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  1. I have yet to see any at my feeder. Maybe I don’t have enough flowers around to attract them yet. Iris are growing and peonies are almost ready which should help to attract them.
  2. However it’s highly appropriate
  3. Even though it is next door to a nuclear power plant Whitehorse is a great beach. Knuckleheads like those two drive up the price tags for living on the adjacent streets. Residents must purchase a sticker and because of this incident a debate has begun to examine towing cars.
  4. Is this a discussion on the impact of the striped bass fishery by the grey seal population?
  5. Best wings around and can give Wendell’s in Norton a run for their money.
  6. Use them all the time and have fun tying them during the off season. I like big Deceiver’s 3/0 4/0 and even 5/0. Drop a chartreuse or neon pattern with a jig head for sea bass
  7. Too unpredictable
  8. All I can think about is Bubba’s momma asking Forest Gump “are ya’ stupid or something?” No F’ing way should this be done because the current and troughs are too unpredictable. I’ve seen someone jump in from a boat due to a mechanical problem and he had a hard time. Bad bad idea!
  9. The glass eel market is highly regulated and lucrative. Beware if you are unlicensed and caught the man will throw the book at you.
  10. Korkers
  11. A buddy of mine who lives in New Jersey told me that it is common to get an unexpected knock on the door by Hasidic Jews with a briefcase full of money. Even if the house is not for sale.
  12. They are right in time
  13. It’s the Groundhog Day effect
  14. Welcome aboard and second on reading about fishing. Use the search feature here and get to know your local area. There are good books available that cover equipment and the nuts and bolts of surfcasting.
  15. They were in my yard yesterday eating small red berries
  16. The state stocks twice a year. Check the ma.gov trout stocking website for information.
  17. Get the fudge outta here...dandelions in January? NO F’ing way
  18. Welcome aboard. You can fish all year because many ponds are stocked with trout by the state. When you start seeing dandelions it’s time to hit the salt.
  19. What is a rod and reel set up for pike?
  20. Sit Ubu...good dog
  21. Happy New Year
  22. A fillet knife is similar to a chef’s knife so no big deal. The 4” restriction is for personal knifes that are concealed.
  23. Check with your local police department. Usually anything over 4” is illegal.