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  1. I got the itch because we just moved and while I was organizing the garage a bag of my "stuff" dumped and all my shark rig making material fell out onto the floor.....I looked outside and saw the snow and sighed
  2. it time yet??
  3. Late report: Stayed in Brigantine Saturday and came home Wednesday, took the boat and got to do a lot of fishing! Took the shark rods along and planned on hitting the beach but when we got back in from fishing the one afternoon my dad was fishing off the dock and said he got a big ray and a shark bit his line off so we decided to just fish there the first night to see what happened. Sunday night was the first night we fished and ended up with 2 browns right off our dock, Monday night we got 2 more browns and 3 rays, Tuesday night was the best leaving us with 4 browns and 2 runs that were missed. All sharks and rays were released without any problems and swam away fine, I have some pictures to post but need to get them loaded. Smallest was about 3 1/2 feet and the biggest was almost 5 foot, I was surprised we did so well on a back bay dock but it was nice not having to worry about driving or anything! Great trip! I hope to get another trip in before the summer ends!!
  4. I am hoping to get some cooperation from mother nature this weekend since I'll be staying in Brigantine for 3 nights possibly 4 depending on the weather! I really wanna get some shark fishing in while I'm there!
  5. I was hoping to hit Brigantine this past Wednesday but was reminded by a very angry fiance that I'm getting married this Friday and a lot of work to do yet lol settled for catfish instead. I will however be in Brigantine the weekend of the 28th and I'm hoping to get on some sharks
  6. Awesome fish as always!! I'm hoping to make my first Jersey trip this Wednesday!
  7. A guy gave me one of these when I was on vacation in South Carolina. I never cleaned one before so it was a bit tricky at first but eventually I started on the back and worked my way down, tough skin on those things! I cooked it up with some garlic, lemon, salt, and pepper! Absolutely delicious!!
  8. From the beaches in Horry county it is illegal to target sharks, you need to go to Murrels inlet which is just a bit further south. We were getting small black tips and spinner sharks which is all I've ever caught down there but I have seen people get hammerheads from the beach there. And yes you need to purchase a saltwater license there I think it was like 14 bucks or something like that for a 7 day one. As far as getting harassed I'm not sure but I did take the kids fishing on pier 14 and saw people landing 4-5 foot spinner sharks...they just had small leaders on with chunks of fish they were catching on the pier and using a drop net to get them up on the pier....nobody said anything to them
  9. Just got back from the family vaca to Myrtle. Got to do some shark fishing down there...landed a few small ones but instead of buying rigs I bought the stuff to make my own and it was nice seeing stuff I put together hold up. Now I'm ready to get to Jersey and try them out!
  10. That is kind of what I figured but I wasn't sure if I would be left alone after dark or not. I've always wanted to fish NC but sadly this trip is a family one the only reason I'll be taking my stuff is because we are right on the beach. I will start working on warming her up for a trip to Murrels inlet though.
  11. I'm heading down to North Myrtle this June for 12 days for family vacation. I used to go to Myrtle every summer about 10 years ago to shark fish with a friend but havent been back since. We used to go to Murrels Inlet to fish but that is like 45 minutes from where I am staying in North Myrtle (first time in North Myrtle) so is there anywhere close to fish for sharks from the beach? Would anyone bother me after dark? Any info would be great! Thanks!!
  12. Yeah that was two summers ago. I wasn't online at all last year I broke my ankle in May and was off work until Jan 22nd so I missed the entire hunting/fishing season, I have some catching up to do this summer....pun intended
  13. I'm a PA guy also so you if you ever want to go at night, let me know! I'm a third shift worker so we can meet up and you can drive down and I can drive back! I'd be all for learning some tricks to this sharking world!
  14. I have to get some rigs tied up, I'm starting to get the itch! My first action will be in June when we go down to Myrtle Beach for 12 days. We are staying in North Myrtle but our place is right on the beach so I will be able to sneak a bunch of quick trips in when the kiddos are napping or when everyone goes to bed! 60 sharks is a crazy number wampire! My goal for this summer is to get my first sand tiger! I don't care how big or small I just want to catch one!