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  1. Even though I pigged out at the buffet at White’s of Westport reading this just put a rumble in my belly! Happy Easter everyone
  2. Usually scratches can be buffed out. Any reputable detailer in your are can do it.
  3. A hotel too
  4. Good Morning
  5. Good Morning
  6. Similar for me but I beat the hell out of the new moons throughout the season. This year is a toss up between no sleep and bad eating habits or proper sleep better eating and going to the gym. Ah f it...you only live once see y’all out there
  7. Good Morning
  8. Good Morning and Happy Patriots Day
  9. Good Morning
  10. Get a bike.
  11. Good Morning
  12. Good Morning
  13. As a non practicing Catholic I am well aware of the Resurrection. Someone please tell me that my eyes have deceived me and tell me that this thread, as painfully entertaining as it was, is kaput! Thanks and remember Jesus loves you