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  1. I have a couple of Badger UNCs, and I'll be bringing one to the Keys next week in case my kids want to try their hand. There are people who land small snook on those rods!
  2. He was after Dick's Dunkins, obviously.
  3. Most of my small stream fishing these days is with a tenkara rod, and even my fishing-averse kids love pulling sunfish and small bass out of a local pond we go to when the weather's nice. The simplicity and ease of transport can't be beat. As far as tips: the casting stroke is different (backcasts are more like "upcasts") and you have to be very careful not to try to pull snags from trees and bushes the way you would w/ a western fly rod. Other that that, go have fun!
  4. Yeah. I am going w/ my kids next week as well, and I'm very disappointed that Sandspur Beach is still closed, and as of a month or so ago I was told by a park employee that it will likely be a year or two still before it reopens. That said, Calusa beach is open, and I gather they're letting people access the ocean side on that end as well. And, fishing-wise, I've generally had better luck at Long Key and Curry Hammock. Bahia Honda to me is just synonymous w/ natural beauty, and that's all about Sandspur Beach.
  5. I like the Rio Flats Pro line, too. It ain't cheap, though.
  6. It was a while back, but I don't remember it being super bright or super overcast. Just kind of a normal day.
  7. I really have the hots for a micro skiff. The Beavertail Micro and Solo Skiff both look incredible. The Beavertail because theoretically I could also put my kids in it. The Solo because theoretically I can't
  8. I was thinking about something along those lines for the Keys in a month, would never have thought about the luminous paint, or the weight. Thanks!
  9. I've seen them in the Bay by Denis in summertime, middle of the day, dead calm water, wading around with my kids. Took us a little while to figure out what they were. There were a fair amount of them around, about 6" to 8" long, they would kind of stop and stare and you and then scoot away if you started to approach them.
  10. I don't know for sure, but I think I had a fly which I tied to imitate a needlefish (for barracuda) have the trailing hook ripped clean off by a shark last spring in the keys. Barracuda love the fly. Don't know if there are barracuda big enough to snap the wire. I've switched to heavier wire :-D
  11. Concur with all the good wishes, BFD. Hope you get this stuff behind you quickly and get back to the sun and the fish!
  12. Griffin Odyssey Spider is a great sub-$100 vise. It is not going to hold very small or very large hooks as securely as what some others have recommended.
  13. It's very whippy. I had a hard time getting smooth casts, the head would often fall onto the water in a bit of a heap (loop not unrolling all the way). I could cast into the backing on a calm day. But it just feels way too buttery. Also, it didn't pick up the line with the kind of authority I would like. I'm sure I could adjust my casting stroke to make the forward cast straighten out better, but I just didn't like the way it feels at all, and since I've been told that the thing folds up in a stiff wind and the whole reason I want a two-hander is to ensure that 20 mph winds after I've driven 6.5 hours doesn't mean I'm turning around and going straight home, it's not for me.
  14. That's exactly what I have, and I despise it.
  15. Ditto. If there's fishy water anywhere near someplace my company sends me, I fly back on a Sunday -- I mean, flights are cheaper if you stay past Saturday anyway, right? During the meat of trout season I do that. Ocean is too far away. But when I find that perfect mountainy AND oceany location...