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  3. Glad you're ok. I've fished similar location and appreciate what you're talkin' about. Rain gear/top should always be over waders and belted. When I fish the difficult location I never go alone, wear a wetsuit, korkers (it's rocky at the end) PFD (CO2 inflate), and have a whistle, strobe and a submersible VHF radio. Equipped like I'm a boat. Question for emgred: Quote "That is the way to go. I wear a kayak top, tunnel tucked into waders, belted, splash guard velcro sealed over waders, then another belt." What about the wader suspenders? Or don't you use them?? Steve
  4. Found a shot of the Cherokee with Explorer wheels. Steve
  5. Here's an interesting alternative. A few years back I put 15 inch aluminum wheels and 235-75 tires off a 1996 Ford Explorer on my Cherokee. Same bolt pattern and offset about an inch wider than the stock Jeep Wheels. The offset gives a slightly wider track and keeps the tires from rubbing the inside fender wells. A very, very light touch with a file was required on the rear to clear a lip on the brake drum. A cheap and effective upgrade. Might even be able to use the 16 or even 17 inch wheels from newer Explorers. Steve
  6. Generally someone of your size would use a 220 to 230 cm paddle. Your height and the width of the of the boat are the most important factors. Stand the paddle on the ground and reach up and curl your fingers over the blade tip. If you can do it the paddle length is about right. Steve
  7. What will become of the cats? The article said they will be neutered and released on private property somewhere but they refused to disclose where. Probably gonna kill 'em. Can't put them up for adoption. The cat people will freak. Maybe they will go after the plover people. I'd pay to watch that. Steve
  8. The SOLAS material is different than ordinary reflective tape. The 360 degree white light is for night use. You also need a Visual Distress Signal like a signal mirror and a Sound Device like a whistle or air horn. Steve
  9. Newsday March 7, 2008 Man presumed dead after canoe capsizes. One of two people who fell into Laurel Lake in Mattituck NY yesterday after their canoe capsized was still missing late last night and is presumed dead, police said. A search for Christopher Borrelli, 42, of Shirley, was called off due to darkness and icy conditions late yesterday, but were to continue in the morning, Southold police said. After the canoe capsized about 5 p.m., one of the occupants was able to swim to shore, police said. Southold police and fire department dive teams, along with Suffolk County Police Aviation, began a search, but were unsuccessful in finding Borrelli, police said. Beware of the cold water fishing hazards. Wear your PFD and dress for immersion. Steve
  10. The drive takes about 5 seconds to remove and no, the water doesn't come into the boat. You are floating high enough in the water that it just sits there. I just lay it in the bottom of the boat and it's got a leash attached in case of an unexpected overturn. You then use the paddle just like in any other kayak. This would be right for a beach landing or operation in like 12 inches of water. Steve
  11. Don't knock them, Cordells are great fish catchers if you know how to use them. They have changed over the years. Big rattles, small rattles, no rattles, belly swivels, rigid hook hangers, and the balance/weighting. Interesting to see if these have more subtle differences besides the obvious eyes. Steve
  12. One of your items I failed to address is the roof rack. Don't know what you drive but the Hobie hulls are flat on their top side. If you have a factory rack that's all you need. All I needed for my Jeep Cherokee and Explorer were the tie downs. Steve
  13. Happy anniversary! Your specs and your budget seem to fit the Hobie Outback 12-6 or Revo 14 foot boats just fine. There's lots of good kayaks out there but you just can't beat the mirage-drive pedal yak for hands free fishing. These boats will handle typical water conditions in the areas you describe. They will handle your weight, have a self-bailing cockpit, and come with the rudder, paddle just in case, rod holders and of course the drive system. You will probably want to add the anchor system and a fishfinder at some point. Not very difficult or expensive. There is a cool outrigger system that will allow you to stand if you want. It's not that expensive and can easily be added if you want to. You must get a good PFD and wear it, dress appropriately for water temps, and learn how to get back into the boat unassisted in case of an emergency. Steve
  14. Check this out. Not a commercial entity so the link should be ok. Sponsored by LI State Parks and Coast Guard. Dry Suits, Seminars and in water demos on the Connetquot River. Best of all the price is right. LI Paddlesport Sunday March 9 at Dowling College in Oakdale. Steve
  15. Don't bet on that cell phone. There are no cell sites in the water. Your cell phone has to be able to reach a site on land. When you talk VHF line of sight, it's line of sight to the other antenna. Even if you're just a foot above water level when that other antenna is sittin on top of a 200 foot tower yer talkin' way, way more than a mile. Use the cell and you're at the mercy of your providers network and coverage footprint. Steve