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  1. Carl, it would be great if you are able to post that picture on SOL.
  2. Bob yes, you can obtain a permit, however, that permit does not allow you to display said bird in your personal residence. The permit only allows you to display the bird in settings such as museums, schools, educational institution, etc. You'll be going down a rat hole if you intend to go that route. Assuredly, you will be denied. One more thing in your favor. Back in late 2017 there was a change to the M B Act, Generally, it stated that if said MB bird was killed by accidental means, the restrictions that were previously imposed by the MBA no longer apply.
  3. It's a migratory is a no no to trap, hold, harass such birds. Of course, that assumes the bird is alive. If the bird is dead, it can no longer migrate and therefore would not be covered under the Migratory Bird Act.
  4. Fish were a lot bigger back then..
  5. It's absolutely critical. Another perspective is that what occurred is just the cost of doing business.
  6. That is why I said..... minimize hang ups in and around rockpiles.......
  7. Many years back when there were fewer people at the canal, I had someone steal the gel seat cover from my bike seat. Broad daylight it was. It was at the Cribbin. Guy and gal taking a stroll. No one else around. They seemed nice, we said hello and smiled and I turned my back and continued fishing. Turned back a few minutes later to move to another location and saw the gel seat cover missing. Looked up and down the service road, saw nothing. I suspect they climbed up the bank and continued along the trail through the woods.
  8. Carl, certainly said meeting is a good start to strengthen controls over this program. However, to gain better insight into the directors thinking, thoroughness and preliminary planning process, rather than ask him why it was not better protected, I would ask him what controls did he put in place to prevent this theft. Big difference. The first question provides him an opportunity to offer you a myriad of reasons. The second questions will give you the facts. The controls were not adequate, we know that, but if I were a resident, I would be interested in knowing what measures the director did put in place to assure the safety of my investment in the oysters. Obviously they were not adequate, but how inadequate. Where there no controls? It's quite possible that was the case. It would be important to know that. .
  9. Also, in order to minimize hang ups in and around rockpiles and debris, I would use the bank sinker style of fishing weight as opposed to the pyramid style fishing weight.
  10. Now, I do not know this Natural Resource Officer that was quoted in the local news regarding the Sandwich oyster heist. I'm sure he is a good guy and no doubt liked by some folks. Maybe it's me and maybe I expect too much from those who work for us, but I am not at all impressed with his statements describing the theft. I sensed no anger, outrage or indignation. Rather, he came across as docile, dull and uninspiring. OK....some may say he was misquoted by the paper, but me thinks not. Not at all what I would have expected from someone who was entrusted with this responsibility. Here is what he was quoted as saying....."I am deeply disappointed that an individual--or individuals--could be so selfish. They are just spoiling it for everyone else." "If someone wanted to return the oysters, the town would accept them--no questions."
  11. The plot thickens.
  12. It's interesting to speculate who may have done this, Carl. No doubt there is a list of suspects. Any insight into who they might be? Sad for the resource, but fortunately you and the other Sandwich scratchers have an option to go elsewhere.
  13. Yep, it's a problem. Been there, done it. Especially so with only one lens being affected. I haven't tried this so I can't vouch for it as being appropriate for glasses, but it may remedy your situation. Rain-X. It's vehicular windshield washer fluid with moisture repelling properties. I use it for the car and the water beads right off the windshield. Will it perform in like manner on glasses? Seems to me it should.