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  1. Where are you located?
  2. What’s the length on this? 10’6”?
  3. GLWS
  4. $90 shipped for all...$15 per plug fair deal...flat rate box??? $5
  5. Have any original 228s?
  6. Can you post the pics? Price seems a little high to me for a 20year old auger but 10” has me intrigued
  7. If you could post a picture it would help out my decision. I’m hesitant because of the “” marks around the word works.
  8. I live north of Boston and am very interested. I won’t be home for a few weeks though if it’s still available I’d like to see it
  9. $45 works PM info coming
  10. $45 shipped if that’s a gobo SR
  11. Is lot two the 5 pro shads and the eels? If so I’ll take the lot for asking
  12. Is this still available?
  13. Location? Willing to ship?
  14. Do you happen to have the receipt for the waders? LL bean will no longer honor warrantee without it unless you are in the same store computer system. Great waders and boots and a great deal though
  15. Do you have any other colors of those bottom bucktails? Or what exactly they are? Down to one left