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  2. LMFAO!!!
  3. @justcameslabdaddy Nice flies! What is your recipe for these?
  4. Good discussion on this topic by Pat Desmaris on WXTK 95.1 fm yesterday. One caller made an excellent point: you can abort a fetus but you can’t kill a seal. Anyway, it seems to be that people are starting to point fingers at great whites as the problem. This is too bad because the real problem is the seals and the damage that they do the ecosystem. As this colony goes so does their push to find food. I have seen grey seals in the Canal and in Manomet. If you see them during the day just pack up and go where they aren’t. However this may be impossible along the backside as the heard is everywhere. Your best bet is to stake out your location during the day and hit it at night.
  5. Jump on 495 and go to Bears Den in Taunton.
  6. What wide gap hook would you recommend for live eels?
  7. Good for you! Maybe we’re on the same page when it comes to the 2nd Amendment and keeping America great.
  8. Taking a shot here ...you’re from Jersey and carry a go pro with you when you fish
  9. See what your local shop has first, there may be something. Otherwise, Griffin Superior 3ARP Vise is $110 on the big jungle warehouse site. Get your bodkin, scissors, and thread at your local shop.
  10. Seriously, how high can personal ignorance stack the deck against an innocent child?
  11. New Bedford
  12. No lie but my wife’s previous employer owned a daycare center and one day she asked me how to pronounce La-a. ”Ladasha” LMFAO
  13. I fish a lot of beaches without a soul in site (knock on wood) and the Canal. How do they expect to enforce the circle hook requirements with limited staff and a lot of beach to cover? Seriously, if they want to have an impact they should eliminate the commercial harvest, put more EPO’s on, and increase the minimum size to 34”. Plus, restrict non residents from the Ditch from May through August.