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  1. 1 hour ago, East Tide said:

    I used to be one of those guys. I live 1500 miles away now! I know how it works so that's why I was asking for some help.

    Just ask the clerk to get you what you specifically want. They are usually very receptive and patient with you if not too busy. However selection has been poor in the last couple of years so I go on delivery day to optimize.

  2. 1 min ago, Highlander1 said:

     Goose Hummock is the only one I am familiar with, I believe the one in Eastham by the Ben and Jerrys is closed as well as Nelsons in P-Town. Anything else in that once legendary stretch? Even Wellfleet has nothing?

    Is this a discussion on the impact of the  striped bass fishery by the grey seal population?

  3. All I can think about is Bubba’s momma asking Forest Gump “are ya’ stupid or something?”


    No F’ing way should this be done because the current and troughs are too unpredictable. I’ve seen someone jump in from a boat due to a mechanical problem and he had a hard time. 

    Bad bad idea!

  4. On 3/4/2021 at 10:40 PM, z-man said:

    It seems like it’s mostly city people and out of starters wanting to move to the suburbs due to Covid. Every time there’s an open house around here there will be cars lining the entire street. Many of them have NY and NJ plates. The houses are selling immediately. It’s insane. I’ve also noticed that a lot of the vacant lots are now being cleared out and houses built. I’m wondering how many new kids are going to be added to the school system from all of this. Our schools are already pretty full. 

    A buddy of mine who lives in New Jersey told me that it is common to get an unexpected knock on the door by Hasidic Jews with a briefcase full of money. Even if the house is not for sale.

  5. 11 hours ago, Cmac3358 said:

    So I’m local to the Essex river Gloucester Rockport area but regularly drive 2-3 hours to fish anyways. 


    13 hours ago, Angler #1 said:

    Welcome Cmac3358 to Sol . Advice on fishing the surf comes in many forms and the first thing is never be afraid to experiment from what ever you may read or hear about a subject. Reading is your biggest teacher and the more you read the more you learn . What you may need to fish the surf will be different then what you might want to choose when you go out in your kayak . Try to remain safe no matter what or where you go You will find plenty of information here to get you started and once you get to specific element of the fishing you want to do, bait,artificial s,like plugs and Jigs it might be easier to help you. We have some nice young fishermen who post here and hopefully they will be able to get you started into a very consuming sport, we all call fishing.

    I would suggest that you obtain a note book and start a journal that will become part of you as you age and learn more about fishing itself.

    Peace and Prayers

    Welcome aboard and second on reading about fishing. Use the search feature here and get to know your local area. There are good books available that cover equipment and the nuts and bolts of surfcasting. 

  6. 1 min ago, JohnDe said:

    Took a walk yesterday in the upper Buzzards Bay area.  It was about 44 degrees out.  Saw lots of dandelions. I said to my wife that this used to be a sign that the shad are running in the Merrimack. They weeds were somewhat stunted but definitely blooming. Had me scratching my head.


    Get the fudge outta here...dandelions in January? NO F’ing way