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  1. SeaPack markets a crispy coconut cod breaded product. SeaPack also markets a Budweiser beer battered cod as well. Both are sold frozen in a stylish 8-14 oz box. I wager that coconut cod is just a SeaPack frozen seafood product that the Big Y simply took out of its box and placed in the fish case.
  2. Ah……improvise, adapt and overcome.
  3. …..and noted in fine print as Previously Frozen.
  4. No. No trouble at all.
  5. I remember buying my rear kickstand at good old Benny's. Bought my large size saddle basket there also. I only used that one kickstand, but I always used an old, cut down to size hockey stick to prop up the bike on windy days. Yep, I also used a golf ball. Think I might have painted it red.
  6. I'd also put a thumb operated bell on the handlebars to be used to alert others when approaching them from the rear. Beats always yelling out......"on your right"....or, "on your left." when you're passing.
  7. Also, check with the Bourne PD. The finder may have left word with the BPD that they found said item.
  8. ….also, never stand your bike broad side to the wind…..stand it rear end into wind or lay her down on the grass…..or get a police style kick stand …..or make a wooden support stick to prop her up.
  9. Yep, it's tough being famous. Ya can run, but ya can't hide.
  10. Did someone ho a few plugs off yer tailgate?
  11. Yes, voracity is a word but you should have used the word veracity instead of voracity.
  12. That is exactly what my last Star Market steamed lobster looked like. Red strip in the lower tail…… goop near the gut. Good to know it’s one sign of a perfectly cooked lobster. I’ll have to remember to ask him how long he set the steam cabinet timer for.
  13. ...,,,.and that is the very reason why I ruled in your favor, Bob. There is no reason for you to mutilate that $7 bass for picture takin' purposes. To even suggest you did it for nefarious reasons is just plain silly, preposterous and indicative of some of the cockamamie hairbrained yahoo thought processes that unfortunately prevail in todays society. Pay such folks no never mind, Bob.
  14. I so enjoyed the two $8.99 a pound Star Market lobsters I had Saturday, that I bought another $8.99 lobster Sunday. If Star still has them, I may go for one today. Star steamed them for me. Re: uncooked roe. Yesterday's lobster had it some. Interestingly, it also had a small strip of cooked (red) roe.