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  1. Sit Ubu...good dog
  2. Happy New Year
  3. A fillet knife is similar to a chef’s knife so no big deal. The 4” restriction is for personal knifes that are concealed.
  4. Check with your local police department. Usually anything over 4” is illegal.
  5. @Southcoastphil @TimS Is there a Christmas auction this year? I’m happy to donate.
  6. Aside from that tying up a bunch passes the time during the winter. Doubles are fun too.
  7. 2nd for Grundens. Under Armor type cold clothing as a base layer too.
  8. Get both of them and seat your real on them, feel them out and get the one that feels the best to you. The decision boils down to personal preference.
  9. When you wake up and say damn it’s cold I’m going back to bed.
  10. Clip prevents you from cutting into your leader. Alberto to leader, improved cinch to clip. Easy on easy off.
  11. Tony Stetzko caught his 73lb record on an eel and teaser rig. Any guesses as to witch one “Bertha” decided to eat?
  12. Thank you Ford Motor Co., for switching the oil pan plug from metal to plastic.
  13. 40 mph wind and steady rain in Plymouth
  14. Local drought conditions have opened up a lot of shoreline at the kettle ponds.
  15. Any recommendations for a 5wt rod for all around trout fishing for under $400? I will be using streamers, nymphs, etc. Thanks!
  16. Dovekie
  17. Have any of you Trolls fly fished in Western Mass? Looking for intel on access, patterns, parking, food and lodging.
  18. Any for sale?
  19. What ever became of the film that was being made about Tony?
  20. Thanks for sharing