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  1. The original Penn Surfmaster 250 for my Project "Blackfish Special". This is my poor man's Jigmaster/Surfmaster for Blackfish and other fish by using all penn parts. I would love to add better parts but money has been super tight as you all are aware of with the rising gas prices, food, and everything else we need to survive.
  2. Hi. I went back to Alantani and posted there. Here is a compressed summary. Enjoy! I bought an ugly Surfmaster 250 that needs many parts. I added new drags and a new dog. I have been looking for 501 or parts to assemble the skeleton to attach the 250. A great guy Swami805 gave me the 180 parts that would work and fit without a 501 spool. It took me a few months to finally find a parts reel to get a spool. The Surfmaster 250 uses the same 29L-500 or 29L-501 spool on the Jigmaster 500 or 501. I was going to use a Jigmaster 501 frame, 501/506 posts, and a 29L-501 spool to make a Surfmaster 250N. The left or tail ring has a crack on where it goes with the frame post so I replaced it with one from a jigmaster. My 250 has a 13-99 pinion(still good), steel 5-60 main gear, 11-99 eccentric jack, and 13-99 pinion yoke. Some of these original parts are not on the schematic I downloaded. I got the idea from a few Alantani members who all use a Tiburon frame on their 250. I love how Keta, Bryan Y, and Shark hunter, and Mo65 did theirs but I am going to try. I added 4 ht100 drags, a 24-66 green handle, but want to add SS gear sleeve(can't find), and double dogs. I have been too busy fighting to survive this Covid-19 and cleaning the 501 spool. So here's my Blackfish Special that I am going to use for other fish until the blackfish season opens again.
  3. Handi2, I got the ideas from there. I know how now. Thanks for your reply. I am still looking for a Penn Surfmaster 250 and other parts. Blackfish season just opened in NJ.
  4. Bdemiri23, I will take it locally for $10 cash for everything.
  5. I finally found and bought a jigmaster 501. That reel is expensive! I am still looking for a Surfmaster 250. I am waiting for new ht100 drags and washers to arrive. The local tackleshop has closed forever.
  6. I often caught small hammerhead sharks, cownose rays, and other sharks while targeting red drum and striper. The largest shark I caught on my Jigmaster 500 was 104 pounds, so that's why I love my Penn Jigmaster.
  7. When I was a young lad, in a cool Fall morning, there were big bluefish everywhere. I only had a 6ft snapper rod with 6lb mono going for snappers that I borrowed from my friend. I was catching snappers until the big blues moved in. I had never caught them that big before so I was not prepared. I made a cast and hooked into a nice fish with the drag screaming... It was pulling line and I tried to slow down but it was no used. So I went into the surf to fight it. A big wave came and knocked me over. The reel got sand and I cannot turn the handle anymore so I turned the bail with my handle. A long battle was coming to an end so I thought... Suddenly the reel won't turn anymore so I tried wrapping the line with my hand. The bluefish pulled hard and the line was cutting into my skin. I tried to get it in then finally I could see the fish was exhausted swimming towards me. I went in and grabbed the fish by the tail. I won by inviting the fish to dinner. I had to clean the rod and reel before I was returning it. I opened the reel and saw the sand and the main gear losted a lot of teeth. I had to work extra hours to buy a reel replacement for my friend. Since I saw my friend's reel got pot metal gears and no line roller, I bought a good reel for my friend.
  8. If you're looking for an aluminum spool, you often need to buy a whole reel. Get any cheap container that won't break or melt or leak water. Boil about a glass of water that's hot enough to take a shower in or take hot shower water. Add a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid to the water and mix it. Put the sideplate into the container and add the water and soap. Let the water soak up to above the plate for overnight. Next day, take the sideplate out and have clean water running over it to clean it. Then you dry it up and try pulling out the thumb screw. Pull out and pinch with your right thumb/forefinger and twist counter clockwise with right palm while having your middle finger going into the hole where the handle is mount, while holding firm with left hand rotating forward clockwise. With your middle finger in the hole, you will have more leverage. Yes, I am the same person looking for 3 old penn reels on bst.
  9. 5.There is only the thumb screw holding the handle side plate. If you fear using wd40, have you tried hot water and dishwashing soap? I just removed a stuck squidder over the weekend for a stranger and I refused to accept his money. All that was holding the squidder handle plate was corrosion and it got lots of green rust. 1. That's the old style brass washers from that generation. 2. They are all brass. 3.Your jigmaster got old leather drags. 4. Update the ht100 drags and an aluminum spool. But if have more money, a 24-56 power handle in green or red or other colors. Don't be afraid to try removing the handle side plate. Soak the handle side overnight in hot water and dishwashing soap and try the wise advices from others and novice me. Lol
  10. Thanks Fish Bucket. Does anyone have a Penn Surfmaster 250 and Jigmaster 501? I only need all the surfmaster 250 internal parts and sideplates with a handle.
  11. Thank you Fish Bucket for taking the time to show me your 505hs. That's a great price for a nice reel. Thank you daytripper but I have a few surfmaster 200 already. Sorry guys, I only have a small budget that I have been saving up so I am only buying a jigmaster 501 and a surfmaster 250.
  12. Hi. I am trying to build a good/useable condition Penn Surfmaster 250 with Jigmaster 501 or jigmaster parts for Project "Blackfish Special". This is going to be my poor man's Jigmaster/Surfmaster for Blackfish. Have anyone here ever built one? I don't own any jigmaster 501 and surfmaster 250. I read elsewhere a few anglers have done it. I am not mechanical inclined or good with painting so don't expect to see a master piece but I want to make my 1st Franken reel out of Penn parts. I posted a wtb in the BST looking for these reels.
  13. Hi. I am looking for a good/useable condition Penn Surfmaster 250 and Jigmaster 501 or jigmaster parts for Project "Blackfish Special". This is going to be my poor man's Jigmaster for Blackfish. Let me see what you have. Thanks.
  14. I'm next in line if it does not work out.
  15. Looking for a Penn 113h or 113hn reel, anybody have one sitting around they'd like to get rid of?