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  1. If you got wind knots, then you must have slack line on your reel before casting. When I started using bailless reel and surfcasting, I had wind knots until I learned what was causing it. I was casting lures that were not heavy enough with the rod and line weight. I learned to pull the braided line after casting a lure to remove slack. I learned to cast a 2-4 oz sinker to put tension on my line before I start casting the lures in similar sizes. This will add moisture to you line before you cast your lures and if your line break, you only lose a sinker not your lure. Like others already suggested, practice during the day so you can see what you are doing with the lures and fish the nights. Good luck!
  2. I feel there are many great lures that died because there are many other selections and few people who knows how to use it effectively. I met people who bought lures that they don't know how to use and they stopped using it when they don't catch. One of my sifu/teacher and good friend, Charles "The Tube" Esposito, died in 2018. He shared his secrets and gave me a few of his own modified lures. He gave me some of his jigheads that I cannot find in stores. I learned so much from that guy that I can write a book.
  3. Try our BST forum here with a WTB post. You will be surprised how great some of the members here are with knowledge and parts.
  4. I was shopping with the kids then was going home. My car suddenly stopped and cannot make turns anymore on the middle lane with traffic coming from left and right. The steering wheel cannot turn. We were stuck on a hill in a busy intersection. No one including the NYPD officers who were driving their SUV or the NYPD Traffic guys stopped to help direct traffic. All these NYPD officers did was looked and told me to move my car or else get a ticket. My electric power steering was not working. The car cannot go to neutral. There were many people walking and looking. No one came until this Chinese auto mechanic who was off that day came. He asked if he can help because he is an auto mechanic. He helped unlocked the power steering and helped move my car to a bus stop to take a look. He fixed the issue with the tools I had in my car. I offered him money and dinner for his family but he said that day he is just a regular guy helping another human being so he denied my offers.
  5. Happy the surgery went well. Hoping for the best.
  6. Best of luck Tim, I hope it all goes as smoothly and painless as possible. May you live a healthy and longer life Tim, our Humble Head Tyrant!
  7. Thank you our "Humble Head Tyrant"! I never received a Nassau County ticket before but heard bad news to those who got their tickets. I tried in the past for other non-red light tickets and won most of them in person because I am innocent and the judge agreed. In the past, I sent the details making it impossible for me to get the ticket. I paid for ‘return receipt’ on the letter so I have proof it was delivered. I heard from them again that I am guilty and had to pay so I appealed and went in person. Of the 3 times I got a ticket even though I sent the proofs, 2 times I have to go in person to fight the injustice. These agency are out to bully us to pay even if we are innocent. So I am feeling I will have to go in person. I am posting to inform others there is injustice done towards innocent me from Nassau County and I will not stand down and let them framed me. Believed what you want to believe if I am innocent or guilty but try to enjoy your life to the fullest.
  8. I am innocent because it was not me and my car! I need to let others know this ducking LI county is not getting away with it. The car that ran the red light is a Subaru and I drive a Toyota.The Subaru is a black XV Crosstrek. My Toyota is silver. I was home when this happened. I saw the clear online video of the car that ran the red light. I am so pissed off because I have to drive myself fat self to this ducking county to breathe that cancer-causing air and put water-down gas into my car because I live far from this crabbing hole. Plus the tolls I have to pay to cross the bumpy bridge and pot holes.
  9. At this time, walk-ins are not being accepted at Nassau County TPVA. Red Light Camera Hearings will resume May 2021 and Parking and Traffic Violation Trials will resume June 2021. Thanks everyone for responding with your experience, your comments, and your valuable info!
  10. The instructions on the notice for the Affidavit of Non-Responsibility is only for basis of my claim that my vehicle/plate was stolen or the driver received a ticket from the police officer. I am pissed because I am innocent and ranting because unlike where I live you can send the proofs and avoid taking the day off to fight. We are still living in a pandemic and why do I have to take the day off and drive to this ducking county to win my fight. That's $150 bucks plus $6 convenience and running a red light record for an action I am took no part in!
  11. The last DEC officers I spoke to said some of the illegally caught bass and other fish like fluke were sold to the fancy restaurants in Manhattan and minority neighborhoods in the NY and NJ. It will be impossible with so few DEC officers and the politics.
  12. In Nassau County, Long Island, red light cameras are installed everywhere. There are about 18 intersections there with them with more are on the way. I just got a running a red light ticket ($150 ticket) from Nassau County sent by mail to me and I am innocent! I am so pissed off because I saw the time and the online video and the driver is not me and not my car. I saw the image of the license plate and it is blurry, so bad that you cannot tell the letter D from C but you can clearly see the XV, Crosstrek below the back lights. Some ducking idiot who saw the traffic snapshot of the license plate thought it was me when he or she looked up and probably cannot find anyone but me that returned a hit and sent me this ducking ticket. I was home at the time of the incident, the car that ran the red light is a Subaru and I drive a Toyota.The Subaru is a black XV Crosstrek. My Toyota is silver. WTF Now I have to drive myself to this ducking county to win my fight. No offense to anyone that live in that Nassau County. Thanks for reading and listening.
  13. Bospa357 went to heaven last year. (He passed away.)
  14. I should not speak English anymore when I go to a vaccination site, that way I dont need to provide health insurance and I might get free lunch. If I was in Dominican Republic, they will kidnap me like when I was in Guatemala. They think all Americans got money here. Who really knows what we are been vaccinated with. We should be shooting vaccine darts with tracking agents into the people climbing over the damn wall or swimming into our shores. Illegals flooding into the country are not only spreading covid, blood sucking our systems, committing crimes, and making the first child disabled to force our system to allow the illegal parent to stay.
  15. Then I will call my wife and she will have a good excuse to kill this crocodile. Even the ASPCA or animal lover will not protect it. LOL