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  1. Sent. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and putting in the time
  2. Fishingmaniyaks your days of being top fisherman in the house are numbered. Hope all is well
  3. Wow!! Thank you both for sharing.
  4. FishingmaniYaks great pic of your son he did some work for that. Nice fishing with you guys today. I appreciate you taking time for that pic. I’ll give you a shout soon
  5. *********** in pp. I'm 6' and 175 got the large there is plenty of room to layer up
  6. Bought this rod early spring and love it. Fish up to 20lbs for me on this rod. Super light. throws 1/2 oz stuff well and I've thrown up to 2 oz really well. Great rod
  7. I have done this both ways and find that duracoat paint works best if you want that new look. Shiney needs too much work. Econoil has the the right idea looks great. Here's a couple with duracoat
  8. PVC cheap and light weight
  9. I have the same top for 3 seasons now no problems. Rinse after every outing. Never sprayed with with any water waterproofing. Let dry and hang in closet. I wear under armor underneath was good to 30 degrees last season really stops the wind. I wear it over waders surf belt clinched down no gaskets on sleeves or neck so water gets in. I don't wade out to far with this top. It's a great top in the right applications. Hope this helps.
  10. Voted thanks for service bro
  11. Thank you. Hope this thread keeps going
  12. Here's a couple
  13. Finished a bunch over the winter with much inspiration and help from this thread. Thanks to all
  14. was that done with a milling machine? Looks great.