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  1. James Brown - local and has a good reputation.
  2. The Forcaster, southern edition, on Jan. 18th reported that the owners of the Co-op and the Rising Tide restaurant have sold the businesses to Susan Bayley Clough and her husband, Vincent. The Cloughs are the owners of Bayley's Lobster Pound, the Bait Shed and The Garage BBQ. The Town Council is expected to vote approval of the sale at its Feb. 6th meeting. Tax maps show the Town owns the land all around the Co-op businesses ( the parking lots). The Cloughs say they will use the property as it has been used historically and want to expand services to include buying steamers and aquaculture products. Some local watermen are dubious, claiming the current Clough businesses buy minimal amounts of local seafood landings. This sale looks like it has potential to stir up bad feelings among local interests. I don't know if this news could affect the surf fishing community, but some folks use the parking lots when they fish in the area. Anyone with information on potential problems with parking and access should speak up.
  3. You fellers sure do argue a lot. pie>cake>cookies, except chocolate chip.
  4. I like rabbits. I used to eat a lot of them when I ran a brace of baroo dogs. I mostly fish the shore and rocks, but I do have a kayak that I used to fish from.
  5. Are you based against cake? I've been lurking around on SOL nearly 20 years and pipe up once in a while. I don't usually comment in the Tavern because I have seen what happens to an innocent when he sticks his head through the hole in the wall. Thanks for the rock thrown at my head. I didn't notice this thread was in the Tavern. There is one in the bugs and issues forum. I thought this thread was there.
  6. Howcome it doesn't axe if we want cake or pie? Is this bias against pie??
  7. You could all wear tin foil hats shaped like the one Robin Hood wore - with a seagull feather stuck in the band.
  8. Dead ?? !! I guess I'll have to go with Emeril then -- BAM !!!
  9. Where's Anthony Bourdain when I need him ?????
  10. I'm in. These get-togethers are always a great opportunity to meet some first-class guys who know their stuff. Everyone is happy to share tactics and know-how. They don't give up their spots, though ???? Hah ! It will be worth the trip. Frank
  11. That place is burned so badly that the rocks have melted into a solid mass. RIP
  12. I did that with a guy fishing chunk bait from a boat south of Gloucester in Mass back around the year 2000. He was anchored along a rocky shore fishing a hole. I kayak trolled my T&W north and south along the shore and swung out to go around him. Almost every time I got back close to the rocks on the north troll I hooked a fish. After about a dozen fish, including two nice keepers, I left and went home. The guy wasn't catching anything, but he watched me closely and shook his head whenever I hooked up. A week later I returned to find him set up chunking where I had caught all my fish. I ran my trolls again giving him room. This time I caught a number of fish when I trolled across the hole where he had been set up the week before. He watched me for a while and then fired up his engine and roared out of the bay. I felt sort of sorry for the guy. He must have been very frustrated. I wouldn't have been surprised if he threw his gear overboard before he left. I'm anxious to get out with my kayak now that I am in Maine. Frank
  13. The pointy object is a finger or tooth from a sickle bar hay mower. The "buckle" object is a link from a low speed drive chain commonly used on old farm equipment.
  14. I picked up two pounds at the MB up here in Maine - --- - delicious. Thanks for the heads-up Steve.
  15. This issue is being pushed by right-wing anti-Muslim groups to gin up more Trumpian anti-immigrant fervor. The fact that racist LePage is jumping onboard is no surprise.