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  1. From the album Forum Attachments

  2. black sharpie
  3. obama was winning all day ....but now that everyone is getting home from WORK mccain should catch up.
  4. isnt tica taurus bonjovis drummer.
  5. you tube the making
  6. bucktail..........
  7. how about black during the day ...............
  8. do stargazers bite scarry fish
  9. its true there should be someone in that spot 24/ 7 the fines they would collect would pay his salary. every time i am there the "people "you are talking about always play stupid and do it all day and night i gave up calling and fighting. fish and game knows what goes on there they gave up as well . it sucks i our own goverment dont care about that crap.
  10. i dont know where you live ,but i have had the same luck. that has alot to do with it" right place right time."
  11. now that the so called spring run is over ? what lure worked best from the beach for you ? i did well with a plain white rubber shad on a 3/4 to 1 1/2 oz jig head (kalins) what worked for everyone ? saw a lot of pencils out there .
  12. cut te finger off .
  13. if and when the record falls it will be by boat the big ones dont come close anymore, the are getting smart with age. and there friends talk.