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  1. Take the wood handle from a mop or a broom and cut it in half.
  2. Maybe that’s the way the Canal is headed. An alternative would be an exorbitantly expensive Canal license. Bad apples spoiling the whole bunch!
  3. And that is more than enough to call the police!
  4. Pack it in just salt or an actual brine (salt and hot water then cooled down)?
  5. The advantages are scent and ability to get them down into holes. I will fish live eels at slack along some seams and rips but it’s a short window over there until you need weight because of the current.
  6. Blah blah blah
  7. @Jdeverett A few tips on the linguistics of our beloved accent... Say it fast but draw it out then chop it off, e.g., Medford is pronounced Medffa and Worcester is pronounced Wooosta. We’ve been here since 1620 so we pronounce words correctly and the rest of the country is wrong, especially New York. Develop a bad attitude, couple that with the misery of winter yet conversely fill yourself with hope that the Sox will win it all and watch them choke after the all star break. Good luck and Welcome to Taxachussets!
  8. Good Morning
  9. Thank you Tim
  10. Main land side between the bridges
  11. No one is going to give you a spot on where to fish. Do some reading about surfcasting to give you more insight on gear, timing, techniques etc. And yes Google earth is your friend.
  12. I swore to myself that I heard your voice across the water this morning!
  13. Not so fast my friend... https://whdh.com/news/http-whdh-com-news-fisherman-captures-stunning-video-of-orca-whale-swimming-off-cape-cod/
  14. You’re right Bob, they are here to stay and no politician around here except for Crazy Leo has the guts to call for a cull. I can’t give you a number but as they push west and bring the sharks some poor individual is going to get attacked. Again all of the naysayers will point the finger at the shark and say that something needs to be done about them which is the most absurd thing with this issue. Were the seals an issue issue when the herd was about 5,000? Was the fishing on the back side still good at that time? I recall reading an article that quoted the late Tony Stetzko who said that the bass smartened up and would not run the seal gauntlet following the night tides inshore. How long is it going to take until the entire Massachusetts coast is inundated with seals and the striped bass just say no way, we’re not going there? Their in Boston, the Canal, and even as far as Montauk, NY. The best part about this is the possibility of killer whales coming in to feast. Oh man, they are a game changer!
  15. The change in the statute is a given (and a huge mountain to climb). Political fear of loosing votes from the environmental voters has been what’s holding back the politicians from doing anything about the seals. I support the sharks as they are the only species around that can kill those slugs (legally). However, going for a dip at the beach or kayaking the salt is no longer on my radar. Face it, our summer traditions have to be changed at the beach but we could decrease the chances of a shark attack if the grey seal herd on the Cape was isolated rather than spreading far and wide. With the seals comes the sharks. Talk to to the full time commercial guys and see how pissed off they are with the seals because they eat all of the ground fish. When more of the herd starts moving into the already ridiculously crowded Ditch their going to shag an easy meal off of someone’s line. Yet they remain unchecked the way other wild life are and continue to decimate fish stocks.