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  1. This makes a lot of sense. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy is teaming up with the Town of Orleans to provide first aid training. Three free lessons of the "Stop the Bleed" program are being offered on 10/18, 11/1 and 11/8. All will be taught by members of the Orleans Fire Rescue Department. "Most white shark bite victims survive because of first aid initiated from bystanders. White shark bites generally result in massive hemorrhaging which requires immediate first aid in order to stop the blood loss", the Conservancy noted.
  2. To your point. A good number of years back, just a few miles west of the Weston Tolls, heading eastbound in the far right hand lane, a tractor trailer side swiped me. I travelled to the left, across three traffic lanes, hit the median guard rail nose on, was it in the rear by another vehicle, spun around and travelled to the right across three traffic lanes and ended up with the car nose against the right hand guard rail. Radiator steam is spewing out, all four sides are demolished, and the car is visually totaled. Thankfully I was not hurt. I got of car and waited while few motorists stopped to see if they could assist. Finally, a SP pulls up. As he approached, I lit up a cigarette. When he got near he said, "I don't like cigarette smoke and I don't like anyone who smokes". I'm some what take aback by the comment and proceeded to snuff the cigarette. He then asked me, "Are you a school teacher?". I found that a bit strange.
  3. ^^^^^^^ Amen to that. Kudos to that officer.
  4. Per the Boston Globe.....A sailor from Bridgeport, CT who died in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Water Tender First Class Stephan Pepe, is scheduled to be buried Monday at the MA National Cemetery in Bourne. Pepe was a crew member on the USS Oklahoma, which sustained multiple torpedo hits in the Dec. 7, 1941 attack.
  5. Manchin just said...YES!
  6. Me thinks they know how Collins will vote.
  7. Sounds like she is getting to a "yes"
  8. Collins getting ready to speak.
  9. Molecules in the stainless steel bind with the fish smell molecules on your hands, thereby transferring the molecules, along with the fishy smell, to the metal and off your hands. Rubbing fish smelling soapy hands against a stainless steel sink, faucet or knife will also work.
  10. Disappointed is putting it mildly. Back in August, Charlie Baker defended the controversial EPO pay practice and noted that "the matter paled in comparison to alleged OT theft by dozens of SP troopers". McGinn's suspension was handed down by Matt Beaton head of Energy and Environ. Affairs who, according to news reports, used taxpayers funds to pay for air travel during a Florida vacation and used a fully equipped EPO vehicle to shuttle him from the State House to Logan.
  11. Per Globe this AM.....…."McGinn, the former chauffer for Charlie Baker, was suspended without pay pending internal review into alleged misconduct, including whether he fixed citations for friends." A person with direct knowledge of the internal review said it involves allegations McGinn made citations for friends disappear.
  12. Bernie, an aspiring alchemist, believes this is a crucial additive in his ongoing search to turn molten lead into gold.