And let's not forget how the chunk would settle in those back eddies, your mono would go limp and you'd instinctively tense up for the pickup.
  3. Yep. Years ago you'd be hard pressed to see guys do anything other than chunking the canal. I recall, down by where folks worshiped, two well known owners of Canal B&T shops, did nothing but drift chunk crunchies, not withstanding breaking fish 75 yards out front. Nearly most of us did it back then. Mike Thomas crafted my 8' chunking rod and when matched with my ruby red Abu Garcia 7000C3 I truly enjoyed drifting. It was only years later that I joined the crowd, got me a 11' Lami matched to an Emblem Pro and began plugging. Will drifting bait still produce? Absolutely, it will.
  4. Carl.......I don't think that is the case. Rather, I would suggest the Commonwealth overestimated tax revenues for obvious reasons.
  5. And the Globe goes on to say.......the state doesn't have enough MJ to grow the industry too fast, and rushing could lead to a lack of inspections, which could enable bad actors.
  6. Well.....reading further, the article states MA has a slower approval process and a more complex system to navigate than other states. Additionally, going slow allows the state to work toward its legal mandate of ensuring participation by small businesses, minorities, woman, and people who were disproportionately harmed by the war on drugs.
  7. Must be a slow news day today because the front page of the Boston Globe says...….…. "So far legalizing marijuana isn't paying off in Mass." Apparently, the slow rollout of stores, remote locations are keeping tax revenue down. MA projected take in MJ taxes by 6/30 are estimated to be $63M. As of 3/1, MA collected $5.9M.
  8. A little foggy now, but pass a satchel of Benjamins to certain MA officials and it will be a nonissue.
  9. Front page Boston Globe this AM.... A Worcester doctor who oversaw clinical trials of Viagra and Cialis, is working on a naturally derived product that he hopes could do the same for woman. Its source: cannabis. The doctor, a noted sexual disorder researcher, says..."The evidence is that in lower doses, cannabis enhances sexual function." Will be interesting to see how this turns out.
  10. Ranks right up there with Dave Pickering's relentless pursuit of micro striped bass. Yes?
  11. Your reasoning might make sense if they were picketing or working without being paid.
  12. I won't go into much detail on this because of obvious reasons, but Walter had this triangulation thing well thought out and it produced big time for him. There he was in hip waders that were a size too large, positioning himself to line up with a certain color cottage across the Canal, a large tree on said property and a bollard to his right atop the MMA bulkhead. Thrown out a certain distance and his lures consistently produced decent fish. The guy was some character.
  13. And not only police officers. This is not yet public, but a top Boston prison official will join Andrea Cabral's new cannabis operation once it opens at 272 Friend St., in Boston.
  14. Lots of cash floating around in those places, Bob.. Also, operating cash must be carried in and carted out. That is reason enough for those with weapons to be there.