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  1. The problem is not being “all jacked up on sugar”, but rather the real possibility of developing avian diabetes mellitus.
  2. It’s written that Squanto first showed the Pilgrims the Native American way of planting corn……..bury a fish together with a few seeds of corn.
  3. A month or so ago, Old Goat made mention of having a barrel full of rain water and fish guts out back that he and Sweetie use to add nutrients to their garden. Perhaps he'll weigh in.
  4. My guess is the town will use two routes to handle the traffic on to and off of Tupper in some manner. One is the direct shot... Tupper to Town Neck Rd. The other....Tupper to Freezer to Moffit to Gallo or Coast Guard to Town Neck Rd. In any event, folks on Town Neck Rd. will be severely impacted by the traffic.
  5. Carl, I must give you Sandwich folks a lot of credit for holding out as long as you did.
  6. ........and that is why I asked Carl that question about nips. Could it be that the Sandwich Town officials have recognized the problem with nip littering in Sandwich and have tried to act responsibly through legislation?
  7. Are you referring to those small, one shot "nips"?
  8. Portuguese it's aperitivos. Porto Tonico is a favorite aperitivo in New Bedj. It's all the rage, from Antonio's to the seediest waterfront bistro.
  9. No, not a fish, burkie. Both campari and a libation can be considered aperitifs.
  10. Rock doves and gulls, both of which are self-sufficient, are most common in our neighborhood.
  11. .......and this is the unfortunate position the plaintiffs are in. It's a no-win for them. My advice to the plaintiffs? Quit with the best cards you hold.....and those may have already been dealt. Unless, they desire a muti-story story building on 10-25 foot pilings adjacent to their home.
  12. Ah yes, the greater good theory. That which provides for the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people will generally prevail.
  13. Many years back, I always enjoyed spending a late afternoon on the upstairs out-side deck at the Horizons sipping a campari and soda. Never dined there, but I found it a super nice place to chill out, relax and have a few libations after a full day of Cape activities.
  14. A tap room, beer garden, curb-side sale of beer, on-site food trucks, satellite parking, shuttle runs......and, all this within a short distance of the world famous Sandwich Boardwalk. Sounds like a win-win. What's there not to like?