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  1. Sliced- Thanks. t hinking of E-Glass or composite. I moved from the NorthEast where I fished for Bass, Blues, Tataug, etc to sunny Florida where catches include red snapper, grouper, redfish, snook, shark, etc. Unfortunately, I don't have a boat and sometimes need to fish on charters, party boats, etc. Thanks
  2. Rired- I re-read your post and if I were in your shoes, I would give them a call and talk to a rep or someone in customer service. Let them know the reel is only in its 2nd season and (explain that you did not subject to abnormal wear and tear (if true). Just explain that the $60 is excessive for a newer reel that has not been abused. you can tell them that you were not expecting $60 price tag and ask if they can help you out in this instance. Maybe they will discount the price for you. At the end of the day, you can have it sent back, but if you are a Daiway fan with other reels, let them know. They want happy customers too.
  3. Older post, but I have the same questions. I'm looking for a boat rod for general fishing from red snapper, to grouper. I have 3 shimano reels but need to upgrade my rods. In some cases, I think glass may be more advantageous than graphite
  4. Unless you feel it's necessary, I wouldn't spend the $60 on a $200 reel. Unless, you have access to a reputable and local reel repair tech, I'd Go on youtube, try to understand the issue and fix it yourself. Could be something simple. I fully understand that repair and service costs have increased the past few years and I don't know how old your reel is, but personally, I don't think I would send it in for $60
  5. I first posted this in 2007, and while both braid and mono line have improved over the years, after 16 years, my conclusions are the same. Generally, Mono is more abbrasive resistant than braid. Of course, that's not to say there are other advantages / disadvantages to using either under specific conditions. This is "abbrasion resistance" only
  6. It's just a matter of preference. Like many said, there's a need to consider how the rod/reel balance, whether you are fishing heavy or lighter baits and plugs and where you are fishing. For example, if you are fishing and manuevering larger fish from boulder fields, you probably want something heavier. On the other hand, if you are fishing from a beach without obstructions, you can get away with lighter gear. I've done both and lighter is more fun, but not always as effective depending on the circumstances.
  7. Still available (I actually forgot about my post). Will consider trade for Spin reel
  8. Tagman- I recently picked up a few spin reels, so I'm not sure I need more. Thanks for the offer though
  9. Thanks, but I have containers of plugs I don't use any more. Make me a reasonable offer on 1 or both.
  10. will consider trade for spinning reel. Let me know if interested
  11. Yes it is. I have 2 and don't need them both.
  12. Moving to Boat gear...my bad for posting it hear
  13. Tagman I no longer live in the NorthEast, so I need to ship the reels. Let me know if interested.
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