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  1. This whole episode, with Amazon looking for a headquarters, was a ruse. Bezos most valuable asset is his time. Does anyone really think that Bezos would use his time commuting to and from offices in cities located away from his homes? Of course not. It was always, from the beginning, Queens and VA. Both within an easy commute for Bezos.
  2. Per US News, it was Movinga, a German relocation company. Boston narrowly beat out Munich for the top spot.
  3. 18 years ago, I caught a yellow tagged ALS fish in the Canal. Info received back from ALS stated the fish was 43" when released 11/14/99 in Delaware Bay, NJ. When I recaptured it on 8/03/00, the fish still measured 43". My ALS "prize" for recapturing the fish was a "goldfish" patch denoting the recapture of a tagged fish.
  4. Lock-Ober's also had a good run. 135+ years.
  5. From a NYT article some years back.... 1) Prohibiting MJ has enormous social costs. Thousands of hours arresting, booking and imprisoning recreational MJ users. 2) Benefits of criminalization of recreational MJ are minuscule to nonexistent. Criminalization has not affected general usage.
  6. …....and let's not forget the individual investment opportunities that will open to you, me and others as this industry begins to scale.
  7. I thought not, but years back it may have been upstairs. I'll defer to you if you frequented the place. Place is now Sullivan's Tap, which I recall as a dive bar with sticky floors and smelling of spilt malt beverages and other unmentionables.
  8. Bernie, sadly, your not too far off on that. The irony of this MJ store being located on Friend St., is that The City of Boston runs the Bay Cove Substance Abuse Center one street over on Canal St.
  9. Yes it is, Carl. After retirement, Sharkey ran a drinking establishment on Canal Street. The place had, and maybe still does, the longest bar in the US. The MJ store will be on Friend St., one street down from Canal. Both streets are off Causeway and across from the Garden/North Station.
  10. May Bob's family find peace and comfort.
  11. We inner city folks are bracing for the crowds that will descend on Andrea Cabral's pot shop that will soon open at 272 Friend St., steps away from TD Garden. Customers will have to park at local garages, or take the T, or walk-in. I'm curious to see if the BPD will limit the number of customers in line outside the establishment. If there is no restriction, I suspect you'll see a line snaking twice, maybe three times around the block.
  12. John Gulla would have been shocked.
  13. …...…..and a safe and healthy 2019 to you and your family, Carl.
  14. Yep, that is how I remember him. Met Ted, his handler and his son, John Henry years back. I accompanied them from the Copley Plaza in Boston, to the Days Inn in Nashua NH. Ted and his handler were laid back and very nice. John Henry was very spirited....always on the go.
  15. Bob, I remember that set up very well...I also bought many shiners from Pete. Pete had two sons, Rich and Bobby. Bobby passed a few years back. Did you know that Pete had a shiner pond in Millbury? That is where he kept his shiner "inventory".