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  1. Follow the light in peace and joy, Mike.
  2. While not finfish, on Friday, the EPO, NOAA and the local authorities, arrested a fisherman in Gloucester after they found that his 600-pound lobster catch included 28 undersized, 3 oversized, and 16 illegally v-notched lobsters. The three LE agencies had been investigating illegal lobster fishing in the state and federal waters, after receiving multiple complaints.
  3. Is there any standard or definition of terms, as to what makes fish sushi 'grade' or sashimi 'grade'?
  4. My guess is it was his unsuccessful attempt to use juxtaposition as a rhetorical device.
  5. When I read these judgements, I am reminded of John 1:23...……."I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness".
  6. I was standing at 50 Staniford after the duck boats made the right turn off Cambridge onto Staniford. Excellent vantage point because the boats were stationary for 10-15 minutes because passengers were disembarking at the finish point near Merrimac. Road closures in and around City Hall and MGH made driving around the area one big mess. Yes, a number of beer cans were tossed up to the players from the fans on the sidewalk. From what I observed, all were caught by the boat passengers. Lots of under 20's in the huge crowd, but all seemed well behaved and having a great time in Title City.
  7. Fire up the duck boats!
  8. Interestingly, Butterfly, a LA based private equity firm specializing in the food sector, announced in January that it acquired Pacifico Aquaculture.
  9. Ocean raised by Pacifico Aquaculture 8 miles off the coast of Baja. Feed is fish trimmings like pollock and other fish, and not chicken and less desirable feed scraps.
  10. Local lore says and it is written, that if you caught fish in that 3rd pictured area, to be assured of future fishing success, it is customary to plant a kiss on the whale rock upon departing that spot.
  11. As they often say in spook circles, McGinn "went rogue". Got a chuckle at the quote...…."what the MA State Police scandals have in depth, the MA Environmental Agencies' scandals showcase in breadth". Charlie Baker got some splanin' to do.
  12. Yesterday, the Sandwich Chamber of Commerce presented Carl Johansen with its 2018 Leo Manning Award for Town Ambassador at a Pilot House luncheon. In presenting the award, the Chamber of Commerce noted that...…. "Carl Johansen, a concerned citizen in the Town of Sandwich and also a legionnaire and member of the Clark Haddad American Legion Post 188 is the Leo Manning Award recipient. Year after year, Carl has proven to be an avid ambassador for the Town of Sandwich. A faithful town meeting attendee, he has worked tirelessly on many high-profile projects within the town that draw people to our community, including the Sand Hill Community Center and more recently, helping the American Legion's effort to install a Vietnam War Memorial beside the Sandwich Town Hall. He is an advocate for business, the Chamber, and community life and deserving recipient of this award." Well done, Carl.
  13. Last I checked it applied to disabled veterans who are deemed 10% disabled by the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Other eligibility requirements also apply. The property tax exemption ranges from $400-$1,500. For more info, best check with the MA Dept. of Veteran Services....600 Washington St., Boston.....617 210 5480.
  14. The young lady who spoke at 1:46:46 was spot on.