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  1. Stolen or possibly repossessed?
  2. Very common tree in eastern Virginia
  3. And that is why I take my gear with me down the rip rap or go to a beach and fish alone.
  4. Supreme surf bags for me.
  5. Being 6’4 and 275lbs doesn’t hurt! He’s a good guy and so is his dad.
  6. Just finishing up
  7. A nice gentle but steady rain in south Plymouth.
  8. Francis...LMFAO
  9. Have your bigger fish been caught on high slack or low slack?
  10. I am asking the question in a general sense without any specifics other than high or low water periods and big fish, i.e., 30+ lbs.
  11. One tactic to consider is to fly fish when they won’t hit what your throwing.
  12. Stetzko made and threw needles with teasers successfully.
  13. Anyone know what type of mushrooms these are? Thanks
  14. They are remarkable animals that are tough as nails!
  15. All chipmunks must die! Good for you Bob!
  16. Any 5 gallon bucket will do but the snakes will adapt their color to that of the bucket. Buy a fish filter and fill the bucket with cold water and cover it. They will get out if you don’t. I’ve had eels last over a week with this method by changing the water. Use a laundry bag to carry when you go fishing. Keep the rod tip up and reel them in so slowly that it’s boring. Once you feel the tap drop the tip and let the fish take the eel; set the hook when you feel the weight. 6/0 or 7/0 hooks. I like Mustad 94150 but the change to a circle hook this year.
  17. Started last night - one schoolie
  18. What does the consensus say about which part of the state to fish as the barometer falls?
  19. If it works then have at it. Just avoid Area 51...bad hombres tend to gather there.
  20. News reports from last night had Nauset shut down due shark siting. Plymouth harbor master filmed a tuna fairly close to shore reported too. There is a seal (or more) in the Ditch that I keep hearing at night. Still you have to get out there and fish.
  21. 15 - 20 lbs
  22. A Howitzer, M1Abrams tank, and Warthog
  23. Baitfish swim into the wind