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  1. Speaking of intricate, complicated knots, the Gordian knot is the most complex knot known to man.
  2. Yep, I've always had good luck with the Uni to Uni. I wonder how the Ashely Book of Knots ranks the Uni to Uni against other knots.
  3. The dictionary is very clear in describing a knot and a splice. It’s always interesting to hear how our elders fashioned various joinery to connect one item to another item. Fascinating subject.
  4. Speaking of shock leaders. Some years back a canal regular showed me the braid shock leader he was using. I think his braid running line was 20 - 25 pounds. To make his braid shock leader, he looped back about 12-15 feet of the braid and tied it off on his braid running line. The braid shock leader was now 40-50 pounds. I didn't pay too much attention to the knot he used to tie the loop end of that braid to the braid running line. But he made it clear, the knot would hold in place and would not slip.
  5. Close. The guy in the picture is Bernie’s ancestor. His name is Homo naledi, an early relative. Homo naledi had a brain the size of an orange and lived in a cave system some 250,000 years ago near Johannesburg in South Africa. From Johannesburg to Ware in a quarter million years. Amazing isn’t it.
  6. You’re correct. That road is Rt 25.
  7. The smartest rule and advice is what Kenny Rodgers once said......."ya gotta know when to walk away and know when to run."
  8. That is a typical set up for mirror glass meditation. A unique type of meditation.
  9. “Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble”.
  10. Bob, for plugs that old, I’d expect to see a fair amount of teeth marks on the plugs. Yes, I see the hook rash, but not many strike marks. Not to say they didn’t catch fish for you, but did you and your Dad not use these plugs as much as others in your plug arsenal? Or, perhaps, the plug did not produce as expected?
  11. Good info, Burkie. Thanks. I understand it will operate under the name of Town Tavern similar to its two other locations in Attleboro and Pembrook. News reported that Cheri Lindsay had 4 or 5 offers from big chain operations but felt Town Tavern was a better fit.
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