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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. After researching ratings, reviews, and pricing I decided on a set of Continental Terrain Contact A/T. My mpg has improved but I believe that is due to having new tires compared to the originals with over 75k miles. I paid just over $1300 for the tires, alignment, and protection plan. One drawback is the noise level is higher than the Goodyear Wranglers. Time will provide feedback after taking the truck off road.
  2. My biggest concern is loss or gain of mpg. Current Goodyear’s average 23 mpg at 65mph on economy mode; over 70 it tanks to 18-19. Several reviews of other manufacturers indicate a one or two mpg loss with similar but less expensive tires. The majority (90%) of my driving is highway and the remaining is backroads.
  3. Looking for recommendations for a new set of tires for a 2019 F150. Currently have the original factory Goodyear Wrangler 275/55/20 113T all terrain tires. Any recommendations or insights would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Is this applicable to a certain body of water bordered by three bridges? What leader tippet rule do you use for fly fishing?
  5. Based on locations or types of areas worked: Open beaches: 2 oz needlefish or darter with a teaser Canal: 2 - 3 oz soft plastic or bucktail Boulderfield: weighted Bomber or bucktail ( size gets determined by tide height and speed plus structure).
  6. heyblue34


    Anything by John Skinner or Frank Daignault.
  7. Similar to other gear selection questions it boils down to personal preferences. What works best for your areas and types of fishing may personally differ from your neighbors and other geographic locations. The one constant in surfcasting is the use of a leader which provokes a fluorocarbon vs monofilament debate. My rule is to use a leader 10lbs heavier than the braid tied by an Alberto knot in order to prevent a barrel swivel from hitting the top guide.
  8. I received an email for the new site yesterday and thought the same.
  9. Has anyone here used a kayak to fish the Deerfield River? I know float tubes are common sights but is a fishing kayak common and safe on any of the Deerfield (or any of the western Mass rivers)?
  10. Has anyone here used a kayak to fish the Deerfield River? I know float tubes are common sights but is a fishing kayak common and safe?
  11. Perhaps they realized the state will have more money coming in from the millionaires who haven’t left yet.
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