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  1. This makes their lack of enforcement easier for them, they dont sell a pass to a camper then they dont have to worry about it staying on the beach over night. We all know the park police have stopped enforcing anything except speeding on the road in the park. If the park police and gate workers would step up and dotheir job this regulation would not be needed and it really isnt needed. Its over done and reeks of eco-wackos getting their hook in the NJ parks like they have everywhere else. If they start talking about plovers be afraid.
  2. Thinking if your using an egg sinker you are boat fishing and not surf casting.....I tried the cannonball approach but missed several hook ups on it not sure why so I switched back to the standard fish finder with a pyramid sinker and a very short snell to a circle hook.
  3. Very Cool!!! You have to feel really really small near that
  4. Nice Rack Oldsalts!!!;)
  5. 40 lb braid to 30 or 40lb leader for my jetty/plugging/metal set ups for bait 17lb mono to 40 or 50 lb mono leader I fish conventionals for bait
  6. $18 for 35# of bunker, where is the complaint?? paid $2 a piece in NJ this spring and buddy is paying $3 a piece in VA. Quit yer complaing it can be worse
  7. Big black drum, other shop reported a 94 lb black the same day too But apparently it didnt hit the scale so probably the same one
  8. Not a 4x4 pass they charge everyone, made just for walk on access but i dont know for sure
  9. Unfortunately something left laying in the Heights is probably gone.....too many non fisherman combing the streets up there.
  10. The 3-day pass is 50 bucks otherwise pretty much as above
  11. Given the wire leader I would say some toothy critters were in the area, I wouldn't go with wire for big reds. Just a guess but a big biter straightened that hook
  12. Heavy Metal, Bucktails, maybe some big storm shads, Big Wood and as a last resort or for break time bait. Love big water keeps the crowds away and the fish happy. Gotta have the right stuff to fish big water especially when bait fishing.
  13. I got my flece wader liners from Cabelas plenty warm
  14. Hank on the left and Duke on the right
  15. Absolutely would and have bought used. Especially that new ....still hav eplenty of warranty and dont have to pay for the "new" car price. I see no advantage in buying a new truck the cost of a lightly used truck is worth a few miles