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  1. Amateurs playing with children's toys ! Get a real machine and do some real work.
  2. I spent a decade in E. Providence in 1971......
  3. The guy is wearing his pants drag-ass style, so someone can dial in the date to the nearest decade.
  4. Over the period of a year I had three attacks of vomiting, one severe. I went to my doc and palpitation showed a sore liver area. An ultrasound confirmd a swollen gallbladder. Soon I went in for surgery. I mentioned ultrasound treatment thinking of shockwave lythotripsy, which is used more for kidney stones. I learned it is not used very often for gallstones. You are young and healthy, so arthroscopic removal should work unless your bile duct gets plugged by a stone. That might complicate things. Good luck and good news about the sciatica.
  5. Had mine out in 2015 - In for prep in the morning and walked out that afternoon. Two small incisions in the middle of my belly and two small holes over the liver. Nothing like ol' LBJ wen through back in the day. The doc didn't even want to see me later for a follow-up visit. I was up and about after a few days, nothing heavy for a month. You might have the option of having the stone blasted with ultrasound.
  6. Like that mark forum as read button -- landmines laying around everywhere.
  7. YOU GODDLESS DEVILS WILL BE CAST DOWN INTO HELL !!!! Truthfully it must have been an accident. I have never given anyone either a thumbs up or down on purpose.
  8. Escapee Quebec French Cannucks who came in through Chicago and ended up in Souf Kayrolyna pretending to be redneck Confederate Brits. Just stop it ! : - 0
  9. I'm on Medicare, but haven't had a checkup since CoVid showed up. Last fall my doc left my family practice to head up a department at the medical center, so I had to get a new doc. I set up an appointment and went in to meet Dr Mukai. I sat down and said I had heard online of this fisherman and guide on Cape Cod named Juro Mukai and had he heard of him. The doc chucked and said Juro was his brother. We talked about Juro and his exploits and his now being in the Pacific northwest now. The doc doesn't fish, so we haven't become fishing buddies. That's my curious story. I don't know how the practice is handling in-person visits right now. Hopefully we get through this plague by this time next year.
  10. Banner ??? I'll PM you.
  11. What year, year range or generation?
  12. When I read the word "click" in Ruark's piece I thought of the mouse at first, but then I concluded it might refer to a keyboard entry. Having studied Fortran in the mid sixties, I know there was no simple keyboard interaction with mainframe computers at that time. We had to write our programs and then load each line of code onto punch cards ( Do not fold, spindle or mutilate cards, if you are old enough to remember those). The cards were then fed to the computer using a card reader. If the program was valid and there were no errors in punching the cards, you were good to go. Then you would punch out cards with your data and then run the program to get your results. You also had to run your program cards with each calculation, so you had to be sure no shuffle of the cards had happened. None of this was quick or easy. To conclude, all this explains why in 1961 none of the social agencies were likely to be using a computer to manage their benefits population. The mainframe computer might have emitted clicking noises and the card punch clicked with keys; however no single key stroke of the card punch or click noise from the main frame at that time was likely to instruct an agency to send a paymment to anyone. Ruark looks to have been waxing futuristic with his mention of a computer in his condemnation of the Nanny State. He was very prescient whether or not we agree with his point of view.
  13. I smell a rat. In the paragraph under the photo of Ruark with his Boxer is the phrase "supplied by the click of a computer". Computer in 1961?? I visited MIT in 1962 and was shown their room-sized computer that ran on vacuum tubes that was the cutting edge of technology. I don't think local govt used computers in 1961 to run the welfare system. Someone is playing with a great man's work.
  14. Weasle < mink < fisher < wolverine. Be glad you don't live way up north !
  15. SIMmer down there, Boy. A cubic yard is 3ftX3ftX3ft or 27 cubic feet - not 300 cubic feet. Unless you just came down from your sermon on the mount.....