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  1. Other than the obvious times when the current just won't allow for standard bucktail jigging, are there any other situations where you intentionally opt for a more traditional bait dragging fluke rig? Like a lot of people I've almost exclusively been bucktailing with gulp when fluking the past few years, but I'm starting to wonder if I should broaden my horizons at certain times.

  2. I'm putting together a lightweight 3/4 wt. setup for some brookie fishing in streams nearby, and I'm looking for some insight on cheap/moderately priced reels (~$150 budget) for the task. I don't need to go crazy, as it's not going to be a rod that gets used every day or used at all in the salt, but I'd like something that I can buy new and can get a spare spool for as well.

  3. TimS gave me and us a favor. If you are a member of another site to which this latest attack on public access to water would be of interest, you have his blessing and mine to copy my OP, edit as needed, and post it.  There are two other big fishing sites that matter around here; pass on my information, make my requests, and let's get a ruckus started.  There are specialty sites, too.


    Remember, don't link site-to-site.  Use Copy and Paste.  Site administrators stay out of each other's hair, let's not do anything to complicate anyone's life.


    Miguel, is that an .org or a .gov?

    The email that I found was a .org. When I go to the site it redirects to a .gov, but other emails that are actually listed on that site end in "brookhaven.org," so I think it's a safe bet that that is the correct one. 

  4. I have a Tsunami Airwave.  I feel like it doesn't have enough backbone for my preference.  You can feel everything which is great, but when working plugs and jigs I feel like I loose a lot of action.


    I've always felt the same way about Tsunami rods. They never seem to have enough beef in the spine.