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  1. A Howitzer, M1Abrams tank, and Warthog
  2. Baitfish swim into the wind
  3. Sounds like you’re trying to build a boat rod for the surf.
  4. I use a Lamiglas GSB 1210 M for just about everything and out of all the rods that I own it has the best feel when working eels. The rod was built at CMS and you could post your question on the rod building forum.
  5. I don’t think about weight rather I look at size and this is personal preference. About 16” is what I prefer.
  6. Fizzy is saying that he is ignorant and foolish.
  7. Hopefully they send him the bill for this
  8. Go get a hair cut hippie!
  9. Don’t go wading in the mud flats!
  10. Legal You can keep only one fish in a 24 hour period in Massachusetts
  11. Do some reading on the when, where, and how - Skinner, Daignault, et al. Get out during the day at low tide and scout areas; use online maps to fine structure. For your rod/reel combo 30 lb braid and a 3ft monofilament leader at 40lbs will do. Learn some knots such as Paloma, Alberto, cinch...find out what works for you. Clips are good for easy on and off switching of lures. For the most part keep it simple : bucktails, SP Minnows, and darters in white, yellow, blurple.
  12. I love using live eels but have drawn back on the frequency of doing so as the stock is taking a beating. Ideally I prefer them to be in the middleweight division - lean and mean at about 16 inches. My local shop takes care of me and has let me pick the ones I want on many occasions. Those big ones in your traps would be better off running wild and free to help the stock but if you’re intent on using them fire away because stripers love eels.
  13. The beach...I like my sanity
  14. Looking for a knowledgeable and honest mechanic with experience on Cadillac Northstar engines in the Plymouth, Buzzards Bay, or Upper cape areas. Thanks
  15. Pounded the tar out of a point with a boulder field in late fall during 40 mph winds with a bucktail. They were biting within five to ten feet of the rock I was standing on. I like to get out when a storm is approaching and the barometer starts triggering the feed.
  16. Taking him to the Canal at any point and time is a good way to lose your inheritance.
  17. Could be a rabbit or deer; if it’s insects spray for them but read the labels warning about eating what you spray
  18. There is a thread for kayaks
  19. My mom would make broiled haddock almost every Friday when I was growing up.
  20. Those guys will be here during the next new moon
  21. Cape Cod Lobster Rolls in Onset
  22. I can see the headlines now: 2nd Corona Virus Wave Hits Massachusetts, Contact tracing pinpoints the epicenter at a place called Area 51 in Buzzards Bay.
  23. Nothing like biting into a raw onion. POLISH POWER!!!