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  1. Yeah Michael I get it...next to impossible because their big eyes make soccer mom voters go “awwww look at how cute they are.” The fact is, and listening to WXTK 95.1 there are local reps who have called for action, Gov. Baker included.
  2. Michael, The seals are the “endangered” species although I don’t see how one estimated local colony of 15,000 plus animals could be. Grey seals are in Massachusetts waters from Scituate to The Ditch to Ptown and all along the backside. According to multiple studies they eat surprise surprise...fish! Every thing a striped bass eats is on the same menu for the seals, including the bass. A good chunk of their diet is sand eels which just in case you have been living under a rock is one bait in particular that stripers eat. Also, you can add in lobster, crabs, mackerel, skate, fluke, and herring. I am not sure if you have ever fished the Canal when the herring are running but every year more and more Grey seals park themselves just out side of the herring run and gorge themselves. Harbor seals have at it too, and one decided to set up shop for a week in the Wareham run this past spring. Eating anywhere from 4 to 6 percent of their own body weight per day (over 500 lbs) they impact everything in their sites: bait fish, game fish, surfcasters, commercial fishermen, bait and tackle shops, restaurants, hotels and motels, and beach goers. There was a time when Cape businesses extended their seasons for the fall run but that is now gone due to the grey seal eating everything in site. Furthermore, and this is not rocket science but their are two additional factors that have an impact on human beings: Great White Sharks (1 death and another bite victim in 2018), and their piss and ****e wherever they are. Ever walk a backside beach and come upon something really foul? Seriously Michael.
  3. Yeah! Cheaper to buy the materials and make it. I looked around and discovered that these are made oversees (Asia) and are mass produced. That makes me question the quality. These look just like giant deceivers with peacock hurl and flashabou. Maybe an blurple, black and red for a teaser. Thinking about white and yellow or chartreuse.
  4. Call 911, police and fire carry Narcan in addition to EMS.
  5. We have had a couple of overdoses in the last year when we had to give multiple doses of Narcan in order to bring the person back. Ten years ago we were giving small doses of Narcan and they would come too fairly quickly as the heroin was not as strong. Today the dealers cut heroin with fentanyl or carfentanil both known to be very powerful synthetic opioids. When the word on the street gets out that so and so drug dealer has the strongest stuff the product gets watered down even more and profits go up. Also, one of the medics who works at my station told me recently that there is a methamphetamine problem on the Cape. My understanding is that the only cure for that is either time or death. Heroin users more or less pass out and go off into la la land (albeit this is how they wind up dying because the drug effects the body’s ability to control breathing) but meth heads are paranoid out of control toothless zombies. When you see someone pass out, blue in the face, sweaty, and having a hard time breathing check for pin point pupils - that’s opioids. They need Narcan. Conversely when you see toothless zombies speak softly and carry a ver big stick.
  6. Seriously Mike? I am on my first cup of coffee so forgive my bluntness: have you you been living under a rock lately?
  7. Right, someone posted an article about that a month or so ago. The big question that remains to be even asked in these parts is when will the powers that be wake up and acknowledge the negative impact of the Grey seals in Massachusetts?
  8. Same here but I will stick with traditional colors like white, yellow, and black. From what I could find is that TK uses this when fishing for exotic species in exotic places
  9. All the best Bonefish!
  10. I saw this at the shop recently. Does anyone have any familiarity with this.
  11. Thanks for the heads up
  12. There is a reason why the Spinfisher has been around for a long time; it’s a work horse that can take a pounding and keep going. Great reel for the money. The Slammer III IMHO is even better. Very smooth drag, big retrieve rates and powerful. It’s a little heavy but put one on your rod to feel the balance. I have both reels and have absolute confidence in each one.
  13. Count me in!
  14. Starting out you will be fine with just white. Grab a few buck tails from half an ounce up to three (1/2, 3/4, 1, 1.5, 2) SP Minnow and SS Darter.