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  1. Actually, said employees aren't just disincentivized. Many, whether they or we realize it, are social engineers, getting to design the terms under which the rest of us expect, accept, and live.
  2. Per Cape Cod Times...….."was paid $167,501 in 2018 according to annual town reports".
  3. Something doesn't square here. I'll go back to my source.
  4. ^^^^^ true
  5. Bernie....there is no decent transportation for folks, who occasionally like myself, want to get around in Boozads Bhey. No Uber, no Lyft, nothing. Not at all like Boston. Tommy G. said no, he will not allow those companies to operate in "his town." I did call one locally advertised transportation service....last three digits 398 I believe.....some time back asking to be picked up. Guy who answered told me to call Uber. I hope the new town administrator will bring the town into the 20th century.
  6. Only wished he had allowed Uber to operate in Bourne. Was impossible to find reliable transportation in that town.
  7. …..and it will likely lower your BP, thinking by dropping a dime, the problem is one step closer to a positive resolution and many bass will be saved because of your phone call.
  8. ….....and that is the reason why what you propose will not be effective. Their mantra "we only have so many assets", will be used thousands of times over. Why won't it be effective? Because they will never, ever have enough assets, be it money, personnel, or equipment. Safe yourself the effort, nothing will change. You'll be given nicely crafted responses to your concerns, but within their organization, after they put down the receiver on you, you'll be viewed as an irritant.
  9. Yep, picture is worth a thousand words.
  10. Tom had a good run as town administrator. 14 years is not too shabby considering who your dealing with. Easy to accumulate enemies in the public sector. Recent accusations of fraud by Vinny M didn't help matters.
  11. For a number of inner city kids, the cost is zero. Kids are selected by lottery and the funding is provided by Boston Mayor Walsh's Community Outreach Program.
  12. A payment in other than cash you think.........a quid pro quo of sorts?
  13. I've already said that in post # 34.