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  1. In the ocean…sorry! Not really.
  2. Bananas is good!
  3. Killer whale spotted in CCB and hopefully they find the seals. https://www.wcvb.com/amp/article/orca-whale-spotted-off-cape-cod-by-fishing-crew/40018942
  4. Southwest
  5. Standard response followed by a few Hail Mary’s for lying.
  6. Please tell me that this is a joke!
  7. I stopped by Whole Foods in lovely Hingham and they had whole shrimp. I made shrimp and grits which I have had a hankering for lately. Thanks y'all.
  8. Where can I locally (Eastern Massachusetts) buy wild and preferably fresh shrimp caught in the USA? From what I am seeing in the grocery stores their either farm raised or frozen from Indonesia.
  9. I have seen several bald eagles in Plymouth during the last couple of years but I am not sure if they are in Middlesex county. Most of the ponds in the southeastern part of the state are kettle ponds of varying depth and little structure. What structure does your pond have and how deep is it? Masswildlife has information on lakes and ponds and will serve as a good online reference for you. Good luck!
  10. Agree with you as there is no “correct” method to fishing only what someone prefers and works for them. I fish eels with a 7/0 hook on a 3ft leader with a 4/0 or 5/0 deceiver fly about a foot above the eel on a dropper loop.
  11. ??? I have never heard of this set up nor have any reason to do so.
  12. Picture?
  13. Just throwing some caution into the conversation. There are frequent GWS sightings around Manomet and I have seen numerous grey and harbor seals from Scusset to Manomet Point. There are plenty of surfcasting locations along the coast and lot's of sweet water to get out in the yak.
  14. Alberto Knot for braid to leader. Will use a dropper loop for a teaser and clinch knot to a TA clip. Palomar is a great knot too and I like it’s simplicity.