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  1. The Know Nothing Party- wait that one was taken in 1855. Maybe the revival know nothings? They seem to have similar platforms.
  2. I guess if you label half of America as enemies you don’t need to look for things that “bind us together”. Sad and antithetical to everything America has stood for over the last 242 years.
  3. exactly- especially the point about the christian right. Think about that today- Tax day- while all the "churches", including all the televangelists, pay NO taxes!
  4. Snowflakes are melting today- spring is just around the corner
  5. Its the robots-- those manufacturing jobs are gone- forever! Invest - dare I say it- in education so those workers know how to run a high tech manufacturing plant. Unfortunately only a fraction of workers are needed than on an assembly line.
  6. Can I have some of what you’re smoking? Sounds like it’s really good stuff.
  7. Just returned from a trip north of the border. Visited 3 fly shops all of which sold polar bear- in fact they had a wide supply of colors. While the patches were relativley small, they sold for about 7-10 $ canadian. This is my first fly with PB- I used a small amount of white bucktail for the tail then the rest was white PB, including using some of the underfur in the fly. Used senyo laser dub in the head. Second image is after quick bath. Might use shorter hackles and peacock next time.
  8. I often wonder what to do with my flies as they pile up. I usually just stare at them and bitch that I'm not fishing.
  9. In 2006 the army field manuel specifically ruled out extended interrogation techniques which includes water boarding. Torture may satisfy your baser nature but it doesn’t work- never has. In fact it goes against EVERYTHING the USA has ever stood for. It’s a sad state of affairs that this is even still a conversation.
  10. Robbing liberty? More like a lack of common sacrifice and purpose. No doubt those who served volunteered and as a country we should be grateful. But it’s all soooo easy to keep sending them in when it’s not you or yours being killed.
  11. The problem is that there is no draft- lets see all the rah rah when kids are being drafted. There is a huge disconnect between the sacrifice some give and the platitude "thank you for your service". We would have left Afganistan a LONG time ago
  12. Really? I see armed guards at Newark all the time.
  13. 1/6/2017 - Ft Lauderdale airport.. 5 killed 6 injured. I'm sure this was an anomaly. More guns have to be the answer. Maybe the airport cops were eating dognuts and coffee. We should arm all travelers so they can respond. Hell- let them carry on the plane.
  14. How about we start simple-- make it harder (NOT BAN) a gun and increase mental health services. Rather than spend millions arming more people that may or may not be adeqautely trained for these situations. The fact that aTRAINED LEO stood outside should give everyone pause with the idea of arming teachers.
  15. More guns= more violence/deaths. It's a rather simple equation. The whole discussion of arming teachers is a diversion away from the root of the problem which isn't going to change anytime soon. I actually think the autopsy images should be shown on TV. Let's see what the average citizen thinks when they see bodies torn apart. Till then- nothing changes.
  16. Since it seems the availability of guns isn’t the reason for all these mass shootings I can only surmise America has the largest percentage of “crazy” people than any other modern country maybe in history. Couldn’t be the guns- nah. There will be no changes. There will only be more mass shootings. Get used to it.
  17. A fetus is a potential life prior to about 23 weeks and less than 500gms. A medical fact.
  18. See that’s your inconsistency- you care more about a fetus than a kid in school where I care more about the kid in school then a fetus. One thing I think is true - not one thing will change until the right is finally fed up with innocent people being slaughtered and that may never happen.
  19. Those were my thoughts- the slaughter is what we as a society have to accept for the full realization of the constitutional right to bear arms. I hear all types of suggestions from left of center but nothing from the right. Leads me to believe that this is what we have to accept until those that hold the second amendment soooo dearly are willing to compromise. Till then there will only be more Columbine, sandy hooks, aurora CO, Texas church, Virginia tech, Florida school etc mass shootings.
  20. Again- for this unique American issue, the easy (in states like FL, TX, NV) access to guns, the price we pay as a society is the now routine slaughter of kids and adults in public venues. Doesn't seem to be an issue elsewhere other then combat zones and third world countries. It's in the constitution and that's the price (unless enough people are fed up) - face it. BTW- this applies to inner cites also. Rather than go round and round I'll leave my comments there.
  21. No- and I’ve not asked nor advocated to ban any weapon. What I do have a problem with is making access to weapons sooo easy. Legal but requiring a process, maybe a waiting period, seems like a reasonable step. Will it eliminate gun related violence - probably not but I believe it can only help. This is a real problem that is uniquely American - there’s no doubt about that.
  22. My error- that makes it all ok. Feel better?
  23. While I understand statistics with this group will be dismissed out of hand it's clear that we in America have a problem that NO OTHER modern nation has. People taking guns that shoot a lot of bullets and were designed for the military into public places to kill as many people as they can isn't seen elsewhere, except in ****hole countries. That's why the "not one inch" crowd should just be honest and say that slaughtered people in public places is the price for their unfettered access to guns. Be honest.
  24. I did read it-- hence my comment that its been decided that's it is an accepted cost to the current situation. I don't hear anyone advocating for any meaningful change to the current laws.