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  1. Welcome back! I haven't used ReelX Grease, but I have been using blue grease in my 302. So far, I have no negative thoughts about it since I fish, clean, and add new grease often. I read ReelX is okay.
  2. What you have looks like one part of the penn 69-750 manual bail kit. I remembered that was made for penn 750ss. A common bailess kit for the 704 is different. On my 704z, I just cut the bail wire and grinding the wire end until it was smooth. What's the best glue to use on the gomexus power handle?
  3. I used to find them in my minnow traps. It has been a long time since I saw one. The sheepshead minnow or pupfish is commonly kept as an aquarium fish.
  4. I need to catch and invite my neighbors to eat more of my fish. We can manage and try to resolve my undiagnosed mental illness and others without billing Medicare. Sounds like a win win to me. We'll get lucky and eat fish soaked in fun drugs mixed with other people's waste. I know a hot fishing spot next to a sewage treatment plant with lots of funny fishes. I remembered catching a striped bass swimming upside down and wanted to drink my Pepsi.
  5. Good morning, fishon8. A $26 PayPal f&f payment was sent this morning.
  6. This is from mysticparts. Maine Guide, Penn replaced the original 33-113 Graphite with the 33N-113 Graphite with Side Ring and left the same marking. The fishon8 reel clamps look like the ones I am looking for. Penn made a few name changes. Are you selling?
  7. Hi fishon8. I will take them. Sorry, my good buddy's mother passed away so I was busy with him. PM me. Thanks.
  8. Reel rush, lipI will also accept Penn 33n-113 Sp version. I am looking for complete sets. Rhett, the ones you probably bought is the 33-113. The complete set of one penn 33n-113sp from mysticparts is 13.25 plus shipping and taxes. That's about 21 bucks each.
  9. Hi. I am looking for two Penn 33n-113 reel clamps in good condition. I accidentally lost them and want to replace them. I need at least the clamp. Thanks.
  10. How are the guides, any corrosions? Please post pictures of the guides and the top and side of the reels. How long are the rods? How are the drags and free spool?
  11. Phantomofthesurf, why do you care if your girlfriend fishes? Don't give up finding a girlfriend who can become a wife. Most women rather see you go fishing than drink to death. My wife knows many men in her family fishes and she loves to eat the fishes I caught. Just look for a girlfriend who eats fishes and not just salmon. Most foreign born and almost all southern states women I met likes fishing. Most young guys I met fishing got single sisters. Lol For me, when my kids and wife were young, I spent more time with them than fishing. It's an important part of building a family. When the kids got older, I started taking them(wife and kids) out with me fishing.
  12. Beached again, how is the magnetic control on your surfmaster and the squidder now? How much birdnest reductions does your magged squidder?
  13. Back then, fishermans had skills and cast mostly conventional reels. Today, almost all spinning reels. Thank you for sharing these magazine covers.
  14. Beached again, your birdnest looks like mine when I started casting conventional reels. Thanks for sharing that picture. Gotrings, how does the Tiburon handle on the squidder feel when you fight with a fish?
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