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  1. Still available (I actually forgot about my post). Will consider trade for Spin reel
  2. Tagman- I recently picked up a few spin reels, so I'm not sure I need more. Thanks for the offer though
  3. Thanks, but I have containers of plugs I don't use any more. Make me a reasonable offer on 1 or both.
  4. yes, not gibbs. Prob garage builds
  5. will consider trade for spinning reel. Let me know if interested
  6. Yes it is. I have 2 and don't need them both.
  7. Moving to Boat gear...my bad for posting it hear
  8. Tagman I no longer live in the NorthEast, so I need to ship the reels. Let me know if interested.
  9. Snag The reel is right handed with the handle on the right side. I don't really know how it is for casting as I use them from a boat for trolling, bucktailing, live-lining, bait, etc. You can probably google up the specs if that helps. Thanks for asking
  10. $65 shipped. I have 2 of them
  11. I have a Left handed Abu Black Max 2 I would trade. Willing to adjust, add plug (s) or cash or something.
  12. 6:1 high speed. Only $75 shipped CONUS plus PP fees
  13. 6:1 high speed. Only $75 shipped CONUS plus PP fees
  14. Jesgord- great photos and puts things in perspective.