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  1. For me, I did not have to cast far. Most of the fish were near the boat. I chose these rod and reel because of big spinners weight issue and I found bargains for them.
  2. For rod, use an 7- to 10-foot rod for surface iron. Even rods of such length if too heavy might not cast a light lure well; similarly, shorter rods offer better leverage but not peak casting distance. I like Okuma Shadow Stalker 801H with Penn Fathom 25 but prefers Okuma Shadow Stalker 801XH with a Shimano Tranx. For budget, I was using a 7ft ugly stick tiger with a Penn Jigmaster 500.
  3. Woke up very early yesterday and grabbed 2 Pepsi and breakfast for me. Took my new surf setup with a 704 greenie. Got to my spot and found many people there! I left and went elsewhere to cast my krocodile. Moments late I thought I hooked into a bass but it was pulling strangely. When it came closer, it was a 26" Weakfish(released). When I grabbed the line and was removing the hook, I found a bucktail and teaser for fluking snagged on its back. I removed the fluke rig and released the fish. I left after no more hits and people around me were not catching. No bass or blue...
  4. Went out with 2 Pepsi and a snack. I grabbed my fluking stuff and tried my favorite spot but moved to another spot. I found no surface activity except for spearing. I tried my fluke rigs and caught a small fluke(released). No more fluke action so I tried my lures, then I hooked into a 16" cocktail blue(released) but missed a few hits. The water is very warm. Bumped into a fellow SOL member and we chatted. He was catching short fluke for a few days and is still trying to catch a keeper. I gave him some tips. I noticed lots of garbage left by people so I filled up two plastic bags and threw them into the trash can. The key to catching fish for me right now is keep moving and don't stay in one spot. Always carry just enough tackle and try to stay light. Fishing the early morning or late evening is best with the heat.
  5. My friends said bass and bluefish have been harder to catch on boat.
  6. Probably was asleep at the wheel.
  7. Fluke might move to 70-100+ ft deep water when the water temperature drops to cold. My experience is that during the hot summer, they move to structures to hide or cool down until the incoming tide.
  8. I meant I cut his line and took his rig with 4 gulps off. He cast his rig out then left it. It tangled my line so I had to cut his line off. I gave back his rig. I left the spot and continue to fish. LOL I like to drink Pepsi. Went out with 4 Pepsi and breakfast for 2. We grabbed our fluking stuff and tried my friend's spot. We found snapper blue and spearing everywhere. I tried my new fluke rig and caught a 11" sundial(released). The snapper blues were biting that I hooked/snagged a few. My friend hooked a nice 21" weakfish(released). I hooked into a 22.6" fluke and 5 short fluke(released). He caught no keeper fluke so I gave him mine. We had fun!
  9. The dude is not Asian and but European, and spoke prefect American English. He was casting and tangling with my line because it appeared he wanted to catch my fish as I was getting hits and he was not. He was trying to get for free or buy my short flukes but I refused. I just came back from a quick trip. Went with 2 Pepsi and grabbed my other fluking stuff that I wanted to test while the kid was cleaning fish. This trip produced a 20.1" keeper fluke(released) and a few short flukes. I also caught 2 sea robins and a stargazer. I saw an old friend from SOL who gave me smiles from a distance.
  10. Went with a Pepsi and grabbed my fluking stuff. I got there and found someone catching fluke! I threw my own fluke rig. I was catching short flukes then this dude started casting and crossing my line. When he left his line in the water for a cigarette break while checking out the young men, I cut his line and took his rig with 4 gulps. I did told the dude to cast away from me but he will not listen. I left the spot and continue to fish. Anyway, I caught 1 keeper size 23.4" fluke, 3 Spanish Mackerel, 2 cocktail blues, and lots of sea robin(released). I almost got a weakfish but it came off when that dude's line got tangled with mine.
  11. Anyone?
  12. If your 146 squidder spool is not an aluminum or metal spool then it probably will not work well with the braided line.