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  1. Can’t say enough great things about Lamiglas GSB 1201 M. The rod is versatile and designed to do a lot of things very well rather than one thing. Picked mine up at CMS and take it with me every time I fish
  2. Must have been a few ladies around
  3. Plenty of rats still there; you can hear them moving around the rip rap at night
  4. A little late to be stirring the pot
  5. Pick up some reading material (Skinner, Daignault) to give you insight about what your looking for. Not sure of your son’s age but sometimes you have to move to get a spot. Use google earth and look for inlets, drop offs, and boulder fields.
  6. Thinking about stocking up my freezer with some fish and I have had some great days out there on the yak. Just don’t want to run the gauntlet against whitey especially since there were confirmed reports over there.
  7. I’m thinking about putting in my kayak nearby to fish the old channel. Any concerns about Mr. White this time of year?
  8. Tony Stetzko caught his 73 lb world record striper on a teaser and eel set up. Guess which one Bertha chose? When I first read about his story I was mesmerized that a fish that big could be caught from shore. Digging through all of the information that I could gather I discovered that he fished with teasers all of time because it’s fishing two lures at once. Get a feel for what works best for you and perfect it. I tie my own teasers and have gotten a lot of satisfaction and relaxation doing so during the off season. My preferred method is a dropper loop on monofilament about 16-20” above the lure. I like the dropper because it allows a quick change out if the tease is damaged or I want to change colors.
  9. Please share your recipe for bread!!! I am new and horrible to baking and would appreciate some help.
  10. I would tear that apart in seconds!!!
  11. The targeting aspect of this discussion is a completely different ballgame that you will have to focus on. Do some research and reading up on surfcasting, I.e., when where why how, and get out there and fish.
  12. Your reel has a bunch of numbers on it that indicate line capacity of either braid or monofilament line. Check the capacity amounts for the reel and decide what type of line you are going to use. Spool you’re reel depending on what your targeting. For the most part surfcasters in Massachusetts are using PowerPro o Spiderwire braid in moss green plus a leader. The leader, about three feet long and ten pounds heavier than the braid weight, monofilament or fluorocarbon, gives you abrasion resistance.
  13. Where can you even buy a mask...or toilet paper?
  14. Put that on the menu!!!