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  1. X2 about the store in NJ making nice lips, they just seem to be out of that size a lot. Is there another alternative besides the salt place?
  2. I’m having some trouble finding good Danny 2 lips. I know of two sources to buy them. One place seems to make really nice lips but they have been sold out of Danny 2’s for a while now. I’ve tried to buy lips twice from the other place but no two are the same - bend heights, angles and slot placements are all over the place.... some are even crooked. Is there another place out there if I keep searching? If not I’ll try the BST forum to see if anyone wants to part with some extras from the first guy. Thanks!
  3. I’ve had more skunks this year than the previous 5 combined.
  4. I always shake my head when I go into the local big box store and see that their saltwater selection (obviously intended for stripers) includes offset circle hooks and lures w/ three trebles.
  5. Thanks for the great advice! Hopefully putting it to use tomorrow morning. Any preference for float type or hook size? I started playing with leaving my drag real loose vs tight but haven’t figured out if one works better than the other yet.
  6. Any tips for fishing sand worms off the beaches? I seem to be getting plenty of hits but not many hookups.
  7. Earliest fish: May 13th in a popular river. Earliest keeper sized bass: May 17th.
  8. Thanks, I’ll try sealing the ends and being more patient with them...
  9. Does anyone have some tips for drying fresh cut wood? I saved a few blocks from a pine I cut down this winter but I can’t seem to dry it without significant cracking. It splits just from being inside for a month, never mind trying to use an oven. I was hoping to turn a few plugs with it if I can salvage some pieces.
  10. I saw her out there a few times this spring - looks like you guys did a great job.
  11. This one was a surprise
  12. Good looking fish!
  13. Are those turned off center? They look great, almost like a surf strider.
  14. Nice! I like the way you did the guards.
  15. I got a small duplicator from Penn State - it fit that size lathe pretty well.