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  1. Often times the fish are hooked within 20 feet of the wave crest on shore in the wash. I prefer 2 to 3 oz lures when surfcasting. The latter is my extreme. As far as colors go keep it simple: black, white, red (occasionally).
  2. First, I know that Curry College is not the most prestigious academic institution in Massachusetts. But please don't give college a bad name with poor grammar. You're a football player and you're better than that! Second, I would start with either Houghton's Pond or Jamaica Pond as both bodies of water are stocked annually. Jamaica Pond has some big fish! A six to seven foot medium to medium heavy action rod with 8 to 12 lb test will be fine. For saltwater I would start over at the JFK Library in Dorchester. That may be the closest spot for you from Milton. P & J Bait and Tackle on Dot Ave is a good place to ask for more local info. I would also suggest Boston Harbor, and The Cut in Weymouth. There are plenty of other shore based spots to fish from located north and south of Curry. Make an effort to scout the areas at low tide and see what the conditions and structure are like. Furthermore, make sure that you have good gear. The stuff at Dick's and Walmart is for the most part cheap. Invest in a quality rod and reel, and equipment. As you get more into this wonderful obsession you will appreciate quality gear. I know that money can be tough while your in college. But if you are are going to do something do it right or don't do it at all. Good luck!
  3. Directions from Providence to Plymouth: 95 North to 195 East to 495 North to Rt 58 which will take you to the Rt 3 exit 6 area in Plymouth. The only traffic that you should hit with this route would be in Providence. Now, if you get hungry along the way I recommend the following and because I am Portuguese I'm going to plug some of my favorite places to eat following my suggested route. In Providence: Constantino's next to the fountain on Atwell's Ave, and Andino's (same street) ask to sit in the court yard. In Fall River: O'Gil 915 County St - phenomenal steak sandwich, ask for extra peppers. A large is huge!!! Also, Calderias Restaurant 990 Pleasant St is excellent! In Westport: Portas da Cidade 231 State Rd, Westport is awesome. It's right off of 195. Further off the beaten path is the Back Eddy, 1 Bridge Road Westport, is a nice place with a deck overlooking the Westport River. Beware it gets crowded! In New Bedford: For fried seafood try The End Zone on Coggeshall St. It's right off of 195 as well but the cooks get a little sloppy when its busy. Just down the road on Bellville Ave is the M & C Cafe: really good food and cheap too. (Most of these places are very inexpensive). Cafe Europa and Cafe Mimo are tied as my second favorite restaurants. Both are located on Acushnet Ave in New Bedford. Finally and again Inner Bay on Cove Road is my go to spot. I have had some of the best meals of my life there and I always look forward to eating there. It's about 10 minutes from 195 but I promise you its the best! In Mattapoisett: Turk's on Rt 6 is known for their sushi. In Marion: The Brew and Fish is just off of Rt 6. It used to be The Wave but I have not been there yet. If you choose to go the long way and take 25 to rt 6 to rt 3 and hug the Canal: In Wareham: Even though I always fell like a fat slob after I have eaten there Lindsey's on Rt 6 is good. In fact other than Marc Anthony's in Onset it's the only place in Wareham that I would recommend. In Bourne: Krua Thai...there is something really good about this little hole in the wall on Main Street right next to the railroad bridge which I will fish with an east to west current. AND if you really feel like letting loose and pounding a few beers after loosing several jigs to The Ditch there's always The Port O' Call. Good luck and I hope that you are able to stop at some of these great places.
  4. For fried seafood Wood's Seafood in Plymouth is very good. Address is 15 Town Warf. The Shanty Rose next door is a good relaxing adult spot too. If you are willing to drive to New Bedford I recommend Inner Bay Restaurant 1339 Cove Rd, New Bedford, MA. They have the best grilled fish I have ever had. Order off the specials menu and get a nice bottle of Portuguese wine. Closed on Wednesday's. Happy eating, and fishing too.
  5. Hello. I am looking for any reports on the conditions along the National Seashore. Thanks.
  6. That's wicked funny. I prefer big women, just like the fish that I am looking for.
  7. There's always custom rods. I live in Massachusetts and purchased a very durable, lightweight 8 foot rod at CMS in New Bedford, MA several years ago. It is by far my favorite rod, and has plenty of back bone for surf casting and fishing the Cape Cod Canal. If custom is not the route or price tag that you want to go on the rod (although I think they are) don't skimp on the reel. Try Penn's BT series. I have an 11 foot Penn Prevail with a Penn BT8000 reel that I rig with 50 braid. The entire system cost me about $220 with tax. The reel is sturdy and smooth.
  8. A few years back I was fishing the area and spotted a seal at dusk. About an hour into it I feel a yank on my eel. I caught nothing and was frustrated by this. But what concerns me as far as the fishing factor goes is will bass still follow their night time feeding habits with the presence of apex predators and seals as well. Has anyone who fishes this area seen a drop off in fish?